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  1. Just one thing for me : Air #4 should be renamed "suicide"
  2. I'm gonna relax. I'll have to juggle between this game Elden Ring and Pokemon Arceus. I'm gonna be busy.
  3. Totally. The selfish aspect of the augment is really what irks me the most. I think that should be the reward for attuning to the right element while using the augments.
  4. Usually people don't know what they want until they have it. Of course people have different opinions, but a large amount of people like to judge a concept or a genre even before having tried it (look at the rise of the souls series). Like I said, theme park mmos are not bad per say, but there should be more diversity in the mmo genre. I just wanted to bring perspective into the subject brought up by OP.
  5. OP seems to be one of those who played MMORPGs before WoW corrupted the genre. WoW formula wasn't bad per say, but it was but one single approach that should have been just that : one approach. But following wow every single MMO tried to do the same and now people only know about theme park mmos. Originally MMOs were sandbox oriented. In fact, they were more akin to rogue likes : You started in a hub (a main city), and had to venture your way outside as far as you could until you died and spawn back at the hub (There were like 5 hubs at most depending of the presence of faction or ra
  6. First of all, I didn't extensively test the spec so I'm just going to provide a first impression on it. The good points : Hammer skills are faster and feel much better. You are not stuck after casting air #2 in the air attunement which makes it much smoother. F5 and hammer #3 being instant cast makes the spec playable (finally). Also the radius and speed of #3 feels really good. Things that could be looked on : I didn't enjoy playing outside 'Energized Elements' trait. It felt like it took forever to build the energy. This trait makes the energy
  7. Boring, I may agree with you on that one, since it's about personal reception (and I share that viewpoint). However I find fiery greatsword kinda powerful though. I would just like Anet to make the second weapon spawned more useful (something like halving cooldown if it's picked up and reclicking the button to equip it if it's still there after the first one expires). I personally hate Rebound for the reason you mentioned, however some might argue this is one of the best elite skills out there (I'm not one of them because I don't have the ability to use it efficiently). As for Eleme
  8. Meanwhile, Willbender ---> gets passif AoE alacrity distribution by being there.
  9. I'm not even sure we're gonna run into that "multiple wells" scenario often. The wells last 5s, and are limited to the energy pool that we need to build up beforehand. By the time we finish a rotation in one element and change attunement the well will vanish too.
  10. Quite the opposite actually. But this game forced me to change my habit to stick to one character. There's a LOT of content you can't play if you stick to one character and you were unlucky on your choice.
  11. I don't know... I think almost everyone in every single platform talking about the especs made it very clear that Catalyst is bottom of the barrell by far as presented. There is still the chance that it might have been put into one the top priorities among the "to fix" list after beta. We may actually get surprised. If that's not the case, well, I got my thief on standby.
  12. "Retention" and "feeling of fairness" are two concepts that those kind of companies are actually following very closely, you know. It's actually more profitable for them to make players feel that whatever is paid actually deserves it and doesn't hinder the actual experience. So yeah, that IS how working businesses function. Otherwise, the overtime player sentiment will get lower and lower until the profit doesn't come anymore. And most importantly, the next IP will tank. Balance is the key for companies that want to last with their services. Anet has found a balance, but my view is i
  13. Things are not that simple. If Anet could just say no to cash shop and still have the same amount of income they would do just that. However, I think they should've thought out the balance between cash shop content and ingame content more thoroughly. While cash shop gives them income, contents give the players incentive to continue playing, and thus reasons to keep investing in the cash shop. It's kinda dissuasive when two third of cash shop weapons are more original and inspired than actual legendaries. Personally, I would have made all weapons and armors drop throughout all differe
  14. Disclaimer : I'm not an engineer user. I liked the specialization so far. However, not having the toolbelt felt a bit lackluster. Maybe give the engi access to that toolbelt whenever the golem is off ? Specters have gained access to ally targeting. Is it possible to add the ability to move the mech by clicking on a destination (like in Diablo) ?
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