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  1. Ele for hard mode War for all things Necro for ez life
  2. If you feel that way you can also use Funerary Incense from PoF for most HoT legendaries and all LW legendaries which might be easier for you to get. But if you already started doing Crystalline Ore, it's better to finish on that. There's no daily cap on crystalline you just have to follow the DS schedule and as others said, stock up on machetes.
  3. It gets better. Pre-80 is suffering. Properly geared at max level, ele can do anything in the game and excel. The learning curve is steep and generally unforgiving but you're given a lot of tools to mitigate death in your weapons, utilities, and elemental swaps. And you really have to master them to get the most out of the class. Other classes tend to achieve better median results with much less effort. For a lot of people median and open world stability is enough.
  4. Did they elaborate on that? I know they said they're going to make it clear what gets boosted in the tooltips but I'm not seeing anything in that regard.
  5. I mean if there's super secret societies dedicated to bullying new people, big maybe. Hard to believe. And there's a line between that and getting killed by someone in WvW repeatedly. The later isn't harassment. It's the game mode. You get a friend or two to help you. You change your build, you swap characters, you go around them, you concede and go for greener pastures. Having a bad day in the Mists isn't harassment.
  6. I also agree with this.
  7. I wouldn't be here in the first place if that was the case and if they switched over to a sub model for whatever reason I doubt I could justify it given the nature of my playtime. I'd have to bow out of the game. I don't know of any MMO that even still uses a subscription based system besides final fantasy and warcraft. And I never played either for that reason.
  8. Not by a long shot. Ranger mobility is really good (maybe second or third best) but it's not Thief good. Thief is peerless for being able engage and disengage at will.
  9. Yeah I guess. Can't be understated how important it was to keep Firebrand in check. All things considered, nothing really changes. Warhorn will be a better weapon for it.
  10. By that he means the two or three chucklekittens he plays with. GW2 PvP isn't getting 100+ players watching ranked PvP let alone some nonce dicking around in unranked. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Why the kitten would anything nice ever happen?
  12. Pew pewing into zergs is back on the menu boys! That'll be good fun for a min. 🐸
  13. Probably not good practice to take something away from core Elementalist and give it to the elite spec. If the issue is Tempest not giving good boons comparable to other specs why not suggest Tempest be buffed to give those boons as part of it's identity as an elite spec? Or if the boon sharing from other classes/specs is just too good, why not bring them in line? If Guardian tier is what feels nice, make other classes comparable. If the other classes are fine and Guardian is the outlier, then bring Guardian in line. Anet needs to decide what their baseline for balance is. If it's Guardian,
  14. You know you can change mounts by right clicking the mount icon, right?
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