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  1. All those years of slowly buffing Shatterstone finally paid off. 😎
  2. I just wish the off-hand dagger was angled slightly so I'm not stabbing my leg or clipping into my armor when I have the weapon drawn.
  3. Well, I stand corrected. You as the commander do get to curate the randoms. At least for the most part. I've seen mentor tags and randoms that just pop it up to get people organized to do something willy nilly and things tend to go well. I'm going to assume you're a more disciplined and organized kind of guy. You're getting those like-minded people. What's happening that you've got a considerable number of people in your map phoning it in on their skyscales? Never had a meta where I can say with 100% confidence it was a massive majesty of dragon riding dorks or a turn of turtle riders that caused it to fail. I don't know what to tell you. I hope it doesn't keep happening to you. But I am going to stand by my assertion that that isn't a common scenario most players are finding themselves in. Might even say you're overstating the issue due to some bad experiences or personal angst with the two or three guys you caught slacking on one of your runs.
  4. I've never seen someone make a leap of logic from open world shenanigans to raiding scenarios to make a point, but here we are. Rather I often hear that skyscales in lower level areas are overkill. It's funny you mention the longbow ranger AAing metas. The skyscale fireball will do roughly equivalent. Maybe more if you're trying. And don't let two people who know how the turtle works join a meta; they'll embarrass most of the participants. Spamming 1 or camping skyscale all fight is bad. I'm not defending that. I'm also not seeing it happen on any appreciable level. Maybe I'm just lucky? 10% carries the other 90%. That was a thing well before you had skyscales to be mad about. Well before GW2 even. It's open world. You don't get to curate the randoms. You also don't have to participate. Try joining up with like minded people ahead of the meta as opposed to begging for things to be taken away from everyone for the sake of a few dinks.
  5. It's not the problem you think it is. Your metas didn't fail because a couple of people were on their Skyscales for X amount of time. They're literally part of the meta for Amnytas and Inner Nayos. Sucks that you've had some bad experiences with it. Harassing people about using their mounts is almost certainly going to illicit a negative response or goad them into using it even more just to spite you. It'll never go the way you want it to. You're lucky the worst you got was some guy telling you that they're handicapped.
  6. There's more to ranger spear than just DPS going on. And the DPS isn't bad either. That's all I was saying. My original assertion wasn't that ranger spear is perfect. That I can understand wanting it to get more damage, especially since it's not nearly as hot swap defense/offense as GS can be. They're comparable, but clearly not the same. The CDs aren't as forgiving as most ranger weapons. More ground targeting movement skills. Don't know where Anet wants to go with the idea of separate stealth move CDs. If they go with it at all. Factors into where the weapon goes DPS wise. GS without the great block and maul combo wouldn't be much of a weapon. Spear has the same potential but it lacks the defensive utility and big packets of damage GS can drop. This is where the stealth mechanic and offering separate CDs for the stealth skills can come into play. Give it an extra stealth charge in PvE just to get off these multiples of the move set. It's true that stealth isn't nearly as valuable in PvE as it is in PvP modes. The stealth should last a second or two longer in general. Also Spider's Web shouldn't eat one of your stealth charges in addition to having a long CD. The longer CD is enough without screwing you out of the weapon mechanic. Don't understand the change to Two-Handed Training. Ambidextrous was modified to work with maces. Why couldn't Two-Handed Training just work on both spears? That's what I have off the top of my head.
  7. So like I said, it's comparable to GS: in both damage and function. It shares a lot of it's utility with twists of it's own. It's silly to argue that you can't realistically camp range on a hybrid weapon where much of the gimmick of it is to maintain pressure. If ranged DPS was your goal you'd clearly be better served using one of several dedicated ranged weapons ranger has access to. But maybe that's not where you're going with that? Wouldn't say no to more damage on the range moves for spear, but you're not going to argue parity with melee when even the dedicated ranged weapons aren't doing that. At least not in good faith.
  8. I want to know what build the people who say it's low damage are running. It's a power weapon comparable to GS. The beta starts you in marauder gear. If you touched nothing it's already a decent setup, let alone if you tweaked it a bit. Unlike GS it's less defensive and more all in on damage, so I can understand wishing it hit a little harder, but to say it's low damage is hyperbole. The amount of utility it provides is top tier, even before we get to stealth shenanigans. I'm already worried someones going to cry it into obscurity once I slap the wrong person around with it. Ranger's been eating pretty good lately. A nice change of pace.
  9. Yep. You wait for the color change or the skill to flip twice. I hope when the art gets added proper, each version of the skill (lesser/final) have a unique art. It's also aggravating some skills that should count don't (weaver dual skills) and the timing in general is too tight. Those are my only real criticisms. I generally agree also that water 3 being a distance evade is a bit counterintuitive with the idea of wanting to sit in the circle. Maybe they could do something like make it an in-place evade like Twist of Fate?
  10. Just reporting that dual attune skills on Weaver aren't working to charge the etch skills since the secret hotfix build to stop beta ele's from destroying WvW. Before that point Weaver was the definitive spec to play with spear. Friend thought the same thing it was working the other day and today it doesn't. This is similar to the hit and miss nature of dual attune skills on pistol where it doesn't always give a bullet. Not much else to report. The etch circles need to last a wee bit longer than they do now. Timings too tight and the targeting feels hit or miss on most of the etch moves. But maybe that's me being a baby duck. Ele spear is pretty great otherwise.
  11. The instant cast Weaver skills are a real treat for ele spear. They work with the weapon very well. Otherwise I feel like I practically need to slot Arcane Blast or some other instant cast utility I can spam to reliably get the full power attack. In this scenario their simplicity is a blessing. Also frees up the Fresh Air slot in PvE so that's nice. I joked about Trig seeming to have a hard time getting the full circle charge during the live stream and now I know why. The etchings should last a few more seconds for the sake of other setups that aren't Weaver. Otherwise I don't have much else to add given the limited hours. It's a great weapon from my experience. It's the ranged DPS weapon lots of elementalists were asking for, but a spear. The range is a blessing even if you are going to be playing it pretty close in most instances if you have any sense.
  12. Initial impressions: The flow could use some work. For example Bee Sting, the ranged part of the AA, should match up with Falcon's Swoop/Owl's Flight at 1200 range. Bee Sting is 900. That screws with me. I also feel like every other time I try to do a stealth set up, my skills are on recharge. I wish the stealth skills were on a separate cool down from the regular skills instead of sharing the same CD between them. Otherwise? The weapon is power supreme. It hits fast and hard. It's a simple, fun slap you around weapon. Range or melee. Tons of utility. There is no escape from the pressure outside of active defense. A ranger with a spear is going to hit you. With the caveat from above for work on the flow, it seems solid. I like it. I'll need more time with but yeah. Pretty good with it for my first go around.
  13. That's interesting. I like that you can give someone permission to edit your homestead. I can get my brother or one of you some gold or mats to make me a nice homestead. 🤔
  14. "DLC. Once upon a time it used to be free but now you have to pay since you didn't join me when I asked you to. You fool. You absolute buffoon. 🤪"
  15. It's not damage control, you're just wrong about your assertion that it's melee. It's both. Range and melee. That and the stealth + flip over skills is the gimmick. Ranger's always flirted with stealth and now we have a weapon set that is conducive to it. That's new.
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