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  1. nah bro dont compare them, necro has ALOT of HP even for a light armored class, aoe is not a prblem for them too, bladesworn on the other hand can melt fast if focus whereas necro isnt. if u run condi or dps necro they still have alot of sustain compare to warriors. warriors needs to be close to hit and can easily be blinded. Comon were not that dumb to see that bladesworn has huge dmg yah yah 350k in pve....crazy huh but in pvp? its garbage compare to necro. Look if only BS dragon slash skills needs no charging it would be better, but atm its meh meh
  2. when using f2 in gunsabre there should be no more charging it should be automatically in full charge we just have to choose which DS we use
  3. well i have to agree....this bladesworn class is by far the worst joke ive tried to play on...seriously u will die fast in high rank pvp,if u want to retain that ridiculous dmg retain those in pve but pls pls do something in wvw and pvp for its second to garbage atm
  4. i hope u know that these are not yet final...give them the chance to do what they need to do im sure there not that dumb
  5. man we havent played bladesworn yet all i see are full of complains lol
  6. lol as if he can take BS in faceroll, in pvp willbender will wait for BS hp to be below half before it strikes the question is that if WB is not yet dead lol
  7. even if u see those things u said u saw, still they cant do anything, tell them after the beta test its pointless atm
  8. end this nonsense topic, too much negativeness , play the class in beta lets see what happens, if bad do comment opinions let them know not just what u see what u get thing lol
  9. why are u most so negative, give them a chance to balance it out, i know its hard, but let them do what should the do. Let them see it in beta, if you guys think its no good let them see it, put on vids, pics etc. give them opinions or ideas they might make it better than worst. remember theyre doing this beta stuff for them to see how and what should they do after, we all know this is not final yet .
  10. sword + pistol = gunsabre?bladesworn? mace + pistol =? no blade axe + pistol = ? has blade ???
  11. everytime an upcoming update specially they day before the game updates this hilarious error are always present, hard to log in stuck in character screen omg pls fix this
  12. whats wrong in the game ?yesterday its so hard to log in now im stuck with the character screen omg
  13. vindicators skyfall move = hidden mitsurugi style dragon dives!!!!!!!!
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