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  1. staff no good on strikes and raids ... pvp meh wvw op heal
  2. warriors skills atm are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow can we speed it up pls????
  3. didnt expect them to make warriors worst than trash atm
  4. they should add a vacuum upon first to 3 hits so the other hits have a chance to hit
  5. bladesworn and spellbreaker in pve atm has no good relic its garbage
  6. of all the expansions this so called weapon mastery is USELESS to warriors idk maybe staff could just but i doubt it
  7. idk whats best for engi atm but i wanna try any power and condi ..anyone help?
  8. well true yet he can beat those classes better than other playing warrior
  9. have u watch how drazeh plays with condi zerker? his making cata foods
  10. if u want a better HB give it cripple w vaccum in its skill so it can be usefull
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