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  1. I'm a bit conflicted. What does it mean for the state of the game when one of the hottest topics in months is to hyphenate or not? Maybe there just isn't much more to discuss these days and that's a good thing. Or maybe it is a bad sign that there isn't much more to discuss? Who knows? But I find hyphen gate rather odd. P.S. I've had a few drinks tonight and I'm fine with that. Here is a 🥑 because it makes no sense being here.
  2. I think this video explains the change to Off-line and the reason why best: Seems clear after watching that video Taimi did it. 😄
  3. My computer must be wonky because that quoted thread is about some soundcloud page and there are not 3 pictures. I have noticed that videos can still also be displayed via YouTube etc. I don't see where that means people can post images on the new forum because you linked a soundcloud page and it showed an image that is really a header for the page. See I can do it too: Again my complaint is that the new forum disabled posting images at some point. You seem to want to argue against that for some odd reason and I don't know why. It is clear from many complaints
  4. ' Sorry I don't see a post you created with a picture. You quoted a post with a picture that was made before it seems to have been turned off and shows up as a link in the quote. Look I'm really not wanting to argue about this. It gets really old this thing we go through arguing from time to time and I don't really like it. Make a post with a picture then. Just post one of your own that shows in a thread and not just a link and not a quote form an older post. Then I'll head out and give up on the whole not being able to post a picture thing and admit I was wrong. If you
  5. I think image posting was disabled after that post. All posted images still seem to show up prior to the new forum and when it seems to have been disabled a few days later. The last page of this thread in community creations is another example. Note the last image they were able to post was May 3rd like your example above posted May 2nd. It seems posting images was turned off after that. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/89507-artwork-comic-waking-~-by-commodorefluffypawz/page/3/#comments
  6. I'm confused I guess. Your post is a link to a picture. And that was a post from last week. It seems that it has been disabled since then from what I see. I'm not the only one to mention this. So I don't think it is just me. For reference: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/95342-how-do-i-post-pictures-rather-than-links-on-the-new-forums-using-imgur
  7. Please enable posting pictures again. There are many posts in community creations and posts where people want to post an image that apply to their posts. I find it odd that this was available in the original forum, then the Vanilla forum version, and now suddenly turned off with this version. Thanks.
  8. I don't know that I have seen this particular issue discussed on the forum or how it was resolved. But I thought I would offer some small piece of advice. Whatever you do, don't make a charge back until you have talked to support. If you charge back the payment your account will most likely be permanently closed. From what I know charge backs are grounds for permanent account termination. So wait to hear from support and what they suggest. It may be you get a rather generic response from 1st level support. If that response does not seem to solve your issue reply to the
  9. Funny how that works. You seem to be one of the few supporting the OP and to the extreme. Since the OP went and said people with low post counts in this thread were suspect, maybe your posts could be seen as suspect too given your thoughts on the topic . Maybe you are an alt account of the OP trying to give more support to the thread. I'm sure you are not but see how easy it is to jump that far with little to no facts and how ridiculous it is? The point is the OP has no facts to support their complaint. They have at best anecdotal evidence. So maybe, just maybe, their posts that rec
  10. I know I said I was out of this thread but I want to add one more thing. The OP thinks people are using multiple accounts to disagree with them or ridicule them. This has yet to be proven. It could very well be that some of the OP's posts were not very well received by honest forum members not using alt accounts. Food for thought.
  11. Yeah glad I didn't get drunk when it was still an option and give myself a lame title like "Booger McFart Face". 😀 But your title at least seems to fit as I know you are really in to collecting minis.
  12. In your OP you stated that there should only be "likes" available. In the scenario you present in bold you state that people can post a comment and use alt accounts to give likes or trophies to their comment. So I don't see how only allowing likes will solve the issue in bold. I also find it interesting that you didn't mention that until it was brought up by other posters in this thread later. It seems to me your bigger issue is with people possibly using alt accounts to, as you see it, manipulate the discussion or give a frown face etc. As mentioned sock puppet accounts are a
  13. When the new forum first launched there used to be an option to edit your profile and add your own title. It seems to have been disabled since then. So only people that added one before it was disabled have them now. I don't even think there is an option for those people to change it or remove it now either.
  14. So maybe they should just remove them all, positive and negative, if some people are going to be so concerned with them. Like in your example where you think people are using multiple accounts to give a negative emoji, they could do the same to give their own post positive ones when they disagree with you. So would you be agreeable to that or do you just want positive reactions? Anyway I don't see an emoji as some kind of harassment but that's because as I said, most reasonable people will evaluate the post based on its content. If someone wants to log in to 100 accounts and
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