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  1. The orbs are broken. They disappear when going over certain terrain and your grand finale ends up doing nothing. Of course they also get destroyed by projectile destruction while orbiting which is absurd. Revs already went through these issues with vengeful hammers before you fixed it. Can we actually learn from past mistakes?
  2. I was not part of any event, but this is super annoying and has not been fixed for years. Why spend time decorating a massive guild hall like the island of reflection that looks amazing? Not like you will be able to populate it with how things currently work.
  3. That doesn't matter really. If this is the baseline for strike rewards, I doubt CMs will be rewarding enough for their difficulty.
  4. Being weekly is not necessarily that bad, as long as they make many more strikes. However, the rewards are definitely undertuned, there is no arguing about that. There needs to be a reward buff for sure.
  5. Don't forget the tiny energy bar for the catalyst's jade sphere. Then you also have harbinger blight, which for some reason has to be tracked with a stacking buff.
  6. ArenaNet have done reworks and overhauls in some balance patches before. They typically do not wait for an expansion to do it and there were numerous reworks during early and mid PoF. The issue is that for the past few years they have been barely been working on anything profession related.
  7. Fixing the core classes is what balance patches are supposed to do. You should be demanding for balance patches to start properly fixing core, instead of settling for those fixes to replace elite specs as an expansion feature
  8. Melee longbow will be ele's next elite spec.
  9. You also have to consider that plenty of bosses stop moving when they get their breakbar, making staff cc almost non-existent. Yet another reason for a staff revamp.
  10. Maybe condi, but definitely not power. Power cata has elemental empowerment, the defensive orbs, higher heals with the leap and a little bit of frost aura. Also you are more capable of using dragon's gear since you have more ways to get crit chance. Power weaver has slight frost aura, a piddly cleansing wave and... a couple of evades if you happen to be in the right attunement. Not on the same level of the barrier and earth traits of condi builds.
  11. Actually power weaver should have more damage than damage catalyst. Don't forget that catalyst is a little tanker has a little bit of mid range capability and has some limited boons. This is by no means a call for cata nerfs btw. Weaver of all varieties is severely underpowered.
  12. It's fine when the elite spec weapon is good. What is not fine is the core weapons remaining constantly useless for the vast majority of builds for every elite spec. At that point you may as well remove them from the game, especially on ele who has no weapon swap. However, I do not think the extra stats being hammer exclusive is necessarily an issue. The issue is just the core weapons being severely outdated. Since you overwhelmingly tend to use the elite spec weapons on every elite spec, it's beyond just a catalyst issue. Core needed buffs and reworks years ago. Anet b
  13. Would it help slightly? Yeah, but this is the least of ele's problems atm.
  14. And that is why nobody plays it. Yet again someone who does not understand how benches work. You had to be on a static golem that has a bigger hitbox than any boss that exists in the game, and you literally had to be inside the hitbox. Realistically you would deal less damage than many other classes with a full rotation and with a full dps build. But yup, Roul and the other top ele players have no idea what they are on about and you know more than them. gg The ele class is basically extinct in instanced content, and I don't know what else it will take to convince y
  15. Don't forget a conjure rework/removal, a staff rework, a scepter rework, a good look at cantrips and some other utilities, an earth traitline revamp, a catalyst rework... May as well scrap and rework the entire class at this point.
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