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  1. I never experienced this (and I have all LS3 and LS4 nodes) - so this is a first. Although - come to think of it - I think I bought the Chili node before I bought the Mistborn Mote node simply because I had like 500+ Motes and didn't feel the need to buy it. But with the Chili node in my HI I cannot purchase the new one - my alt (with an all empty HI) sees the node and could buy it.
  2. You watch way too many cheap Hollywood productions, I guess. Death is like that. It's not how you go that gives your life a meaning but the pains you inflicted and the joys you gave during your life. The expectation that there must be a special moment when the reaper swings the scythe is really a Hollywood cliché. I find it refreshing that ANet chose not to follow such a script. Came as quite a "What the heck ..." moment ...
  3. Same here - my alt is being denied transportation service and is trying to sue the airline whenever he can figure out who that actually is ...
  4. I am not alone - at the moment there are many players in the black citadel trying to board the chopper and seemingly noone can. I decided to start the icebrood Saga on my alternate account but, alas, I can't. The initial dialogue happens upon appearin gthe balck citadel and there IS a chopper - it just cannot be boarded.
  5. You raise a good point. However, it goes beyond what you stated. Buying the expansions is not enough to get the elite specs. It simply makes them available. To get use the elite specs a new player must 1) purchase the expansions as you stated, 2) get the necessary glider / mounts for step #3, and level up said mounts and 3) get the hero points in expansion content - all this on an under powered (in most cases) core spec. Or you are a regular WvW player and just buy the points with your excess on proof of heroics and are done in a few seconds. Just saying ...
  6. pick squads with less than 20 people in them. ie, start at the bottom of the lfg list. That, alas, isn't working well in the Lab. After I levelled one of my Alts on my "other account", I decided to do a bit of proper grinding with my main. So I tagged up and ran. Open Squad - I had 6 (!) people in the squad but maybe 40 people running after me but refusing to join the tag. So ... squad size doesn't really tell you how many people feel anarchistic today and follow, but refuse to join.
  7. That makes no sense, people constantly join and leave the maps, so you'd just keep seeing flickering squads in lfg when mulktiple instances of the same map would get repeatedly filled or left by singular people. Also considering that when one player leaves the instance, the squad shows up in lfg because instance isn't full anymore and then multiple people can join the squad before one of them swaps instances and fill them up again, your so-called-solution would solve exactly nothing. You have this problem with Metas as well. Try to join the Gerenth or Tarir. You always end up with the same problem - full worlds. And if you're unlucky and struggle through the Meta you may end up with a HP party on your map that does not want to participate in the Meta but won't leave either. So it was all for naught. I'm not saying that it is an "easy" thing to solve and ANet has painted itself into a bit of a corner with Meta participation and advance on some maps but a solution would be welcome where parties looking for people and people looking for parties could actually come together and not be locked out by "world full" messages. If need be, you could transfer such a group and all aspiring joiners into a new instance. You'd "just" have to deal with how to take Meta participation into the new instance and how to transfer Meta achievements from various instances into the new one.
  8. Well, I think that is the smartest thing (unless you own a tag and are willing to lead) - wait till in YOUR instance someone tags up. Alas, my instance had 3 people in it ...
  9. The deficiencies become apparent with the Labyrinth farms - after trying 30 groups and getting "The world you are trying ...." messages, I gave up on it. It WOULD be useful if it would filter out full maps and only show maps where you can join but I assume this is hyper-advanced programming and thus not available within the next two decades.
  10. That's quite true for the core game and the core expansions. With season 3 and the karmic retribution they offered a bypass - a bit wonky and unreliable in season 3, though. In season 4 almost ALL enemies you kill give you a karmic retribution item. And even the lowest level yields 50 karma. Especially on mass events or metas like Palawadan, Great Hall on Istan, Specimen Chamber pre on Sandswept and Thunderhead Peaks metas you're rolling in karma. Even at the lowest level. It's a shame you cannot have it for DS or Tangled. :) Compared to the amount needed for a leggy, though, it will STILL take some time and dedication - even with karmic retribution.
  11. I am not sure, but I think if you follow the Sylvari quest and the Charr quest, staying short of buying the garden, you could be able to "harvest" the ingredients, though - and these steps do not require a lot of effort or cost, and make a profit by selling the ingredients.
  12. Wow, thanks for the info on that. So I'm a bit off with my 5 Mio+ AFTER I bought Obsi shards for 2 Mio (Vision). New players, however, won't be making ascended food, I think?!
  13. Ah, yes - I forget that GW2 is a mirror of today's life where people completely and utterly lack any sense of even basic principles and will, indeed, sell a 60 copper item for 20 copper. My bad. So yes, cou can buy and the TP is a valid option, although I assume that the TP excess stockage might take a hit sooner or later and that we will arrive at the point where making might be cheaper than buying. But until the 100 millions of Rosemary Breads are off the market you do have a point. Out of curiosity: What does one do with Karma? Apart from Obsidian shards? Mat upgrades still a thing with volatile energy material caches? With my Karmic Retribution level all I need for the Karma needed for the bread is to run10 seconds Palawadan and place 3 staff marks.
  14. Eeep - so far my results have been consistent - see updated first post. And I am not going to use anything that uses butter. Since they removed butter in bulk and THEN nerfed the bags, it's become a precious thing that I'm not going to use for compost. :)
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