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  1. Well, I searched the patch notes and they didn't mention it, but yes I saw they were back! :astonished: Would have been nice for them to let us know it was going to be included, but oh well, guess I'm just going to be glad they are back. I do wonder what happened though. Thanks all for posting and enjoy the mad realm. Willow~
  2. If that was the case then why wouldn't they say so, lately all I've dealt with here on the forum and with my tickets is really terrible communication or canned responses. It drains my interest and desire to play the game when I feel like none of the issues I bring up will ever be addressed.
  3. Considering how much time has passed, and the lack of anet response, I don't get the impression they care to fix this or many of the other issues I'm reading in the bugs forum. It's really disheartening to be honest.
  4. I guess we can add this to the list of bugs that anet is going to ignore and not fix. Submitting a ticket was a dead end, and considering how much time has passed without a response they must not intend to communicate on the matter. So disappointing when you have no options in place to resolve issues like this with your player base. Would be nice if we skipped the new content for a bug patch to fix a lot of the ongoing issues being posted on the forum. Oh well, I've done all I can. :/
  5. I haven't talked to anyone who hasn't noticed the same issue, unless your friend is using an add on like TACO to help them, or never noticed the altitude indicators previously, they appear to be missing for everyone I've spoken with.
  6. So, I have an open ticket on the matter, I was told to report this bug in game. I did so several times, though I am not sure what good it really does at this point. I submit it as a bug report for "User Interface", "Map / Mini-map" bug. I have pointed this thread out in my ticket and am waiting for a follow up response at this point. Not sure what else I can do that I haven't already done, forum thread, bug reports, and my ticket. Wish someone would at least acknowledge and let us know a fix will be coming in the near future. Thanks to all who took the time to post they had the issue as
  7. Nothing, I've created a ticket now since no one is responding here from anet to give us a heads up as to why this happened and why it's not being fixed.
  8. Wow, and now after today's update they introduce new bugs and haven't fixed this or made notice of it still. Can someone from Anet please respond and let us know the status of this bug, it's been going on for weeks now?
  9. I thought it was me as well until I went to bloodstone fen, which is very vertical, and with everyone is hunting bloodstone nodes I asked if they were having an issue finding them without the compass indicators and several people responded they thought something was wrong but didn't realize what it was till I pointed it out, lol. I never realized how much that altitude markers helped me until I noticed it missing in tangled depths and wanted to rip my hair out! xD
  10. I always wished you could just instance it like raids, make a squad open an instance up, would go so much smoother.
  11. Normally, while I am mapping or farming, items on the compass show an altitude indicator as being above or below with a blue or green arrow, as indicated on the wiki page for graphical user interface. This is missing since the last patch, it's making mapping a chore in areas that are very vertical. Please fix asap as we need to know the altitude of items we are trying to find for map completion or farming materials. EDIT: As of the October 13th patch for the Mad Kings Realm it appears to be back, it isn't noted in the patch notes but everything seems back to normal with the compass. =) Th
  12. Some enemies get stuck inside the towers and I've even found them glitched in walls, so killing everything before starting the story gets tricky, but I've helped several people past this bug, it can be done, but it's ridiculous this has gone on for years without being fixed.
  13. Soo, can someone at anet give us an updated status reported on the progress of this getting fixed?
  14. Still broken, didn't get my Tier 1 reward, any further info on this? Hasn't been an update in nearly a week.
  15. Tier 1 did not give me mastery either, not sure how they plan on fixing this but it's been a few days since that announcement and it's still bugged as of last night. Unfortunately I did not know about it till after I opened my chests in the instance....
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