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  1. I did this as well but it's not limited to these people. More and more people started doing this.A simple mechanic addition can prevent this without hurting anyone. Like I suggested in the first post, a mob or triggered event can clear or teleportAFKers staying at event spawn areas for a prolonged time.
  2. Masteries should bring global benefits on all maps IMO. I personally don't like the concept of map-specific or region-specific masteries.For example, it would be very fun to have Bloodstone Fen's glider attacks on other maps.
  3. I like the story, but there should be an option to skip dialogs and walks faster. When I'm playing the same story for the second time for achievements or unlocking it on other characters I need the ability to skip stuff. Some missions allow this, some don't.
  4. These guys are afk-farming the supply caravan event by staying at this spot everyday. As I observed some of them are using bots/macros to automate the autoattack, some of them just use necro minions.Thus, when the event mobs spawn on them, they hit some of them and get participation from every Vloxen mine supply caravan by doing nothing.I have hidden their names by hiding the UI because it may be against forum rules. My suggestion: These events are very open to this kind of abuse, a powerful legendary mob can spawn around and attack&kill people who stay in the same spot for prolonged peri
  5. I'm writing from the perspective of a PvE Necromancer.Staff is actually a mediocre weapon for some PvE builds. I'm using a Viper hybrid CDPS/condition transfer build and the 4th skill allows me to do about the same DPS compared to a Greatsword. I sometimes change my Greatsword with Staff depending on range, I made presets for them.It's not good enough tho, auto-attack projectile needs to have a better velocity. The staff had some bleeding stack nerfs in the past, they should be reverted at least for PvE aspect. I personally don't care about DPS in open world because Necro has other perks like
  6. Doing the first mission of PoF gives you a Raptor. It's not a big problem IMO. But a basic Raptor rental (without masteries ofc) wouldn't disrupt the game either. For more advanced mounts I would say no because players need to work for them, this makes you hyped to unlock new masteries and mounts and gives you a goal to reach. I'm ok with a basic raptor rental or something like it for new players.
  7. It's really annoying during fights in "Bjora Marches" (EU Server) and It doesn't only happen during meta events, the lag is constant on this map. Sometimes it lags for 2 sec and you get hit for massive damage after the lag and it makes you die or leaves you in a hard position. This is not normal. I took a break for several months and returned to the game, there was no problem like that before. I haven't tested other maps because I'm focusing on LS5 but Drizzlewood seems ok compared to Bjora Marches. I've seen people complaining about Thunderhead Peaks as well. This should be a top priority iss
  8. This skill was nerfed back then because of people using it in raids and bouncing other people's conditions, thus duplicating them.As an open world player I inflict my own condition damage to mobs then use epidemic. So these two situations are completely unrelated,I'm not spreading conditions which were inflicted by someone else. My suggestion:Epidemic should spread conditions with their 100% remaining duration if they are originally inflicted by your own character.Other people's conditions can be spread with their 50% remaining duration just like now. This way, Necromancers can be as fun as th
  9. Was this change really needed? Necromancers are one of the most underrated classes in the game yet they are facing constant nerfs.This kills the scourge mechanic as a whole, shades were meant to replicate your character hence they are named "shades".Now they are doing stuff instead of replicating the character. Instead of being buffed for raids,it gets nerfed even more. I can't really get the point. Please revert it back along with the infamous epidemic nerf which wasn't needed at all for the open world.
  10. Flame effect of Incarnate Flame skin is shown after a time period when you spawn the mount. Normally this effect should occur instantly.
  11. I bought it just because it's bright, I'm against changing it because there are too many dim alternatives.
  12. This started to happen with recent patches. (Maybe the Festival of the Four Winds one or later)My FPS value goes as low as 16 when I load a map and it stays at 16 FPS unless I move to another map then come back to that map. Seems like this bug isn't bound toany specific map, it can happen anywhere upon loading and entering a map. I happens randomly due to an unknown reason.Logging out to character select screen then logging back in doesn't seem to solve the problem. The only solution is map switching or restarting the game.My system specs are relatively good (i9 9900k/GTX1080) and my normal FP
  13. As an Aurora owner I think they should enhance the combined visual effect a lot more to make it worth crafting after Aurora.They enhanced visual effects of some legendary weapons before, I hope they enhance this one too. I was looking for another legendary to craft.
  14. All "perma whatever" builds should be removed from WvW. I'm playing on T1 WvW and half of the enemies are running perma block/invulnerable warrior builds.It's more annoying than any perma stealth build. Perma stealth and invulnerability/block need rework and nerf.Arenanet should balance this annoying meta.
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