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  1. Hi all, I am looking for great class combos for two people to tackle open world content, especially EoD. I am going to play with my brother, and we would like to go through challenging content without needing others. Are there classes which have a great synergy in open world? I mean they complement each other with boons, heal and other supportive skills, plus they do enough damage to take down champions for example. Extra good if these duos can also take up on dungeon paths together.
  2. I have a lot of spirit shards, laurels, karma and other currencies on me. I read that I should keep them for legendaries but I don’t feel they are worth the hassle. I also read that once you dump these currencies from your wallet they will be difficult to get, so should I turn them into liquid gold, or should I use them for something else? I am a little confused here and maybe worried that I would regret using them to get gold if I’ll ever need them in the future.
  3. TENGUUUUUUUUUUUUU *hope increases yet again* But actually, I am very happy to hear that my favorite game will continue to grow! ❤️ (Living World Season 1 yes please thank you)
  4. The combat system. GW2 has set the bar so high that other combat systems feel like a lackluster now.
  5. I want to change my male sylvari's look with a total makeover kit. I've been trying many variations, searched for posts and pictures online, but I still can't seem to find a solution that is perfect for my taste. Can you give me some inspiration?
  6. Is the Snowflake Gobbler Pack unavailable in the gemstore? I can't find it. According to wiki it's still being sold: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Snowflake_Gobbler_Pack
  7. I don't know why I am getting so much hate here. I was with my friend, we were not a group of friends. The other players were rushing us, and they were asking: "are you guys new?" then the person who left did so because he was annoyed how slow we are. I was telling other players to wait so that my friend could sell his items between two paths. It was just a horrible experience for him.
  8. Hi all, Today was the first time I ventured with a friend of mine (new player) into Ascalonian Catacombs. Three of us from the group were high level high skilled players who have been around for a while, and therefore we just blasted through the story mode. I switched to my weakest alt and one guy was swapped with a newer player, but the paths went very fast. My friend had a terrible dungeon experience because of this. He was lvl 36, and he sometimes couldn't even keep up with our train and was lagging behind all the time. Sometimes he missed encounters and had trouble
  9. Hey guys, I just love Claw of Jormag event to death. It's amazing, the preevents are also satisfying, and getting to the final boss takes an entire open squad that breaches into the castle. So well designed and engaging. It's not like you teleport to a map, AFK until the meta triggers (as others will have finished the preevents already for you), and then stand there and press autoattack.
  10. date, time, and time zone the bug occurred: 15/01/2019 17:12 GMT +1name of map you're on: Battle of Kyhloyour character name, level, race, and profession: Satan Veinlash, 80, charr, necromancer Near the close point of blue I followed a revenant, he stood in the corner of this place, then knocked me into the wall from which I could not move. Other reports talk about the middle areas of the map, so I thought I would post this.
  11. Are these warrior builds strong and easy to play? I am talking about Power Warrior or Spellbreaker.https://www.snowcrows.com/raids/warrior/
  12. Hi everyone, I'm currently raiding with a condi scourge, and I found it to be easy to play. I want to play another class that has great DPS and is easy to play well in raids. What do you recommend?
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