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  1. Skirmish point gain based on time zone: NA 10 7 4 EU 1 2 3 OCX 1 2 3 SEA 1 2 3
  2. u might as well get hot and pof now so u get half year to catch up and finish them.
  3. while system is not that useful without sharing the infusion with the lengendary.
  4. let us convert our infusion to legendary
  5. whats unthoughtful is forcing 99.9% of players to play pvp to get the amulet. Conflux is so easy to get its way easier than all the other 3 pve trinkets.
  6. hahaha if dodge block dont run in red circles works why are u using it then its obvious they dont work. Nice try maybe its time u play ur class the real way. Good change.
  7. should be like Laurels 55 mystic coins per month.
  8. just bring orbs back its better than what u suggested.
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