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  1. hahaha if dodge block dont run in red circles works why are u using it then its obvious they dont work. Nice try maybe its time u play ur class the real way. Good change.
  2. should be like Laurels 55 mystic coins per month.
  3. just bring orbs back its better than what u suggested.
  4. game is balance with downstate, without downstate ppl should get extra 20k hp consider ttk is like 2 sec in this game.
  5. no downstate=no bags since u cant tag dead ppl. Anets need to come up with share tagging.
  6. or u can wait 4 months to buy it from the vendor for 60 statuettes. They should put it on the vendor right away since we wasted so many keys not getting it from BLC.
  7. I do 1 million damage all the time wipe out the entire blob just by myself plz dont nerf.
  8. Reset queues are too big after reduction plz increase 4 maps tp 5 maps and dont increase tier thx.
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