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  1. maybe just support Biden then, he makes perfect sense :) Its just my thoughts on the state of WvW, with AOE damage still going through walls, doors, pulled off siege over the walls and I just think the mechanics have been ramped up, but the polishing of very practical things have been ignored. Alliances are not a bad idea, but its pretty much the same thing by a different name, and different selection.
  2. So after the new skills for new professions, I notice that the game has moved from a combat game to push, pull, float and every kind of everything other than combat. I understand these builds help new players, but the fun factor of having to use some brain capacity to who can float, push pull you into 20 circles of AOE has gone, never to return. I try run daredevil and Elie, given up on some of the others builds already and when I look at combat log, I get hit with trail of knives over and over (doesn't seem to be much cooldown), coalescence of ruin, or hammer rev, 8k damage. Some of the dama
  3. So trying to protect our keep on home bl, and on the oil using skill3 which is supposed to be giving me protection, but got pulled off by this skill that needs to be nerfed. I am tired of complaining about this, and this skill pulls you off siege and over the lip of the wall. Now every zerg is using this and put down 20 fields of aoe then pull you off siege and into insta death, you are seriously making me hate players from other servers for this exploit, as their is no counter against it. Please anet, can you take some time to fix the issues in WvW, it is the most neglected part of the game,
  4. Ah Deso was T4, no link last time, no link this time, and to think the Glicko system doesnt work so these are done by hand, pass the socks and light me up
  5. We have a player on our server, who is very vocal, and yes I can block him, but he verbally abuses his fellow players all the time, calling everyone idiots, and stupid, then while we trying to defend our keep while being double teamed, he pulls all the tactics. I have details and login name which I will not put here. He has been reported so many times, yet he is still here every single day, abusing players and Guilds, and no, we are not linked, he has been on our server a long time. Please can this be dealt with, as he is wrecking the game, and after he starts with the tactics, players leave t
  6. Thanks for the entertainment, coming from Deso, same thing, no link, full server, thousands of inactive accounts which should be placed in a holding server if they haven't logged in the LAST 6 MONTHS, and Anet...on holiday while we are double teamed, by double linked servers, go figure. Great creativity, see you on the battlefield, and Happy New year to Gandara players
  7. So before we started, our server was single against 2 double servers, and during the beta, it seems the odds are stacked against us as during the previous week, like 30 man blobs against 5 of us trying to defend. So how do the other Alliance maps have double our players? Terrible system because guild populations and activity is a thumb suck, and it will always be stacked, no point really. I think the Alliance servers should have their own map so they can GvG, and stay away from the WvW maps. Unfortunately, Anet are under the impression that the WvW is healthy, when its just an AOE fest that
  8. i completed the whole story of chapter 5 from scratch, story closed in journal, but it doesn't give me the last achievement primordus. I have reported the bug, but still the same, its listed in side stories as incomplete
  9. I log on, play for 3-5 minutes then DC, this has gone on since the initial patch from 26-10-2021. The game is unplayable, and cannot complete anything, be it in LA, Any map, or any WvW map
  10. Entangle holding someone for 8-10 seconds is intended design. If it didn't work correctly, that would be a bug...but it seems to be working great? Its actually Damage 4 x 508 Bleeding 8 and 3/4 seconds bleeding 968 damage Immobilize 2 and 1/2 seconds, not 8-10 so its holding down for a much longer period Unless you can break away, 8-10 seconds gives ranger an advantage that allows him to use his skill 5 or 2 to wipe you, and you cant move. And yes, it follows you if you do, even though you only proc once, needs
  11. I have reported this on numerous posts, but seems it is overlooked and becoming increasingly frustrating. Elite skills are not good at best, but when an entangle holds you while the ranger runs around you 5 times, then its bugged. Its getting a little frustrating that this is continually ignored. Entangle holds you down approximately 8-10 seconds, please check as this is an exploit
  12. so when you look at the battle report and look at what killed you, enduring swing from a ranger that says damage 699, but he insta downs you for 7051 damage that's accurate? The devs have tried their hardest to balance the builds, but my deadeye does not do that much damage, yet secondary weapon on a ranger does almost 3 times what my primary rifle can do, I think we need another review of what the system says compared to the actual damage. The entangle from ranger also holds down for a lot longer than what it says, game has become frustrating to say the least, but these issues should have bee
  13. thanks for that, the jp is quite challenging, so would have made it if I knew before :)
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