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  1. The problem is not all condi the problem it''s like a multi pyramid thing look at necro they are just too good for the conquest mode because each attack gives them life force and they have an arsenal of unblockables and having the large pool of hp is a huge advantage of holding a node that's why they tend to win the first mid fight more often and when they do win they have that life force stored up for another advantage might as well let warrior keep their adrenaline is what I think. Then they give more boon counters good cc's and spammable utils a lot of necs bring two spectral forms which fe
  2. One of the biggest problems I noticed from PvP is the utility section it's just too limited and makes the game too restrictive it almost feels like you're constantly looking at a refrigerator and you find nothing in it.. How about something like this.. if we could only have an option to choose from via a button Version 1: Current Utility section Version 2: Reworked utilities of the old style previous patches Version 2 for example, for a guardian remember when Spirit weapons used to follow you around? that would be neat to access it and how purging flames you would step on t
  3. Hmm just wondering about unblockables do you think they're in a good spot? For me they seem very hard to come by I guess necs have it real good with the trait that can use staff skills to use unblockable and other utils but for other classes they seem like they're too limited or even if you have a signet that has the option it feels like it lasts an extremely short while. I was also wondering if adding a unblockable sigil would be good?
  4. Not the best season to be playing since population seems like an all time low and g2-3 players are being put up against p2 players. I think they need to redo conquest everyone seems to have had enough of this mode
  5. I'm getting tired of Conquest Ranked the horrible teams you get is exhausting and no matter how good you are you still have to depend on others. I prefer playing 2v2 or 3v3 at least you feel like you're in control of the game
  6. Would be nice if they could speed things up for Reapers Rumble maybe make more pumpkins spawn more faster or shorten the time limit for these game modes cause they take far too long sometimes
  7. Well I was thinking about how interesting 2v2 and 3v3 when you're waiting for the next round and you have a chance to load up a different build it makes things pretty interesting with how flexible you can counter another build or want to give a shot something else that isn't working and releases a lot of tension of being stuck with the same build or getting blamed when things don't work out So I was thinking why can't Conquest have this? when there's a blowout in the match you're stuck with the build or countered hard wouldn't it be cool if we could swap build template? Anyways I was thin
  8. Here's some random ideas just for fun post yours as well This is for the PvP Mini season or w/e... Random silly choices below -Glass floor returns but now on all maps - Troll season -Body swap randomly become the other players character and build (can't change) - Warrior only mini season - Season 1 balance no expansions -5v5 but beasts will stand on nodes circles and beast will be near spawn point so be careful - Backstabber downstate - you will be able to attack your allies for 10 seconds when you are rezzed - pay extra attention - 5v5v1 the versus - 1
  9. I like PvP cause it gets to the point fast compared to other content and generates a bit of a rush unfortunately it's very difficult finding a good pvp partner it's almost like a marriage in that mode Hmm I do a lot of the chest alt farming but it's pretty boring World bosses.. sometimes.. but it's a pretty stale thing with low activity required and not much of a social aspect to it anymore I hangout sometimes in main world hubs but after the initial hangout or meeting new people there's never the incentive to really chat anymore or do anything together it's just nice looking at
  10. I think people are pushed to the edge fed up with the mode and these new specs have a high learning curve but you get the sense of it being frustrating because most of the cheap low effort specs will steamroll the new ones
  11. Played a bit of it I can't see a way to win duels with this spec the damage is kinda meh the defensive options is kinda bleh and the team fighting feels like you have to get in close and absorb a lot of damage the healing slot skill seems slow. The rest of utils don't seem that great the elite skill has a long recharge for a couple of boons? Well I haven't played it that much I could be wrong but seems like an uphill battle to get this thing to work against the meta builds
  12. Meh.. it's already been 28 seasons who cares about high ratings anymore plus majority of players will never make it to top 25 it's a fools errand
  13. Does the warrior rifle obliterate DH using the unblockable Signet?
  14. PvP is too far gone the drain it's become just a daily novelty but nothing serious and even if you do take it serious it's not worth the frustration or the toxicity that emerges within you
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