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  1. There are many static objects in guildhalls that make using some spaces very difficult. What I'd like to request is a simple object about the size of the of the super rock platform (squared) and the thickness of a stair step that could be used as a floor or ceiling. With that one object I could bypass many of the obstacles I encounter in different halls when decorating providing that it can negate collision while being placed. I would also love to see texture packs for it.
  2. This is needed in a big way. Timing is everything in playing your build and all the practice in the world is not going to help you really fine tune it without a true representation of the competitive game modes :/
  3. Race and clan related guildhalls. I'd pay the price of an expansion for a Norn hall. It could be instanced in hoelbrak for all I care. I'd actually buy one Wolf and one Raven.
  4. Before GW2 WVW I was not big on competitive play. I liked it a little in WoW (pvp instances). Dueled alot in SWG but wasn't a fan of open world pvp all that much. GW2 changed that for me. It was just so epic I couldn't walk away from it. I learned to relax and accept that dying was gonna happen, and it was ok. As strange as that may sound its the truth...for me at least. I took it too serious and was afraid of messing up. It helped that I met people that were willing to take the time to teach me, and taught me to laugh it off when things don't quite work out...like forgetting your in a no
  5. You're right. I should have just wrote a ticket. Its been a long while since I an issue with the game and I just wasn't thinking :/. On a bright note they have a great support team here, and they usually figure it out if its withing their power. If all else maybe they can give me some advise.
  6. In other FPS games I have played players have purposefully reduced their framerate, connection speed, graphics quality, in order to get these kinds of results. Sadly, it's a two edged sword. Some hate it and wish it weren't there, others create it on purpose in order to take advantage. They must have super internet because its all I can do to not freeze up when zergs meet in wvw. I have a nice rig but our tower (service provider) needs serious upgrading. I run my graphics bare bone minimal :(
  7. I'm a diehard wvw'er and I can't begin to express how happy I am that this was added into the game. It seems so small of a thing but its huge for many concerning how they socialize, decorate, RP (though I've not done it in years), within the game. Much respect for giving this gift to your community Anet :). It was indeed a gift and one that many have asked for, for a very long time :)../hatsoff and I /salute the team that made it happen :)
  8. This is great :). I just wish there was something like this for players that are 3D modeling enthusiast.
  9. Truth be told they should go back to making toughness more viable again so players have to choose how much tankiness and glass cannon stats they want. Everything should be a trade off. Healers shouldn't be able to turn glass cannons into tanking glass cannons.
  10. About two weeks ago something happened to me for the first time. we were going to defend against an attack at stoic in the desert bl and when we reached the lords room the stone spikes of the platform went up and I fell under the map due to lag. I'm not sure if I could heal there or not (I was on a support FB) but they did manage to kill me. I'm just putting this out there to try to be as helpful as I can be. I run no third party programs and I'm happy to let them go thru my account...I just have terrible internet. Once about a year ago I went to take an objective with a zerg and the walls o
  11. Yes. I'm a pretty avid wvw'er and I check that stuff, and I also run several meta builds. This change is recent like within the last month and it doesn't seem to happen in the guild arena where I'm using exactly what I play in wvw (food, utilities, gear) when I test against other classes and builds. Its a mystery to me :/.
  12. My 1v1 game play works perfectly normal in a guild arena, pvp arena, but when I go into wvw as of late its like my avatar is melting in seconds like I'm in starter gear or something (which is not the case). Its the same for all my avatars except my mesmer who is pretty hard to hit but her condi is also acting like wet paper damage. As I said they work great in the guildhall arena and pvp arena but in wvw its like there is an unseen penalty. World Pve also seems to be ok, but all I really like to do these days is wvw. In fact its the only reason I log in and continue to support the game with m
  13. I'm over the merry-go-round flavor-of the-month-mechanics. Me and my wallet will wait it out till something is done to make "all classes viable again" When I think about how much money I've blown on this game, it was not only a waste, but now its a disappointing waste.
  14. Help me out here. We had a deadeye trolling us last night and they could stay perma stealth and one-shot. Someone told me "they can do that" But I can't believe any developer in their right mind would deploy such a mechanic knowingly. Is there something else going on here?
  15. Its not hard to balance classes I think they just like flavor-of-the month mechanics even though it has shown to hurt the game mode. I'd rather see combat tied more to map terrain. like everyone can fight with no penalties in a camp, keep, or on a road, but heavy plate is gonna be at a disadvantage in a marsh, as to where heavy plate will do better in say snow prone areas verse those in lighter less padded gear. shrugs It would make it a little more dynamic IMO.
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