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  1. It hardly seems a fitting conclusion to Dragons Watch's journey of killing six elder dragons, a mad god, and an ancient lich, to simply focusing on two characters, not even the biggest contributors mind you, talking about their relationship in a bar. That's kind of the whole point I've been making here. I'm not upset that you did it, I'm upset that it took a place in the narrative from something that would have been more fitting. The storytelling was sacrificed for this. Additionally, I hope you'll forgive me if I find it a furthermore odd coincidence that, out of all the numerous charact
  2. An epilogue is: "A section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened." The chapter titled "epilogue" in the EoD story barely even mentions the events of the story, let alone does anything to further conclude them. So at a bare minimum, there has been a fundamental misunderstanding of an epilogue's purpose here. Furthermore, it still doesn't address why these characters, on a narrative level, are singled out in the last story chapter of the game. Did Marjory and Kas' relationship play some major role in the plot of EoD? Why
  3. This post makes me sad, really. It feels like you either genuinely don't understand the problem, or don't actually care. People aren't upset about representation, women being in powerful positions, or who is canonically banging who. The problem is that good storytelling is being sacrificed at the altar of representation and inclusivity. It's "forced" because you put dialogue, people, plot points in places where they make less or no sense because you had another box to tick for someone who can apparently only relate to an individual on the most outer, superficial of levels. Tell me, as I
  4. I don't see the need to take jabs at me personally, I'm thrilled that we've actually had this much positive interaction on the topic. Actually, I feel like you're kind for making my point for me. You remark that neither Joon or Li are particularly likeable, which I agree with; but my point was that if this was the case, why does Joon get to be a hero while Li is portrayed exclusively as a villain? Also, I don't really see why history need play a factor at all, I was simply remarking that the story that was presented feels unbalanced in a noticeable way.
  5. The point of the post was to start a discussion, not necessarily to win one. My intention isn't to boil things down; there are far bigger issues with the plot than the apparent gender imbalance of course. It simply caught me that, on the broad spectrum of the story, the balance of confident, competent, respected, and powerful characters seems skewed in one direction, and it feels noticeable and perhaps even biased. I'm not suggesting the male characters don't get their moments, or that female characters are always in the spotlight. Merely that things could, maybe, be a little more balan
  6. I'm not necessarily saying it does matter, really. As I said, it's not that the story bothers me so much as that I feel like it warranted pointing out. I like good characters and good storytelling; so it sticks out to me when certain aspects of the story are becoming stale/repetitive/very confusing.
  7. I hesitate to even make this post for reasons that can be briefly summarized as: "It's the internet."; but I feel like it warrants discussion, and I can't think of a better place to put it. So here it is. Now that EoD has wrapped up the game's primary story arc, I've been knocking it back and forth in my head and ran across a trend. Have you noticed how the overwhelming majority of characters who are in-power/organizational leaders in the story are female, and the difference in their portrayal compared to similar male characters? This stood out to me most in the confli
  8. So, during the introduction to the EoD story Taimi rants about everyone being off doing their own thing, and mentions everyone's specific location/activities except for Zojja. Catching up with Taimi: Taimi: Gang's back together, huh? I mean, not the whole gang, obviously. Rytlock. Kas and Jory. Caithe: Taimi Taimi: Braham's at the lodge. Logan's back in Kryta. Canach is with Sayida, Zafirah with the Zaishen Caithe: Taimi! Taimi: Garm is with Braham; Eir and Snaff are dead; I don't know where the heck Zojja is! Commander: Taimi. I'll get Gorrik.It's goi
  9. Seeing as the fourth expansion is confirmed, it's time, once again, to speculate wildly on the possibilities. What niches are yet left for professions to carve out? I have some broad ideas: Warrior: Lord Weapon: Staff The staff would be a ranged weapon, allowing the warrior to call AoE artillery strikes down on their target, as well as offering some personal mobility, and AoE might. Profession Mechanic: Squire The Lord builds adrenaline by damaging enemies and healing allies. The adrenaline bar is no longer segme
  10. Yes, that. I was having trouble explaining the idea properly.
  11. Dual classing was one of the iconic features of GW1, and while there's a lot to like about the current professions, the return of Cantha makes me feel like the devs should take another opportunity to bring back even more of what made the original game great. The thing is, I think it can be done without actually changing the current specialization system. Here's my idea: Give each core profession a new weapon to use from the existing weapon pool, usable on that profession regardless of elite specialization. Design a new elite specialization for each class, but not for t
  12. Hi, I've recently been looking to break into some higher tier content, this sounds good. If you'll have me of course.
  13. Hi, I'm an older player who has played off and on for years, and am looking for a guild that does high end PvE, and maybe some PvP. I'm willing to put in some effort for the right guild, and consider myself to have a very relaxed, and friendly personality. Hit me up.
  14. Guild Wars 2: Tyria UnitedKralkatorric is vanquished, and Aurene has been lost to you forever, yet the threat of the elder dragons, unceasing, remains alive... The Dominion of Winds: a sanctuary constructed for the benefit of all Tengu as a stronghold against this threat is now coming apart at the seams. Though the destroyers had long shook the foundations of the island of Sanctum Cay, a new threat threatens to break its back, and crush the Tengu people beneath its weight: The Deep Walkers. Twisted amalgams of flesh and the ocean itself claw their way onto the beaches, cutting away food suppli
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