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  1. When clicking on one from last week. It reset all my Edge settings and passwords. I won't be doing that again.
  2. Agree. the heart NPC can be miles away from where you're meant to be to complete it, the last thing you need when you just want to 'get on with it'.
  3. Priceless!I couldn't get this thing (repair) to start up, but after putting a SPACE between " and -repair, double click icon/shortcut the repair started up. Took a while and shortly afterwards I was at char' select screen and able to log in. Job done. Now I can mark my ticket as resolved, cheers.
  4. 'Send your report to etc'. Also the link page to Dragon Bash has an error on it.
  5. I did it for the griffon req'. From scratch it took me around 22 hours, minus an hour or so for achs . A long haul.
  6. please tell me what's the difference between "we want social equality" and "please accept us". The first may be interpreted as being slightly aggressive, very different from the second.
  7. Have they brought this thing back? For the first time in years my wvw char' got green text sayin' 'your said armor piece has been damaged'. I thought...?
  8. I have 50 char' and every one of them are M. Could never play as F as I'm not one of them. False representation.
  9. 'This item is currently obscured by another'. Ever since that friend event type thing with white t-shirts and shorts. Can't get rid of 'em.
  10. I'd like a week w/o being pulled off them from miles away, over a wall into a group of vultures. Wvw is already very 'samey', don't make it worse.
  11. I got over 28k of these things and I don't bother with that^ or the armor , still costs a fair bit in mats.
  12. The same unfairness PvE'ers have with Gift of Battle, they also have with Mystic Coins. Exclusively on the PvE side, you can get one per day (Anomaly), but PvP'ers have their daily tournaments that give a minimum of a guaranteed 5 (from what I saw on Celofrag's recent video about gold making) and as I heard they don't even need to hunt for equipment or levels. Downloaded the game, registered, joined PvP and they're already good to go (extrapolate this to multi-account players). The whole looting distribution and recipes components is messed up in this game... >.< I should have added the
  13. Did a map complete recently in about a week thx to my 46k heroics which meant I could skip all the hero pts. Without boosters anything in wvw will take an age. Took me two yrs or so to get to diamond and that's with a permanent supply of boosters which give me 150% wxp. Without any at all is Tyrian torture. Just gotta put the time in, recent buff gave me 12 GOB'S w/o playing that much.
  14. Again? To be fair it's been a LONG time since I had log-in issues w/ this game . PS, I've just logged in..
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