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  1. I also remember a number of posters in the past expressing sentiment of not caring for skins and just wanting legendary function from ow grind. I also remember a number that wanted raid-tier skins.
  2. Technically speaking it is incorrect - WvW and PvP legendary armor sets have no skin of their own, instead inheriting the skin of the ascended piece used for crafting it. T3 ascended chestpiece for WvW has a variant in-combat tendrils FX. Also a variant without. I am presuming they are doing og wvw/pvp ring/amulet situation here - T1 easier acquirable without flashy effects for people that want less flashy fashion, and T2 as additional token expense to get the flashy bit. Since it would be tad harder to make a flash togglebox for armor pieces, where helmet and shoulderpiece already has togglebox to flat out hide it.
  3. I like the visuals of new legendary armors provided so far. Really like the medium, heavy is ok, light I would not use whole set visually, but has pieces I may want to use.
  4. Cannot speak on the forum occurences, but I am quite sure I saw in-community talks of boonballs, forever since HoT released. Including but not limited to increase of both boon hate and boon spam, with PoF.
  5. I am somewhat amazed this wreck of the thread is still going on. Not sure what to think about OP doing "do you even read the lore" and "do you even know anything about warfare" while responding to direct quotes from the lore (and denying them), and trying to apply modern warfare concepts to medieval fantasy setting. The claim that artesian waters are some sort of passive supercharger to all mages in the area is funny. Especially claiming that GW2 somehow proves it. All it proves, is that it is magical ecocenter of the orr, and that zhaitan was using it to (slowly) spread his corruption. Cleansing of the artesian waters, something that took a whole ritual and best of the pact to perform, only managed to cut off zhaitan from food source as immediate result. And that is even without taking into consideration if orrian were aware of that particular spring being magical nexus that it was. Early lore after all ascribes all that GW2 said was due to artesian waters, to god's blessing the area. That implies to me that Orrians were not exactly aware where the magic all around them is coming from. Furthermore, assumption that Orr had all the time to regroup - in the times where you have military spread among fighting two other kingdoms, any sort of messaging goes through letters carried by people, even sending out the orders for regroup is going to take long time, and before those troops actually get to withdraw and regroup it is going to take time as well. For the whole supply lines argument - Mongol horde was already mentioned, and I'd say that there was alot of inspiration for charr in there. And history of Mongol horde conquest, and raids into europe shows that it is very well possible to have a medievalistic army without setting up huge supply lines for it to wreck other kingdom armies. And even discounting Mongolian horde, since op already ignored that one, I shall bring another historical precedence - Second Punic war. Hannibal was able to get into Roman territory, then stay in there and ravage it for full year with NO supply lines to mention (army living off from what they looted essentially). And that army with no supply lines which you proclaim should be "dead army" (since it was for all intents and purposes cut off from it's mainland) and yet to get rid of them, Roman had to invade Carthage so the Hanibals army get recalled to defend, to get rid of the buggers. So to sum it up. OP has partial knowledge on both irl warfare history, and Tyria's lore, extrapolates from it incorrect assertions and then proclaims how lore makes no sense, while discarding any attempt of straightening out his misunderstandings. And props to everyone in this thread for lasting for 9 pages of trying to "discuss" this topic.
  6. Last time I checked, they never nerfed nornbear soulbeast oneshotting people 😉
  7. Ah the enemy targeted ports instead of ground targeted. Yeah, technically speaking for those you need to have enemy properly tab targeted and then have the targeting reticule within some "close enough" to it as well. Personally I deal with all the wonkiness of that aspect, by having autotargetting on simultaneously with action camera mode. I think I know what you mean, like trying to place AoEs ontop of the objective walls in WvW. The ones that do not require LoS and therefore usually could be placed with normal control mode much deeper. I'd argue that's a fringe scenario, but I guess on specific classes and if WvW is your main mode it would be bigger issue indeed. This is interesting one - yes it will generally prefer going toward direction of reticule, but with autotargetting turned on, I don't have much issues of having these to snap to the target that is technically speaking behind me by the time ability actually launches. That being said the particular scenario of something being in front of me when I start pressing buttons, that moved behind me before ability actually executed is the most common case for me getting "out of line of sight" error, I mentioned happening when ability fails to turn the character. That makes me think that the game is working way more inconsistent than I gave it credit originally on, as on the classes I play regularly, every targeted AoE when placed behind me, rotates character around to place it, and throws out of line of sight error when it for any reason fails to complete the rotation. (Would provide recordings if I had access to rig that could handle recording GW2, but alas, the one I have for the moment being, manages GW2 running and nothing ontop of it) There have been some further updates later down the line, and while sure, it could use much more updates since it ain't perfect, I find it perfectly workable control mode. Tad annoying to utilize on support firebrand, because big chunk of the boons is forward-facing, and with action camera on, it is much harder to aim the thing (one of the builds where I prefer normal mode with RMB permanently held down).
  8. That is not exactly the case - the change to stacking of damage conditions was to alleviate the issues original design had with multiple condi builds trying to fight same world boss. Essentially if you build depended on burning or poison condis, at launch, your damage could be easilly nullified if any other player happened to apply their burning/poison before you, regardless if their burning/poison had stats was actually higher than yours. The first attempt at fixing that issue, was to have player with highest condition damage take priority in those overlaps, (so at any given time, highest damaging stack was active first) but it would still have an issue if you had multiple condi-build players hammering same world boss. The same issue persisted for bleeds, since they back then shared the cap with normal enemies, so at world bosses you'd have those permacapped on bleeds as well. So after couple years of this issue persisting AN decided, that the best way to permanently resolve that issue was introducing intensity stacking to all damaging condition, with highly increased stacking caps for World Bosses. If memory serves, burning still has lower cap of stacks than bleeding, tho it hardly matters, because the caps on bosses was set so that no single player can saturate it, and on rest of the game, stuff dies long before you'd think of hitting the cap on burning stacks.
  9. It is not foreign Idea to me, I am just very used to the concept of using more than one movement button at the time, and changing which buttons are pressed so the movement direction does not change while I change the angle of the camera - this habit predates introduction of action camera mode btw. Nah, I don't find it so disturbing, just redundant to add yet another way to do it. Thank you for the video on the wells, themselves, this would make it secondary set of skills allowing it, but in general as someone using aoes other than engi grenades and necro wells, I have had more often than not, trying to cast AoE like that would either flip the character, or throw out of line of sight error. Interesting behaviour and not something I'd have happening to me when playing with engineer, mesmer, guardian or revenant. Using RMB to rotate the camera like we did in old days before action camera mode was introduced? 😉 I have used ground targeted teleports at exact same range with and without action camera mode enabled, had to pay attention to the settings, but I don't see the issue on this front. sounds liek camera settings issue more than action camera mode tbh. I will give you that, I have not tried that particular skill, been a long time since I played warrior at all, and headbutt was not a skill I was considering using at that time. I will give it some try next time I get into the game. So you are trying to tell me that if I go and look at "top pvp footage" I will notice bunch on people whom are so incompetent in areas of using skills on the move at all? Interesting claim to be sure. Since you didn't read the rest of the conversation, we have already establish engi grenades, and necro wells to be outlier. And fair, I forgot about nades, and was wrong on the wells, primarily because it has been ages since I saw anyone playing engi and trying to run away from anyone, and that I do not play necro specifically, so I kinda presumed it followed same rules on whole of it's kits that I noticed on every single ground targeted AoE on every other class.
  10. Yall keep saying that you cannot flip for "several seconds" after using an ability, but yet this is somewhat different to my experience - never once, in many hours of using action camera had I have issue, where after using ability I was unable to flip my character around. Even to the contrary, the one issue I did have, was movement interrupting AA cast. Functionally irrelevant - anything where it would be worth to use that cursor, you just point the reticule instead of the cursor. Unless for some odd reason you were the skill clicker, but at that point you are wasting your own and everyone elses time by the virtue of absolute murder of your dps. Alternatively, as I have mentioned you can keybind toggle, so you can quickly re-enable curcor mode for that partitular case that needed it. Multiple that works, but you paid attention to two, and for soem reason you didn't like it. At this point I am doubting if you are even playing GW2 in the first place. There is no single PvP case, where you can validly just walk out of an attack and avoid being hit at all.. None. Grenade kit is an outlier that is one specific exception to the rule. I am quite confident that necromancer wells did require your character facing the direction, and every other ground targeted AoE can and will either flip your character for the casting, or if that proves for any reason impossible, will throw error of "out of line of sight". The latter one I get fairly frequently myself. I merely pointed out to you, that it already is very easy, you just keep blindly dismissing it, instead demanding that AN sacrifice a serious amount of workhours that could be spent on fixing much more critical issues, on re-enginering control scheme to exact copy of FF14 copy scheme, just because you dislike the tools already provided. If AN does, then I guess that's on them and all power to you, but I find it somewhat unlikely.
  11. Not sure what do you mean there, sure it has some hiccups here and there (the cases I mentioned earlier in the thread where in melee having pressed down LMB for AA sometimes gets interrupted and therfore not loking my direction which causes me interrupting my AA chains by moving), but it is perfectly functional and would definitelly call it "working properly". Except we do know of the benefits, it can do, and there are multiple ways to do it in the game. Also GW2 works tad differently than WoW or FF14 with it's combat system, so there is much less of attacks you can simply run out this way. not in GW2, it doesn't, and for a good reason.
  12. That is incorrect - since the beginning of the game we had boons and conditions that would stack in intensity, and boons and conditions that stacked in duration. The change you are refering to made all damaging conditions stack in intensity. In vanilla design, bleed was dealing less base damage than burning, but would stack in intensity, while burning had higher damage, but would only stack in duration. Bleed was also much more common in sources than burning.
  13. Going off by the title I was thinking that it may be some interesting discussion, about some design issues. But then the OP did not deliver. Celestial exotic gear is easy to get. I do not have all those legendaries that OP suspects everyone has stashes of, and I do not find the game unfriendly towards the concept of gearing of my alts. In every other MMO I played gearing of alts takes much more effort than in here.
  14. WoW token is an item you can purchase for irl money, that can be consumed to extend subscription timer, that can be sold to other players. Basically you pay for it with cash, sell it for gold, and another player get's to have another month of sub without having to pay cash for it. Very similar case to EvE Online's PLEX. Sounds to me like every game with mandatory sub at some point have devised means to allow people to grind for sub, while the cash from subs checks out.... (and yeah EvE is no longer required to have sub to play the game, but they did the PLEX before the whole alpha/omega clone stuff) There is no need for WoW token equivalent, because game has no sub attached to it to be obtained with gold this way, and currency exchange has been there since launch. It works both ways, and allows players to get stuff from gemstore with gold, while people who want to support the game, can get some gold out of it. For same reason ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) sells skillshard packs per map. "Technical" explanation of allowing people convenience of not having to repeat hero point grind on alts, practical one being monetizing sheer human lazyness for additional revenue stream. In all fairness core tyria hero points were kinda pointless outside of gift of exploration (and they are not included in the package anyway since it's expac hps only) since just leveling to 80 gave you enough hero points to unlock all core specialisations and skills, so the only way to spend the thing are especs. And why farm 250 separate hero challenges in core tyria if you can do 25 in expacs? There is hardly a point for a new player to buy those, and the only point for established player to buy them is if they are alergic to pvp or want the hps right away with no delay at all.
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