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  1. I would not count that one as lore inconsistency. First claim is for players who has common knowledge of what "being born" means. Second one is a statement from a character that either knows no better word to name it, or was tired trying to explain everyone met how new sylvari are made, and decided to go for closest equivalent. Option to ask about pale tree by sylvari characters may be an oversight.
  2. There is a side story arc about just that 😉
  3. personally as someone who is trying to build up gh, and only get favor from ocasional wvw challenge mission (we tried to three-man the traiing bounty when that was a thing, didn't quite work out, since then I didn't touch any pve guild mission with a pole, wvw challenge is ez-pez soloable, so I have set preference to wvw only and check every week for challenges) I find material cost much bigger issue than favor cost.
  4. You do realize that you can do most of IBS masteries without ever touching DRMs? actually if you don;t want to do DRM's it get's even better because you don't have to touch one whole mastery line (Dragon Slayer) which means much less MPs needed to do it.
  5. And as I have mentioned in my previous response, the direct result of such a change would be further reinforcement of AoE meta in wvw/pvp. Zerg meta is already alll about non-projectile AoE's even without further reinforcement, and you are asking to further reinforcement of that by stripping any active defence past dodging from countering it. Here you are coming from false premises. no blob is "impervious" to any group that is "twice bigger", that being said whole point of forming a blob is to deny enemy ability to make a "twice bigger" group (due to map caps). Secondly, cloud is
  6. for me it's light gray banners with white names, didn't notice when it changed, red was indeed a bit biting into eyes....
  7. Well it is not like on previous page you've got example of a legit druid in certain fantasy setting doing just that you do realize this appliesto GS too? And yet we already have a medium armor class with a hammer - a scrapper would want to say hi. Bonus points - there was a speculation of cantha spec for rangers to be based off wardens - a sylvari-like plant people who roamed echowald forest, and got really upset with humanity over that jade wind petrification of their homeland. And they commonly used hammers. And I still find your argumentation for how hammer
  8. "can" - is a good word, too bad the animation team didn't get the request to make them so. Animation wise, at least on humans it was huge swing with rotation of whole body, that happened to have "evade" effect attached on it. no different from a brute trying to gain more force into the strike by exploiting momentum. Btw, animation didn't change, they just removed evade from the skill and replaced it with "gain endurance" I would say that if you only look at descriptions of the skill I could see where the perception of elegance would come from. Issue is that none of that potenti
  9. Well yes but actually no - the primary alteration to "core" mechanic of daredevil (even before changing steal to sweep that is just shorter range steal cause muh tradeoffs) is third dodge, and it is gained at proficiency/minor adept level. straight out of the box. Altering how dodges works is a bonus ontop of that - daredevil served here a template for the idea of F4 tome. And still bearer of that trait, scourge, has core necro functinality shift straight out of the box in proficiency/adept minor level.... They wouldn't riot, because everyone used to current setup would alread
  10. erm, no. Sword is sword. it's a hunk of metal that got formed into a shape that form particular function. And for big chunk of history and most sword types that particular function was "Self-defence"/"side arm". And greatswords happened to be swords large enough to find a role alongside primary battlefield weapons - polearms. Some swords are about precision, some are more of a brute force. None of hem are being about "one with the wind" Have you seen maybe pre-rework ranger sword autoattack chain? it was slash, KICK (here goes finese), LEAP (here goes finese again). and of course sig
  11. The idea of making FB only have access to "one" tome has been already discussed on a handfull of times, and the idea of "pick GM trait that alters one virtue into a tome" is not viable - no other Espec withholds core profession mechanic change into GM trait, that mechanic change always occur in the proficiency "trait" The closest viable solution for such a rework that was agreed to last time I have seen that topic raised, would be not touching virtues themselves at all, but instead give an F4 as tome, have it by default have a little bit of everything current tomes do, and then use GM tra
  12. The funny part in all of that is that nothing in nature works like described in here. "Natural" order does not predict any respect to plants, insects, only survival of the fittest. Everything is a food for something and such is a circle of life. But there is some difference in how human works when living in the wild, compared to living in our big cities - but it boils down to not attracting stronger predators to your presence, not to respect some insects. Because hammer is really inefficient at trying to get any wild animal killed, and for those small enough to be quickly killed b
  13. To be precise here, I did that remark on raids, not to paint them as bad or sth, but a bit very well hidden - an excuse to why I tend to forget about details of it 😉 Most I remember at any point from raids story is "white mantle foreshadow", and "White Mantle founder backstory"... You did not said it out right, but you were critiquing the criticism of that statement, and if you take correction on me confusing people when I made the statement, and fix the "you" to "them", then your response does give off that feeling 😉 Also my definitions may be rusty, but wasn;t "po
  14. ah right, the bit of foreshadow hidden in the one only mode where the target audience is not going to care about story foreshadowing. That ain't setup, that's foreshadowing, and even if we count that in, Lazarus has no setup comparatively to aurene post-IBS, and Joko, while faring slightly better is still nowhere close enough. I am not exactly sure what kind of a "single aspect of a story" you are refering in here to here, but the only issue with an all-powerfull being present in the story is how you play around it. And still JOKO IS A VILLAIN. You keep ignoring that. (And
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