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  1. LWS3 gives so far 5 of "boxes" of relevant episode currency at one of tiers for "return to" achievements. For Bloodstone fen this translated into 250 blood rubies, for ember bay it was 250 of petrified stumps, bitterfrost frontier gave 500 winterberries, and apparently lake doric also gave 500 of jade shards.
  2. ok so where to begin.... Firstly, You list is nowhere close to approximate amount of weapons one could think of as separate distinct weapon types that the game does not implement by name. Secondly: Half of your "weapon" list is not even a weapon per say. And that is without going into things like, 2h axes being so indistinct that you could implement 2h axe looking skins for hammer or GS and it would be just about as good as an actuall 2h axe, and the fact that "magic books or orbs" seems oddly fitting with foci weapon cathegory. (where for example binding of ipo
  3. Well I like WvW, but I like PvE stuff more, and I don't have enought time in live for both at the same time which lands me in roughtly same cart as you πŸ™‚ (roughtly because I didn't have PC for beta, and when I got PC for launch I still needed couple months to get money to buy the game itself xD, but I have similar rank, and got unlocked like one of the "easy" ascended bits)
  4. Yeah I am unsure how it looks like rn, but back in the days when I was doing active wvw farms, the most common way to "afk" pip farm would be cap flipping. Basically the cap between the spawns on borderlands would always get flipped on cd, regardless of side, so idea would be flipping it (gives 10min timer) come back to wp, wait for it to get flipped, wait for the cd, flip it again, rinse and repeat. You don't even need to rotate between two camps for the most of it, and camp flip gives 10 minutes bump to activity timer. Tho I doubt anyone has patience to do that for most of the
  5. I am running them ocasionally, but recently I switched to private (to be able to turn on challenges, for achis) and I kind of can't be bothered doing lfg when it scales to be soloable.....
  6. Silver league is where those people that get 5 wins 5 looses on the placement matches land πŸ˜‰ But then I suppose it's just the thing with people up there in plat being much more competitive in mindset and bringing out all the bad stuff out of people (and I suppose with how it works if bot spams sufficient amount of matches, it could mantain it's rank over there, especially considering quality of lower league players ^-^').
  7. Not sure about through gates part but I had quite a number of kills on pre-rework staff, in bigger fights. Tho to be fair that was more due to nobody expecting this much of aoe burns (permeating wrath +staff AA, meant AoE burn with every AA cast in big fights), than staff being particular strong...... But yeah I think the main argument provided with the rework patch notes was that they don't like idea of a weapon mostly used for tagging, with only niche utility of might stacks and swiftness.... In overall case of WvW-related balance changes, I think the pattern was that
  8. I dunno about wolf's stomachs, but I would say that with me just doing dailies in rankeds, I am making relatively faster progress towards legendary armor in scale of time than I did when throwing similar amounts of time at wvw. As for those bots afkers dcers and toxic people - at which leagues are you usually playing? because with my perfectly average silver, I am failing to see afkers, get only handfull of "toxic" people a season, and like one ragequiter a season on average. Can't say about bots per se, because overally I am unable to tell apart bots from really bad players.
  9. if 95% of the armor is unusable due to hair/facial hair clipping, then the other 5% is unusable due to measures implemented to prevent said clipping, like... turning off hair/facial hair. Personally I prefer clipping over game deciding to turn of features despite the fact that with said piece this feature should still be visible.
  10. That opinion is not at all unpopular. At least it does not seem within scope of this forums. And as much as I liked heroes in gw1, and would love to be able to tackle some customisable NPCs into certain bits of content, I simply cannot see implementation of heroes in GW2 where it would make any gameplay sense.
  11. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechnically speaking they weren't kicking guardians from the parties, it was more like, the math people that were responsible for theorycrafting the composition for the next run were not picking guardians to the runs at all. those were highly organized groups after all. Well I would say it was the core of people that ultimately grew and made those benchmark sites, and things like snowcrows happen later on. Snowcrows after all as a website, is run by a guild that specializes in.... raid speed runs πŸ™‚ Just as raid speedrunners are dictating raid meta nowada
  12. Well they are long instances that take alot of time to assemble team for and clear..... But aside from that yeah, more of a me issue than raids issue πŸ˜‰ Employed people with family tends to have much less free time, than the ones whom either are still at schooling/uni period, or are singles πŸ˜‰ And most of raiders I know tends to be mix of both. Yeah yeah small and biased sample size πŸ˜› Good for them πŸ™‚ Last time I kept track on local raiding groups it was still 2+hours, for weekly sitting, with variable amount of encounters act
  13. Ok, let me elaborate on this one - at the moment being specifics of my irl situation leads to the fact that I can't spend "few hurs" in single continuous sitting within any single day of the week. I still play relatively lot, but it goes in short bursts of 30m-1h at a time. And I would very appreciate legendary armor, because it would cut down on the biggest issue I ever had in GW2 so far - gearing and adapting on stats on all of my characters. That being said I am not saying I want non-raid pve armor set, I am perfectly ok with slowly chipping at pvp set as I am alread
  14. Well to be fair I am not saying this was correct interpretation, but more of a feel I have got from that thing. If I were to go arguing to defend that I could try to engage in mental gymnastics to try to say that those two bits are not mutually exclusive, but tbh I don't think I have time or energy to actually defend that probably wrong interpretation of mine πŸ™‚
  15. Sajuuk I may be wrong in here but I think that what Konig meant with that Kormir journal is to show that just saying "oh this book is contradicted by dialogue so let's just ignore it", by supplanting other book within same instance even that gets "contradicted" by the same dialogue. Which isn't moving the goalpost, but rather extrapolate from your argument and try to show that it cannot lead to anything coherent. Forgot the fancy name of that move tho. If I misunderstood the intention, feel free Konig to correct me up there πŸ˜‰ That being said my understanding of the Gard
  16. Frankly to expand on this point, the only reason I don't raid is time constraint - even if we disregard gear, learning encounters etc, assembling a raid squad, and actually getting those wings cleared is multi-hour venture, and I don't play GW2 because I have time for multi-hour ventures on single sitting, I play GW2 because I don't and in most of it, GW2 is very friendly towards people on time constraints like me. And strikes are actually good middleground for that - on paper at least - raid level encounter, but can be run with public MM, and well it's only a single encounter, so
  17. I have two emblems of the Avenger, not sure if they are still obtainable, and I am very curious if it is just going to be useless memorablia item or if they are going to bring any value to it πŸ™‚
  18. You qouted my response to DeceiverX, and attempted to provide counterarguments to my arguments against DeceiverX's claim that guardian "Was overal top performant since beginning of the game". Hence (maybe unintentionally) you implied support to their claim. Also I was not providing "anecdotes of people being kicked" I have actively refered to dungeon speedclearing comps, as during vanilla days that was the highest end of pve content - and every record break attempt run was recorded on YT and you can see which classes were used there. And those comps were usually made by people whom
  19. The ones I have seen were more like "noooooo don't gib wvw rewards, it will bring pve'rs here and they will ruin everything" πŸ˜‰
  20. lack of dps meters, and overal potential misguideness of big chunk of the community does not make an argument to call what was back then a niche class, into a "top performant". Also just because there is no arcdps to parse dps as it happens in applied scenario, does not prevent buildcrafters from running numbers and concluding which combination of classes, stats and skills will result in shortest kill-count - heck that's what people did in preparation for those speed-clear record runs that were so popular back then. And even in those speed-clear record runs in cof, guardian was not
  21. I could get behind this angle of trying to fix it πŸ™‚
  22. I disagree with removal of celestial avatar, it is virtually only thing that sets gw2 druids apart from overdone dnd copy-paste druid/shamans. I could agree with overhauling CA avatar mechanics, as they are a little bit wonky as it is right now, but keep it in
  23. Well they kind of encouraged humans to go on and kill the previous rebel god, so I am unsure if the second one would be all that different....
  24. to be precise it was visible on the map of arah explorable, within the city istelf on the ground πŸ˜‰
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