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  1. For Triple monitor setups, the menus (e.g. guild chat window) are now spread across all 3 monitors. They are suppose to be on the center monitor.
  2. This is the worse balancing decision since gw2's existing. Stupid anet.Revert it back and make other changes instead.
  3. This bug is getting really annoying... the effects disssappears in fractal after you GG too. Anet please fix !
  4. I am not sure you can separate that particular glow effect or have it limited to the weapon if made into an infusion. I just don't get why some items in this game are so rare that you can never get your hands on them. They could at least make those tradeable. Pretty sure they can if they wanted to ;). Currently we have infusion auras around characters. I'm sure anet can create weapon specific infusion auras if they wanted to. Just a matter of whether enough players would want it. And I think there is enough a market out there. It's the same thing with the wvw 2k chest armor skin that spawns t
  5. They really should make the effects of these weapons and the teq one into infusions that can be transfered to other weapons of our choice. i mean they are just base skins of ascended weapons with different colours. if they make the effects into infusions more people will try to get them to apply to their weapon of choice.
  6. Omg anet please fix this NOW!!! Don't leave people stuck on Vision achievement, it is already crazy long. Don't prolong people's agony by leaving a bug there unfixed. Hot patch it NOW!!!
  7. Omg anet please fix this NOW!!! Don't leave people stuck on Vision achievement, it is already crazy long. Don't prolong people's agony by leaving a bug there unfixed. Hot patch it NOW!!!
  8. no its not a difference in angle or lighting. the difference persist across alot of different maps. if you actually take a look at it in game you will see .
  9. Noticed the branded relic backpiece seem to have different colours on different characters in game. Not too sure what the exact dependency is but it seem to varry by race.So far noticed dark purple on my asura and glowing pink on humans. http://oi64.tinypic.com/nnqet0.jpg Quite clearly backpacks can have different colours. Why not give the players the option to change their colours?
  10. Hi,Here is a video of the effects of exordium on a norn . Notice how the effects around the armor of the norn has yellow swirlly lines + glass particle like effects. Both of these effects are missing when an asura uses this Greatsword. This is even worse when the asura is wearing gloves such is the one from the requiem set. Quite obviously these particle effects around the arm need to be scaled differently for Asura characters for this weapon compared to other races.Can you please make the effects aroudn the arm more prominent on Asura characters? Thanks.
  11. Can we please have Mordremoth Dye Kit in rotation in the BLT in the near future please? Feels like its been several years now since that dye kit has been on the market. thanks.
  12. From what they wrote on https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/whats-next-for-guild-wars-2/ , it doesn't give me the impression that its going to be the last wing ever. They said they were polishing the last encounter of w7. It would actually be bad if they dont release challenging content such as raids in the future because that will drive away the more passionate hard core players from the game just like the period before expansion 1. They need to continue to release content for both casual and hardcore players. They need to strike the right balance between these 2 groups of people in order to
  13. This is why players in this game have alot more time to improve their skills compared to other games as getting gear with the right stats is not an issue in this game. Thanks to the more passionate players in the game they make guides for the rest of the community and makes things alot easier to pick up. There are guides for every single encoounter in the game. So it is my firm belief that anyone can get good at this game if they choose to work on it. Anyone can get the current raid based legendary armor if they work on it.
  14. Only if they introduce more CMs to existing fractals and new fractals that requires multiple clears of all levels unlike raid where you can just clear the harder raids once and then repeat the easy ones to get legendary. Having more CMs will make fractals alot more fun. But right now people (e.g. like the person that you quoted) are actually asking for low skill based legendary armor for "casual" players. Having legendary armor locked behind fractal CMs is not exactly something for "casual" players, who only run around the open world all their game life. GW2 is a skill based game, end game it
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