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  1. This is about as likely to happen as the restoration of the Queensdale champ train.
  2. I knew an old pub tag who quit doing it because he got tired of winning fights by numbers. W-keying gets boring in that there's little challenge.
  3. It's the same thing? Howso? Players selling on the TP compete against each other over price. Now you want to add in the game maker which can dictate prices through the gem store to compete with them as well? It wouldn't be a trading post "market" anymore if they did that. Seems quite different to me.
  4. Like I suggested, maybe that is a phase in the life of a game that is enjoyable to some yet does not necessarily mean the game is "ruined". Just natural progression.
  5. Why are you so nostalgic for a time when everyone was new and hadn't yet gotten a solid handle on the combat mechanics? That's a learning phase. Maybe the game isn't so much "ruined" as it is that you simply enjoy learning phases more.
  6. I honestly don't understand the why behind this post. You just don't like seeing requests for certain roles in LFG? Everyone play DPS role? How is removing quickness and alac supposed to remove roles?
  7. It's disingenuous to respond as if your point was that the artwork/animation wasn't copied when you wrote nothing to address that point myself and others brought up earlier. It's still a fact that so many random people who saw the animation and consider it similar enough to be a copy have commented on it. That's usually considered evidence of brand confusion and the reason why lawyers exist.
  8. Yet another person missing the nuance between concept and artwork... *sigh*
  9. "You are not stuck in traffic. You are traffic." - Rise Minion #366
  10. Artwork is always copyrighted and by extension animation is a type of artwork, though maybe not computer game animation. Not sure. I assume you were referring to "game rules" though. Just want to be clear on which part of what I wrote you were responding to.
  11. Another poster provided a link to it earlier. It's in the video of the WoW devs talking about it. They show what appears to be gameplay.
  12. I don't think that's the issue here. Game rules/mechanics can't be copyrighted afaik unlike artwork. Edit: Also I think the OP did a poor job of explaining the matter. It's not the mount concept or the fact that it's a griffon type creature that's the issue. Just go look at the video of how the WoW mount moves. Anyone with a Skyscale will immediately recognize the animation.
  13. That's the point of kits. Always has been since launch. Engineer weapons are balanced around kits. No other class has kits. Elementalist attunements are the closest thing to kits which is why elementalist's other skills end up being more utility in nature than damaging.
  14. So what? The same can be said of rotations from necro, guardian, etc...
  15. Yep. Was just about to post too lel. Valid until: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 23:51:50 GMT
  16. Yes, that could work. All I'm saying is that the 10-man tagless squad may only be a simple extension of existing 5-man party functionality which doesn't seem to have a default creator. They had to give the ability to create 10-man parties somehow for raids knowing that it cost 300g to get a tag. So implementation may not be as simple as we assume. The ready-check would be nice to have even in 5-man parties though. Arguably 5 "r"s in chat is easier for players to manage than 50 "r"s if the context about these features is targeted use.
  17. A lot of assumptions and accusations being made there. Hard to give you serious consideration. Do you really need someone to walk you through the logic that if they tell you a ready check doesn't solve the staggered starts then yes, they have used it before in strikes? The question answers itself. The only reason I don't use the ready-check in strikes is because there already is one when you first enter. When I do use the ready-check it's usually because it's Harvest Temple and we've wiped. If it's a strike like the Shiverpeaks one everyone just runs ahead whether there's a ready-check
  18. Silly or not, it might be the case that the reason why it isn't there is because the underlying tech requires a designated party/squad leader to initiate such a check and there isn't one "by default". It also might not be such a simple thing to implement. Think about the basic party and complaints people have when trolls merge parties and kick out a player who may have started one of the parties. There's no authoritative player and a ready check function is most likely tied to having one.
  19. Going after "any hurdle" is a bad and wasteful approach compared with targeted solutions. I do think personally that some sort of queuing or matchmaking system layered on top of the ability to do private/custom parties/squads for group content would largely alleviate the biggest hang-ups with regards to getting players into group content and making groups.
  20. OK I can see how there was some misunderstanding on my part of what you meant by core. My only comment is that the game does still try to funnel players to dungeons while playing through the Personal Story. Players are also asking for a queuing system like in ESO for group content rather than the LFG tool. /shrug I'm not entirely sure what you think my argument is. I mainly take issue in this thread with the idea that this is a pay-2-win situation to do strikes: "The Average Player can't play Strike Missions correctly without paying 300g." or that "The Ready-Check is the bar minimu
  21. Your question was answered. You think the ready-check function solves the issue of people running staggered into fights. It does not. That's why you were asking, no? You still get some jokers who just go ahead or not paying attention to anything or the group decides it doesn't need to wait for the very last person.
  22. Yes. It hurts those who spent 300g to get the functions that come with the tag. Does it really hurt anyone to require 300g to get squad functions that aren't strictly necessary for group content or accessibility to such content?
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