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  1. I was also thinking at first that the bullet icon was the necro spec, but it could be the bomb/flask as well.
  2. I'm more leaning towards a jade tech spec, not potions
  3. Copied it from reddit. There are several post that did screenshot the picture from the Livestream
  4. Well, they just introduced a 1200 range dagger, that pistol could be close range or long range as well. Just because it's a pistol doesn't mean, that it's 900 range (I really hope that's not the case). And the more I look at it, the more I think we will be getting a second weapon. I changed some colour settings a bit: https://tinyurl.com/e4vhykw
  5. Im curious as well. From the colours I'm guessing we will get a bit of a jade tech infused elite. But something suspicious is definitely the other weapon that character seems to be holding. Well to me it seemed like the Mesmer was holding two daggers, it is confirmed that it only gets Mainhand. But the necro has a green glow like it's holding a second weapon. But how the character holds that weapon is really sus. It seems like a torch or mace to me. And they said, that they were going to break their own rules. So do we get pistol/mace?
  6. Did I miss something? They kinda already have that. At least the 1/2s activation time after pressing the button. If you put a cast time on the skill itself, scourge would suddenly feel super clunky, because you could not use f2-5 anymore while using other abilities. Also the shroud is accessible to every necro spec at all times. Even while you are stunned. If it gets a cast time, you would not have access to it while stunned
  7. This isn't whataboutism. It's asking to treat similar mechanics in a similar way. While I agree that scourge is still pretty strong- I don't know about spvp, as I don't play that Gamemode - in my opinion it's the Gamemode itself that has several issues/flaws. And some of them benefit some classes more than others. For example: Only available Gamemode being king of the hill: - most of the cap points are pretty small which benefits ae spam/denial If there was a capture the flag Gamemode, noone would play necro, because its mobility is basically nonexistent,
  8. Harbinger Shroud is not a DPS trait. Vanilla desert shroud does more damage. (More power DMG and more torment stacks) But instead it corrupts 2 boons and gives barrier to allies as well. But comes with a huge tradeoff: if you have a shade active, you use F5, and place a new shade, harbinger Shroud will not trigger on the location of the newly placed shade. This trait only got introduced because of wvw. Imo this should get a rework. It's in a weird utility/DPS conflict
  9. I think for open world pve, cele gear is fine. (Pretty good stats for a scourge and there's worse stats on reaper and core) In pretty much any other content: meh - meaning: There's better stats to choose
  10. I agree, that everyone can play what they want. There's only one problem. If the biggest part of people is open world pve players. And I believe that most of those players don't even know the word "meta" because they don't care. But on the other side: you can't beat certain bosses in raids, if you don't balance around them. If you don't have enough healing or damage in the game, you might not able to beat them, or it would take hours to kill them (just search for solo kills of some bosses). And I don't think, that was the intention, when they added boss timers of 10 minutes.
  11. Don't worry y'all. Soon we will get even more overpowered elite specs xD
  12. This. I mean. Compare reaper to herald: Reaper: 34k DPS on golem and a lot harder to play than zerker herald Herald: "only" around 28k DPS but brings permanent swiftness, protection and fury for 10 people. can help with regeneration uptime, even if the ticks are low. And brings a big chunk of might (around 20 stacks if I remember correctly). And adds another 2-2,5k DPS from life steal for all ten people with the assassin stance (around 200-250 DPS per player). All while being even more immortal than reaper because of battlescars and the herald heal skill. + It can periodi
  13. Roaming: never run wells, you can swap them in, if you want to capture a camp faster. Things like: spectral walk, Wurm and spectral armor are much more useful (reaper is in dire need of stun reals and mobility because of its kit (bad mobility and very low stability uptime with no abilities to block or evade stuns) For solo roaming, bloodbank is absolutely useless. It only shines, if you have a support with you that's able to protect your "shroud health". Unholy martyr is an insane trait for solo roaming. Nullification sigil is absolutely useless on any
  14. I know you don't want to hear that but: especially condi scourge is kitten useless for roaming after the most recent patches: Your main damage source was torment, but that got nerfed to the ground in pvp modes. As scourge you don't have enough options to make the opponent stand still (only viable option is torch 5) .torment got it's functionality changed, that standing still does more damage - that's even anti synergistic with necros fears It can be viable in small groups that are fighting other small groups, if your group brings enough cc (warriors, rangers w
  15. Sorry, but this is absolutely wrong. Reaper isn't desired and doesn't bring anything meaningful to a group. Damage is comparable to dh, but dh got a bigger burst, more utility and for some cases more survivability. Thats why you would always pick dh or any other power class that does more damage than a reaper. Unless there's some very specific conditions met. That selfishness is absolutely not relevant in instanced content. It's the opposite. You want classes that do insane DPS, while also bringing utility for the group. dh:Blocks and heal (ev
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