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  1. To be fair, this patch, at least on the Necro side, feels like it's only for the leveling experience. Which is fine since you want to make leveling as pleasant as possible (patch goes live on the same day as steam release - I expect quite a lot of players trying the game, if they somehow manage to get some more adds to promote the game and the steam release). The only real thing reaper got was very small buffs to greatsword and shroud. All other changes will only be noticeable in the leveling phase. Maybe we will play staff greatsword, reducing the Teamsupport by providing vu
  2. Anyone that believes, that Necro is easy to play is a little bit delusional. If Necro would be easy to play, there wouldn't be huge gaps in dps amongst necros. For example: I play north-pylon kite scourge at quadim the peerless, and north usually takes the most damage, because we tank in that direction and I even take over the second pylon, after mine gets destroyed. I do 15-16k dps (I only switch out bursting for blood sigill and take healing well) another of our scourges that kites plays parasitic contagion > loosing 3k DPS by doing so, but still only does around 8-9k DPS.
  3. Quickness harbinger also does fury. If you take elixir of risk, anguish and BiP you will have Perma fury, perma quickness and an average of 12 stacks of might If you cripple the build further and play with 100% might duration, you will reach an average of 22 might (DPS drops to ~24k)
  4. Power harbinger can use blight consuming skills. Same as condi: shroud 3+4, consumed blight doesn't jest increase condis, but also direct dmg. 😉
  5. Nah, but Necro already had a pretty decent quickness build.
  6. Probably this. Though you might be able to sneak in an additional staff 2 (2,5,4,3,2) or change the order to 5,4,3,2 so you have 4 and 5 off cooldown a bit sooner to use them after you drop out of shroud. Something like GS > staff 5,4,3,2 > shroud > staff 3,2,4,5 > GS > shroud > repeat.
  7. To quote the 23rd August prerelease patchnotes: "In the immediate future, we want to make sure more builds can be used successfully. In future updates, we'll expand this further by shoring up more support and healing build options." So maybe they will finally make builds like heal Chrono, heal warrior, and healscourge better usable, especially for better groups.
  8. At least we got even more ae. Cause I'm expecting the rotation of reaper to change to something like: use GS skills> use all staff skills > shroud > use all staff skills > use GS skills > shroud > repeat. Use staff skills might even include a double usage of staff 2, because of it's extremely low cooldown. Why they had to give staff 5 a 3.0 coeff? They changed blast gyro to knowdown instead of Knickback, because it kicks out adds of your group, that you might want to cleave.
  9. Once again: we have to see how those changes play out. And it's great that you at Anet recognize that there's issues and that you put out patches a LOT more frequently. But from a Necro standpoint I am extremely disappointed. Will those changes raise power reaper to over 30k Benchmark? Yes. Will it be in 35-37k DPS range? We will see, but I don't think so. -> so it will probably still only do as much dps as supporters do, but actually doesn't bring anything to the group because there were no boons added to core weapons! Also some professions get insane aftercast reductions, r
  10. To add on: now you have to use shroud 3+4, but have a way smaller window for that because you want to use elite elixir before you do so (and the duration of boons gut gutted). And if you fail, you wasted your elite elixir used both mobility skills and will be standing in melee range with zero defenses left.
  11. Yay we will be over 30k benchmark. I am really wondering, if they did these changes and then noticed, that they forgot Necro. Other professions get shareable might on weapon skills Necro (even though some of it ist that useable): no Other professions get insane aftercast reductions of 0,5 or more seconds Necro: no Even though there's relatively long aftercast on: gs2, gs5, axe Autoattack, reaper shroud Auto attack, dagger Autoattack. I absolutely dislike the power coefficient buffs on core weapons overall. And I think that power harbinger will remain unplayable.
  12. All good, but as a tank it still lacks one crucial thing: At least one short cooldown block or evade skill. There are mechanics that one shot you, no matter the damage reduction. All those soft cc skills are great in pvp, but useless in PvE endgame against bosses, because they normally are soft cc "immune" due to the defiance bar. Also if you have to take all the sustain traits, your dmg will drop, which then lowers your sustain from soul eater trait. And a pure tank doesn't fit in the game. Currently you are not just tanking. You always want to compress as many rol
  13. We had metas that lasted for a whole year. Nowadays the meta changes more often. That being said there's still some exceptions: Firebrand being the most prominent one. Especially if you look at wvw zerging, guard in general is the only really good stability source on one character (you can manage to have enough stability if you play certain other classes in combination, but it's much harder to get stability uptime, because they have to communicate and don't see other players cooldown). And who would have guessed, firebrand has been meta in PvE basically since PoF came out. Turns
  14. I do get your point, but where is harbingers utility (without dropping quickness or changing builds/gear)? Sure you can use elite elixir for stability or aegis, but the cooldown is way to high to justify taking out Plaguelands. If I remember correctly that's a 2-3k dps loss. What else do you want to change out? - Blood is power? Probably your best dps skill - elixir of anguish? 100% quickness gone - Elixir of risk? You loose permanent fury uptime - healing elixir? Probably the most interchangable one But taking out one elixir will definetly loose you damage f
  15. Yeah, i'd like to see them putting some more effort into changing Necro, than just adjusting numbers on core weapons like they did for ranger and Mesmer. Power Necro in general needs a serious look at it for PvE endgame. - power corenecro: not playable - power reaper: has potential but the numbers aren't high enough - power scourge: absolutely useless (but great for wvw) - power harbinger: doesn't have any good power weapons, even though there are 3! Power traits. All specs share the same problem: Critcapping, core would have the chance to use the curses trait
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