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  1. My footprints leave black squares on the floor...
  2. The traits, for the most part, are specialized. Some increase attack, others defense and so on. Take for example the second column of Reaper. Soul Eater (damage and healing), Chilling Victory (might and life force) and Decimate Defenses (critical chance). Do you know why you would choose one over the other?
  3. Just in case anyone encounters the same issue as me, as I think this will be my last post about this event: A support ticket will only speak to the GM and a Game Masters is not a game developer, so they suggest you to try the event again and use the forums and the game "Support > Report a Bug" so that Guild Wars developers can see the issue.
  4. I swear that after getting my 100 spikes achievement in the next couple events, I will never do this event ever again! It's just a waste of time and money.
  5. After two weeks of doing this event, because it fails so much, it's draining all my credits. This did not happen when I was doing the Battle of Tarir. Now I lack Karma and Magic to continue my daily routine.
  6. No-no, it's not the entire instance. Just the entrance bridge. This happens on other maps as well but Sun's Refuge is easy to reproduce.
  7. Go to Sun's Refuge and walk in front of the last NPC on the entrance bridge. You can do this as many times as you like, just walk back and forth across the bridge. With DirectX 9 this problem does not happen.
  8. Could someone from the analytics check the event completion rate?
  9. Most people die in the middle (north) lane and don't return because it's a dead event. There is no one using LFG for this event in a week as the reward is too low compared to other events (Battle in Tarir) happening at the same time and the enemies are too strong for just a couple of people to try it out.
  10. It's possible to let the first phase fail and then cheat the next phase, as mentioned by the wiki: Using the skyscale's Blast skill, players can destroy the East Realm Portal, which progresses the event past the bug. It makes the event much easier to complete by a single person and you don't depend on the NPCs, but you won't get the achievements either.
  11. This event should be completed by at least 5 people as it takes at least 5 people to kill the legendary after the event. Even the other event, Junundu Rising, that happens on the same map has more chances of completion than this one mainly because the npcs don't get stuck this often and the monsters there are reasonable.
  12. That event needs to... idk... Elite for just 3 people? Stuck NPCs that refuse to move?
  13. I was playing Black Desert with a game controller and boy, it's awesome! So immersive! When full game controller support is coming to GW2? PS: I know that you can use the Steam controller emulation but it's not nice, it's not the same thing, okay?
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