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  1. Something at least. Or go back few patches ago with the ammo count and it felt more fluid.
  2. Personally, runs fine on my machine. Though I have a higher tiered with a 4090 oc edition gpu. And gw2 in general running strong. However, I am sure the next generation is coming.
  3. Bug ridden chapter at that. Big peeve of mine being at Arborstone .... and you can't place the Lady by the library itself... you put her down on the lowest level then have to go to the upper level and search for books. Like, the layout and plotting of characters were pretty lazy. And the crates were bugged for me, had to log out a few times until it worked correctly. I feel this is a lazy way of pushing content out.
  4. Again, I've done pretty well roaming as an FB. And so have others. Regardless of roaming and group make up. The mantra setup in it's current format is counterproductive.
  5. So, you're declaring because of no stealth, and limitations to disengage (which isn't all that bad honestly), means an FB cannot roam? Yeah, faulty logic. Cele stats are just fine. And there are other stats and rune combinations that work as well. For example, Ritualist. This does not negate the point that the mantra changes have severely limited any FB roamers.
  6. What I've noticed are those who champion this change, usually has minimal experience in the wvw/pvp and not realizing the dynamics these current changes to mantras are causing, including the impacts which increased the limitations.
  7. I roamed pretty well as FB and can win or be formidable in most encounters. My streams demonstrated it when I did for a while before I took a break from it. There are plenty of others who can as well from various servers. So, I wouldn't exactly say "useless." But these changes doesn't do FB's in wvw any justice at all.
  8. In a pve world, management is key, and less impactive. In a wvw situation, especially roaming. This has pretty much rendered it useless.
  9. They hired someone with an anti-FB slant.
  10. Yeah, no. These changes are dumb. Figure something else out. Not articulate enough of an explanation as to why I resent and not support these "reverted" changes? It's about the same as much thought you put in to return to these "preloads." But hey, the animation is nice....right.....RIGHT?! Allow me clarify. Basically it is a ran that I am not in favor of said changes after utilizing the reimplementation of the preloading/loading mantras. In the past, ANET realized this wasn't a good fit, hence why it was removed for sometime. Their return to this systems is a farce and ridiculous. And making it "not fun" as it was part of their principle adjustments in the first place. Also, the comment about animations, it appears to be some peoples' argument as to why they support the mantras in it current state. Pretty Animations > than playability. Also, it is annoying when switching build templates while roaming in wvw and have to redo them all again.
  11. As a roaming FB, it has really restricted the playstyle I have. If I go offensive I hope to kill, if not, then I am plagued with conditions and utilizing my defense skills is severely limited. It will take the brain to adjust. Not the greatest move for the FB. There are better ways.
  12. This is an awful idea, especially for wvw. This would restrict FB's further regarding sustainability and stability. Either for group fights or roaming. I am not sure who came up with this idea or what they are basing it on exactly. But this is going to be counter productive and should reconsider this change to MoL. Might get away with it in PvE, but WvW it will be bad. Not every guardian player relies on "renewed focus."
  13. I hope with tomorrows update, there will be a patch to fix this.
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