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  1. I responded to someone on the subreddit that was saying Dragon's End was too barren and somber. Considering the point of the map it makes sense, so I would like to see more Jade Sea maps, particularly maps that have more archipelagos with rolling verdant hills, sort of like the top right corner of Dragon's End. More things visible and frozen in jade and an atmosphere that perhaps isn't so depressing.
  2. I think I get what you mean now. Information for the expansion is still sparse and is slowly being added over time, and as you said, you only jumped in as it was in progress. XJ-1 meta event is definitely on the more challenging side of things as there is a time limit to make sure people are DPSing, the new pulling mechanic, lasers, the mech arm attacks and of course the large clap / insta-down attack which will defeat any player with poor positioning. You want to look for a white circle with a red arrow over it. If I am recalling correctly, the boss is fought in a total of 4 section
  3. Really? Shift Signet should make getting to safety possible. Even if you are in melee range. This utility alone has given the most mobility the Engineer profession has had, ever. If you are playing with sound on, the NPCs also call out "Get behind something!" I can't comment on the accessibility of this particular event, but since everything is a dark green color, I imagine the event must look awful for color impaired players.
  4. I could see Mechanist working all right for havoc or small groups like a roamer. As @Alcatraz.1957 mentioned, it works well in 5v5 PvP due to the small scale, so taking camps is similar to taking nodes. Think of it as an alternative to Holosmith Roaming perhaps. As it was also mentioned by @ArchonWing.9480, It will likely need defensive stats and the mech needs to be set to passive mode as it will likely get mowed down being too far off and then you're just a worse off core Engineer with no toolbelt skills.
  5. I’m doing about 10 - 11k DPS with a setup that provides that. I’m wondering if that’s good though? Is there a way to improve it even more?
  6. I noticed during the Octovine event that the Mech will not auto-attack the Octovine at all. It will perform commands however, but thats it. It could be due to how the Octovine is considered an 'object' so the game doesn't know what to do with it. This is also an issue with other skills that require a "target" to be used which is unfortunate as it can cut into damage and even the very core of what makes an elite specilization.
  7. I'm curious to hear what Arenanet has in mind for how they want Strikes to function. Are they meant to serve as a raiding 'lite' version that is made to ease people into doing raids? Or is this meant to be the new end game moving forward, period. Personally I think the latter is the most likely, in which case there should be a means of obtaining Legendary quality armor to people that play Strikes regularly then. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but are Strikes also going to give players Legendary Insights?
  8. Is there a specific Arenanet dev that the community can look to as the sort of face of PvP at this point in time? At one time it was Hugh Norfolk when he was still with the company around the time before PoF. If the PvP community had someone like that, communicating what the company has in mind for PvP, things they would like to see change, getting feedback from the players active in the gamemode, windows of when they would like to add or change things, rough estimates for when balance patches will go out and notes on what they want to change and why. It's true that it really isn't i
  9. Another avenue to ascended for the new players that will join with the launch of EoD does sound good. I really couldn't say one way or the other on Legendary Armor though. You're right in that every game mode already has a way of achieving it so it would be redundant to add it. I'm guessing there will be new thematic items associated with the Strikes as well, for example the Mai Trin Strike dropping Aether Blade weapons or some new set like Aether Blade mk II weapon set. It could be a prestiege thing that only the CM of the Strike drop a currency to make said weapon perhaps?
  10. Well unfortunately, what players are rewarded with is the final step in this long and drawn out saga we call the Alliances update. First the Alliances need to go gold, then Arenanet needs to adjust how players are rewarded, then finally they can look at the what players are being rewarded with. Everything in steps. Hopefully those steps come sooner than later.
  11. Of course not. That's why I am wondering what else they intend to add to Strikes moving forward. Mystic Clovers are only valuable to those that intend make any legendary items. So I am asking what other people think would be worthwhile for players. Considering the topic, is Legendary Strike armor a reasonable thing to want or expect? I imagine the new Aurene weapons will be tied to Strikes at the very least, armor however I couldn't say.
  12. Well we now know that Strikes will be awarding discounted Mystic Clovers in exchange for Prophet Crystals on a weekly basis. However that is all we know at this point. I doubt Arenanet will simply leave the rewards at just Mystic Clovers. There is a lot of potential to expand not only the rewards and reward structure of the game in terms of Strike Missions. What sort of rewards should players get? Should CMs offer their own unique rewards? The same rewards but in greater volume? A mixture of standard and CM rewards? What other rewards would players want?
  13. This right here is a better direction to take the conversation. I don't necessarily agree with the the sentiment at the moment but discussing the nature of certain boons, how they function or what can be done to create more engaging interactions and encounters for players is where we want to be. Out of curiosity @Jski.6180, are you talking about hybrid builds when you say "builds not boon / support aimed"
  14. Rangers and Thief are not being used for roaming? That doesn't sound right at all. That is where they excel. I'm more bothered by the fact that they don't yet seem to have a solid zerging build/option. I can't speak from any experience as I didn't try out Specter or Untamed during the last beta much so I am not sure how effective they are there. Did anyone try Untamed and/or Specter in WvW?
  15. Many players are worried about how each of the new specs play and some of the more dedicated players have been comparing benchmarks to HoT and PoF specs. Give it some time. Let Arenanet work on balancing everything. They've obviously been listening to player feeddback and made serveral quality of life changes to both Catalyst and Harbinger alone. Also, let the community sink their teeth into rotations and optimization. Look at Scrapper, that spec came out with HoT in 2015 and it wasn't until gyro reworks in 2019 and the recent Quickness changes that the spec is seeing more highend pl
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