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  1. Sure love being a Thief main. We definitely get a fair amount of attention and focus and our intended roles aren't dropped as soon as they are slightly awkward to implement (still waiting for Deadeye to be a premier PvE might share and DPS option).
  2. 20 tournament wins is not a pretty light requirement sadly!
  3. Yes, that is correct. It would be nice to get reassurance from @Catmander Neko.5643 that we can at least keep using our slumbering legendary trinkets as we do now - one character, multiple equipment templates.
  4. This is really disappointing to hear. While I understand that other systems may take precedence, there have been multiple years in which to work on a solution. It is clear that you are aware that always showing visual effects like these is not good from a player experience since we have the slumbering variants of Conflux and Transcendence. Many areas of the game are going to be harder to play simply due to the visual noise from so many of these trinkets now that they will be available on all characters on an account. Hopefully the fix can come sooner rather than later. There are many of us
  5. What does that mean for people that currently use a slumbering trinket? Will we at least be able to keep using the slumbering trinket as now with multiple equipment templates on one character? It would be really useful to have this clarified as if it is being downgraded to only work on one equipment template on one character, many of us will need to prepare back-up trinkets.
  6. Stating that someone is "new to games" or that their opinion is a "screech" is attacking the person, not the argument being put forward. These are ad hominen attacks. Given that your most recent post contains a number of straw arguments and putting words into the mouths of others, you can edit those too if you want a discussion. Please find where in my post I stated that Weaver is "bad". You'll note that I said no such thing - simply that it performs worse than other easier options and is underplayed as a result. That isn't an opinion. That is a fact which can be se
  7. If you would like a discussion, I am very happy to do so! First, edit your post for the ad hominem attacks and apologise. Until then, all you are doing is attempting to shout people down without addressing their arguments and incorrectly trying to compare balance in a game with no secondary systems, permanent BiS and easy alts to games with gear grind elements and additional power systems.
  8. What an odd concept. You should provide some strong reasoning if you want to make a claim as bold as difficulty not impacting balancing in a game with no secondary system or additional power sources. Using Wildstar as an example for why things that are easier should do the highest DPS is really odd given that the issue with that game was not related to balance in the slightest but rather accessibility to the content via deliberate attunement requirements. Wildstar's demise has nothing to do with sensible class design (or otherwise). If the difficult class can barely do much more on
  9. Lots of people are talking about PvP here. I won't comment on that. However cDD should not be doing more damage than cDE in PvE. cDD has a rotation that makes Scourge look challenging to play, does more damage, brings CC, can switch targets and brings utility. Given the limitations of cDE and pDE, both should be around 40k DPS (with allies) on the golem while cDD should be closer to 35k (with allies). However, I don't think that balance would be achieved by removing dodges!
  10. The boon share of Peripheral Vision was really quite rubbish, mainly due to it being too irregular and there being no controlled way to ensure the boon being shared. I'd rather that Fire for Effect was simply fixed and made stronger by also sharing something like Quickness or Alacrity. As it is, Fire for Effect has to be one of the weakest Grandmaster traits in the game and it may as well not exist after the further nerfs to Condi Deadeye removed the (very bad) Fire for Effect boon share meme build completely from PvP.
  11. Peripheral Vision was removed in May 2018 and replaced with Premeditation as an idea of enhancing Fire for Effect support Deadeye. This followed on from a November 2017 change where the idea was that Druid, Deadeye and Warrior would upkeep Might over a raid group. As part of this, Druid was buffed considerably in Might generation to the point where only Druid was required to upkeep Might in a raid. Warrior's Might output was nerfed, but that was later offset by changes to Banners. Deadeye was also changed but like many Thief changes done in the interest of "diversity and balance" it was
  12. But if you'd really like to see bonkers, and also understand why calling for any sort of nerf for cDE is wildly misplaced, the top performing cDE log (on Wingman) for Siaxx has 89k burst. This of course would decrease in any group with higher DPS from other members. The top performing DH log for Siaxx (again, on Wingman) has 158k burst. The top performing Slb log for Siaxx is at 168k burst. The idea that cDE burst is out of place or too strong is really quite misguided, especially when DH and Slb have been pulling numbers like this for well over a year.
  13. That is because of prestacked venoms as a result of Mistlock Singularity. This is available to cDD too and is not limited to cDE. However, that sort of burst is really not that impressive. Here is the cDE burst from the highest performing cDE on Wingman for Skorvald as of the 08/06 nerf. This is myself and I've definitely had higher burst yet overall DPS on those runs has been lower since opening burst does not define an encounter. That is a burst of 89k - I think you'd currently be hard pressed to reach 100k unless the rest of the DPS were struggling or the CC was slow or instabilities we
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