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  1. okay... Will add: 5. Healing Mist and Autoturrets are a terrible tactics. Quit slotting them.
  2. Here are a couple of things I think some players might not know: You can "claim" a ruin that is already possessed by your alliance, as long as its perimeter is in white. That way you can get credit for claiming a ruin in your own, safer, borderland. You can right-click the chests that appear just above your mini-map. It will open the chest and put the items into your inventory without the window popping up in the middle of your screen. If I think of more (and there are but I haven't had my coffee this morning) I will add them.
  3. So, I made sure I selected the right WvW guild (SHNY - in NA). Was all set for the alliance. Now it appears I've been placed into some random alliance.
  4. Yeah. So afraid it's going to be a long, dull grind. Like fishing. Which I did for all of 10 min before I thought, nah.
  5. True. Anet did make up for our lack of mobility with blocks, reflects, and incredible power...oh...wait. No they didn't.
  6. Sword main hand skill 3 has two closers. Let's me get real close. And let me repeat: Unless you are very, very good I would take you out 1 v 1 with dual swords. It all depends on rotation. I stack tons of condis. Unless you hit me hard right at the start and take me out, you will die from the conditions. As I've said, works well.
  7. Well, I dunno. How many thief stun breaks are insta-cast? How many other professions have a stun break that needs to be set up beforehand? And that setup takes 1 and 1/2 seconds?
  8. Works well chasing down roamers in WvW. Only issue is with really good, constant stealth thieves. Everything else it works well.
  9. What? I have never given 2 craps if someone does or doesn't have a Legendary weapon of any generation. Do you feel this is some sort of status symbol? That it makes someone with a Leg Gen 1 special or something? Who cares about "exclusivity"?
  10. Yeah. Just did Map Completion on 4 of my other characters just to get more Gifts of Exploration. Sooo tedious.
  11. I did that. So far have crafted 3 Quips (kept 1), 1 Juggernaught, and 1 Predator. All to sell 🙂
  12. Me too. Not sure why the confused emojis on your post. Can only surmise people with reading comprehension issues.
  13. Actually, it appears that sitting on the throne nets you an achievement. I just wanted it to be all over and didn't do that
  14. Possible Spoilers: So, after you start this chapter by talking (unskippable dialog for the win!), you have to do a bunch of random stuff that you've already done before to get to the next stage (so not really "new" content). Then you do a couple of generic fights. Then you face Eparch. 10 min later everything is done. The longest parts are the random stuff you have to do before you can get to the 2nd stage, and talking to everyone (some more unskippable dialog...yay!) and discover points of lore while the credits roll. That's it. Without the random stuff to fill the green bar, this whole chapter is done in, what,. 30 min tops? But now we have to do a meta to progress back into the citadel we just successfully attacked to get a mastery point, View point, and some points of interest. Yikes.
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