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  1. I don't raid. Never have. It's not that I am intimidated by the content - far from it. I just don't have the luxury of playing this game on a set schedule. Raiding requires you to coordinate the schedules of a large group of players. Perhaps I could just jump in and LFG at any time, but why would I - doing that even in fractals usually ends in frustration. So, to the OP's point - I don't think they should make raids more accessible - but I do agree that more open world content should allow you to get legendaries. Raids are difficult, but really, to get a legendary in PVP and WVW is not d
  2. When was stab ever on Shroud other than Infusing Terror (Reaper shroud)?
  3. Um. Not sure how I can spell it out more clearly, mate: I don't look at the achievements panel - except recently to get this legendary. I don't anaylyse achievements, I don't care about them. In fact, the only time I notice that I've completed an achievement is when I get the reward for it. Always comes as a surprise. Oh, I did, once, check the Yak Slapper achievement - just to see how many I needed to complete it. My bad. Forgot about that one. It's been so long.
  4. Thanks. But I will explain why I didn't know that...I have never given a crap about achievements in this game...well...any game. I've never followed one, I just do stuff, primarily WvW. I do the story, but only to complete the chapters. Just checked my Achievements panel and lo and behold I have a bunch of things I could do but haven't. But this one has a Legendary tied to it. So that's why I started following it closely. Never knew that about "current" tier vs "completed" tier until recently.
  5. Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but when do people ask for specific meta combinations? In Raids? So, like 1% of the population (I'm guessing, of course)? Again, agreeing that there will always be preferred stats, but I've never come across someone demanding certain metas. As well, how would someone know. I could easily tell them my stat combo is such-and-such. How would they know?
  6. You don't. But that's what I meant when I wrote it: I pictured a bunch of people standing in a line to sign something. That's all. You are correct, however, probably would have made more sense to use "cue".
  7. Well, no. I meant "queue" as in a line of people - though structurally I could have used "cue" as in prompting a response, I guess.
  8. Yeah, that would make sense. But I see it used on posts that are quite clear and concise, and are right on topic. Which, ironically, is confusing.
  9. Anet and the AWS servers won't have anything to do with packet loss. That's on your end. Specifically, either your ISP's end OR you have a misconfigured router/modem - perhaps your MTU is the problem. To check that, go to a command prompt and type: ping www.google.com -f -l 1492 Note: you can use any website If you see the message: Packet needs to be fragment but DF set Keep lowering the number (I use increments of 10 at first) until you get to one that doesn't show that message. Then go up until you get to the highest number that doesn't show that message. Your MTU sh
  10. So, what do people mean when they select the "confused" reaction? Do they mean that the post was unclear and they couldn't figure out what the poster meant? Or does it mean that the post had too many words with more than 2 syllables and/or complex words? I see it used quite often and wondered what the general intent was: because from my perspective it speaks more to a lack of comprehension of the person reacting than it does the quality of many of the posts on which I see it used. But maybe it's being used for a different reason. ....oh...and queue the comedians who will use the "
  11. No, but the fear here is we will be forced to fish...incessantly. No one is forced to PvP. No one is forced to do Raids. But all we've seen of EoD, other than three Elite specs, is fishing and skiffs. There are those of us who are concerned that fishing will be mandatory for story progression somehow. I hope not, but you never know.
  12. It just seems so time consuming. With a mini-game thrown in. Unless the rewards are huge, I can't see me partaking except to complete whatever is necessary for map completion.
  13. So, in the weekly drops we've been getting there was a Black Lion Weapons Voucher. I am surprised it has a total of 1 pistol. Lord Caudecus's Pistol Skin. That's it. Does this not seem odd at all?
  14. Nah nah. They'll be called: Guild Wars 2 - The Dragon Awakens <--- which will basically see the same plot as vanilla Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 - The Last Dragon <--- which will butcher the story of a beloved hero and be largely incomprehensible in tone Guild Wars 2 - The Rise of Dragons <--- New, secret Dragon powers, with dead dragons returning in ghost form
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