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  1. Its an old quirk of the UI design, as a way to make damage floaters less messy. One problem I have with pretty much every game other GW2 where damage floaters are present, is that as combat ramps up in late game, the number of damage sources is borderline spastic..... Even looking at WoW, its dozens of damage ticks on the screen going off between the various individual skills ticking away. What GW2 does is consolidate whats normally combo or multi-hit attacks from a single source add up to give you the total. This runs alongside how the tool tips have condensed damage total
  2. To understand why its never been fixed, you have to understand the underlying problem. In short, any skill with pathfinding breaks because Octovine's anchor point is underground (which is what pathfinding is trying to reach). To make up for this, it has a large hitbox around the model so most line of sight projectiles skills can still hit it. Cleave will also still hit it for obvious reasons. I suspect fixing it requires rebuilding the enemy's hitbox and metrics......which may be a map asset, and not a usual enemy type. Think Bonewalls, or Vines, which are also partially un
  3. Pact Commander Mastery -> stock pile Pact mapping materials -> wait for high value mat rotation week -> use tokens for much materials. Then either use mats or sell to get other mats, depending on market price. Laurel Venders have T6 Mat bags Champ bag farms (which can give T6 Mats) Farm gold and buy mats Promote T5s to T6 (pls research cost effectiveness first) If you're doing this for Legendary Crafting- Lucky clover forging fails into T6 mats, which can help contribute and headstart if done before pursuing other requiremen
  4. Thats why they're farming strikes instead of raids. That or the Raid community are terrible...... allegedly. (stares at quote)
  5. Its specific to each skill. Some stack in either potency or duration, others don't stack at all. In the case of non-stacking effects, the strongest version takes precedence. Banners, for instance, don't stack. The second question is confused. Both of those skills are both fields and Collisions objects. Collision objects are processed in order to impact. So a projectile passing through both runs calculations as if it hit 2 different targets. Field effects operate on a different logic. They pick up to 5 targets (at random) within the field to apply its effec
  6. CA's real problem is that it has all of Death Shroud's problems, but none of the benefits. In order to use CA, you need to meet 2 requirements IN FULL: Off cool down, and full CE. That second requirement is what hurts its work flow. When fully drained, CE takes too long to rebuild without a large group to generate healing off of. When not fully drained, the cool down timer makes popping it for one skill a huge waste. And even when in CA mode, the skills VERY clunky and inflexible for such a huge commitment window. This whole situation be explained in the parallels to Ele C
  7. I kind of disagree with the statement and premise, but want to modify the statement that Ranger's don't have skill ceiling problem.... they have a power cap problem. I've found that Ranger as a class is "stupidly complicated" to perform actions that have very basic pay outs. It requires very specific rotations to make any competent use of its traits, and the output of that effort is mediocre when its working correctly. I am 100% convinced this is intentional, since every other spec this designer has worked on, all suffer from this basic issue of highly conditional trait triggers that outpu
  8. Yes and No... kind of. The meta comp tends to look down on support hybrids given the last 2 years of balance passes have forced builds down really niche paths. But this pick isn't particularly new. The Condi Druid is technically a DPS slot; but can operate as a secondary support for short periods or in situation where a team needs to split and still needs the buffs given.
  9. Perhaps... but Mesmer is way more dynamic. A Juggernaut Reaper is stable, but thats also its biggest draw back.... it can get incredibly dull if you're not already moving with purpose. Mesmer has a higher risk factor, but that danger keeps you on your toes. Makes you think more about engagements, how to use your skills effectively, more mentally stimulating, and makes you popular with all the Pugs given the variety of assistive skills in your arsenal, that aren't just kill stealing in the process. When I'm meandering around OW I usually leave one utility slot free to drop
  10. Plus Flesh golem is way more entertaining with its Charge attack being both hilariously potent, and relatively short cool down.
  11. For the sake of argument... lvl 80 is the only context that matters. So stating level is kind of a moot point. Same goes for gear, since the difference between Exotic and Ascended is not enough to be a deal breaker for the math in 99% of build. As a side bar: Most of us just assume ascended gear with no infusions, since (over time) full ascended gear is relatively easy to get with all the available sources from LS3 and onward. Quick side note... the reason you don't see the bleed duration bonus is because its contingent on Fury. On the second bar at the top theres a list of
  12. Ok to kind of demystify this...... theres a non-specific quirk of the game's equipment and upgrades where Duration is easier to obtain per option then Condition damage (which is only given as a stat bonus). https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Condition_Damage In short... flat bonuses tend to give better yields then stat bonuses, due to how the Devs balance those numbers. So if its a choice between 10% duration vs 10% Condi damage (which is always as a stat): the duration bonus scales better (automatically 10% more damage overall), because the Condi damage stat has to dea
  13. High stacks don't change the total damage output. The numbers just look bigger, because its condensed into fewer ticks.
  14. Silverwastes spawns are both randomized and linked to the map's meta status. Basically if you wanna maximize your chances, you need a map willing to advance the fort upgrades, as that directly increases the chances of the Legendaries spawning. Otherwise, you'd just have to bum around and hope RNG eventually scores, and that enough people care to come help kill it within the time limit. I don't know how active SW now since IceBrood saga has a lot of farms pop up since its introduction. That said... you can always pay for a fractal carry to knock out the majority of those p
  15. Ok, to really understand this part of the culture, you have to become familiar with a couple things about the overall design of the game. The game caps your level at 80, and that all Gear (regardless of rarity) are scaled based on level. There is NO random element to gear stat numbers. The Devs also balance the majority of content around Exotic stat magnitudes. Ascended and Legendary gear are only +10% total over Exotics. All of this was done with the intent to flatten the gear system, and prevent a BIS gear treadmill...... which was one of several reasons the Anet devs origina
  16. Since it seems no one here knows.... let me tell you the tale of the Composer and the Story teller. In a time long ago, when the ages of Tyria were slightly younger then they are now, there existed two muses. Neither Gods, nor dragons, nor mist walker, they are more primordial than primordial. Storyteller was tasked with compiling the history and future of this world. In pictures, in writing, thoughts, fears, hopes, all that is and all that will be. And to the composer was tasked to give that story a voice. Every emotion, every sensation, a tangible quality to which the writ
  17. Condi is a waste of time for "strictly PvE'. 80/20 Zerk/Maruder split and Power damage builds. You must be asking yourself "what about weaver? its got condi". Weaver is Hybrid. Burn Holo, Firebrand, Condi Ranger, all hybrids. Vipers gear? Got power damage. Zerks anything will knock most enemies down in under 2 seconds. Anything that lives you just unload, kite then unload again on cool down. Simple, cheap, efficient, doesn't require constant upkeep- and nothing like full condi. You know who went full Condi? Shortbow Renegade. Some of the Highest DPS in the game.... but on
  18. You're operating on misconception. Most games tend to operates on a linear power progression, usually entirely vertical. Guildwars 1 and 2 is designed mostly around Tournament PvP, so the leveling process is incredibly fast, and power designed to plateau once you hit level 80 (which has NEVER been raised, nor the lvl 20 cap from the first game). The entire Core Content block for PvE was created as a way for players unwind between PvP competitive season, and used generate resources for WvW guilds. PvE was never its main focus, but intentionally made expansive and interesting enough to keep
  19. It really depends on how good you are as a player with certain build types. Thief and Ranger have the highest potential for Kiting, but building them for damage leaves a very small margin of error against the kind of damage Champs put out in POF. Necro, Warrior and Guardian have the best options for sustain at melee range, but their damage to durability ratio varies heavily, and specing too far away from damage actually makes fights harder. Ele and Mesmer are strong damage options, but the way their builds scale when not running pure glass requires a higher level of player knowledge to wo
  20. First, before we get any deeper...... Servers no long matter outside of World vs World. They removed the logical barrier between "worlds", and upscaled the game's overflow system to become a unified "Mega server". When a map gets full, the game simply spawns a new shard of it, and sends incoming players to it. When people move off, the shards count down and expire, and move any remaining players to another active shard. The only reason WvW still uses worlds, is it being a major organizational unit in match making. But this too is going away in favor of Guild Alliances, as the "world
  21. I've been meaning to buy that game. Is it good? The game itself is a parody of the entire fantasy genre.... so expect everything from stupidity to blissful camp. Mechanically its by far one of the best magic systems every thought up for an action game..... but its design also makes it one of the most chaotic systems to use under pressure. Spells are cast by invoking a sequence of spell elements (11 total, and 3 of which are combinations of 2 elements), which outputs 1 of 2 types of spells based on how its constructed. Each spell element has a set of traits associated with it, such as da
  22. To build on whats been said in the thread so far, Necromancy's social standing falls into this purposeful blind spot shared with a modern Mortuary, or Undertaker in older times...... As in People don't like to think about, but their services are important to the flow of society. The day to day job of a Necromancer revolves around caring for grave sites and shrines, handling services and rituals involving the deceased, investigating super natural phenomena, and laying the smack down on those that would cleft the delicate order of the Cosmos in twain!!!!! Humans have long feared death, and
  23. What if E part of a split personality in another character? But who would be the Edward Norton to E'sTyler Durden ?
  24. Wiki: "Foci are primarily used by scholar professions and are characterized by having powerful defensive skills and utility"Grimoire would be offensive instead.Some RPGs grimoire is a weapon, nothing unusual. Some movies and tv shows too. List of RPGs with Grimoire:Aura KingdomEden EternalFinal FantasyA lot... But thats being a little dismissive of how the mechanics and lore in THIS game operate. How do you separate it from Staff, which is 2 handed, highly associated with magical classes, and lacks the benefit of a physical application? What makes it different from the 1h magical weapons? Y
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