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  1. Takes them an hour, because they only sort their inventory once a week, I guess.
  2. Tough answer for me. I had quit the game and wasn't really playing when HoT came out. The expansion announcement didn't interest me, and I disregarded it. It wasn't until Living World Season 3 episode 4 came out that I decided to check things out (and I missed out, I admit). Conversely, I was very excited for Path of Fire and pre-ordered/played on launch. Factions was my favourite region/campaign in GW1, so I am very excited about that. That said, LWS3 story was so good that I was hyped for the PoF story. I strongly disliked IBS from the get-go, that I'm not very into the story any m
  3. So.. like... just buy some gems, convert to gold, and then you've got the gold to pay for waypoints purchased with gems - your very own waypoint pass.
  4. Heads up, you can right click your build at the top and select "copy build template" and it will give a shareable code that can be pasted into chat and people can see the traits. As for Thief, I can't speak much to it. Not a class I'm very good at / find that interesting. That said, from my understanding D/D is really more of a condi set (may be misremembering though?). You may do better if you swap that out for staff and spam #2. Have you tried something like: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Daredevil_-_Power_Daredevil ?
  5. One of the downsides of the build system used in GW2 is you'll have people who struggle to complete story bosses that take others less than 10 seconds to kill. Other games (i.e. FFXIV, WoW) won't have this issue, as the range in possible builds is low and thus the difference in DPS in players isn't as large. I recommend looking up some builds for your class - there are plenty of sites/guides out there.
  6. I was doing WvW as my primary game mode this past week, and GW2 as my primary hobby this week. It was more than a 'couple of hours'. I spent many hours on the weekend and 1 to 3 hours a day during the week. I physically did not have more time to devote to it. It wasn't like, ah I'll go play Halo, or I'm going to spend hours farming Drizzlewood, it was like, ok gogogogogogogogo farm wvw as much as humanly possible (as I said, I woke up at 4 am on more than one occassion to do so), and I still did not cap. I also want to add that my point about capping pips was more a side-comment of my ori
  7. Ah, thanks. I have never worked to cap either of those, so I cannot speak to it. My best comparison is my experiences in WoW and FFXIV to GW2. In FFXIV, usually you can be done your caps within about 1-5 hours per week, depending on where in the patch you're at. With WoW, caps are usually quite fast, and weekly lockouts tend to have some sort of mechanism to give the best reward quickly (i.e. Great Vault first chest is after 1 M+ run only, if you want to work for more you're capped at 10 M+ runs). Conversely, in GW2, I spent hours on the weekend, every day after work and several days
  8. started playing wvw after years of playing (started in early access) for the purpose of getting legendary armor. I'm actually having a fun time in wvw and I didn't esxpect it. Play for rewards and it works out, go figure. I would say that I think the payout of skirmish tickets is a bit off. To cap weekly, you need to play wvw way too much, and beyond that you get a faster rate of return the more you play (until your cap). This reward structure is the opposite of every other tried tested and true reward strurcture in every other MMORPG (that gives the best reward at the beginning wi
  9. Would love it if we had more UI scaling / position options. Playing on 1440p with chat set to large, and still need to squint to read it. So, i set my UI scale to large and now everything's fine, except my inventory covers the entire screen. I'd love it if I could control the chat scale (and various UI elements) separately.
  10. Considering build diversity and use is one of the best parts of GW2, it's sad to see it took so long to get here and even sadder to see the implementation to be so... botched? Charging for extra templates seems like a poor decision, especially at the costs and limitations that you've put in place. It's likely not a good financial move either (as you're upsetting a lot of customers for the whales), but I'm obviously no expert on that. I'd much rather have seen this be a core built in feature that doesn't cost more to get slots. I say this as someone who has no issue spending money in the gem st
  11. The rewards aren't lucrative unless you get the big payoff, but I'm not sure it can be argued they are out of line with the amount of effort required to obtain them . . . Would rather a guaranteed reward via currency or something tbh
  12. Voted don't like them, but the only thing I don't like is the rewards. I felt that I wasted my time the few times I went in there. It was OK to check out, but so no reason to return.
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