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  1. The way he asked for changes might have been not really productive, but the place was not entierly wrong, as staff is really hard to play with the new specc catalyst as does not really have a proper amount of finishers and therefore to make the weapon useable it would need a rework. I dont see how the class mechanic of the stat boost is realized on dps with staff at all. I also dont see how in general dps is reazlized to work with catalyst on staff, or what niche staff is planned to cover on catalyst. On both tempest and weaver staff is at least useable as dps or support, generally all weapon
  2. It's extremely weak on their end. What a joke.
  3. Im wondering what wizardry you do to get the pwrsistent flame on hammer... It's the only weapon that simply cannot trigger this buff. And yes, whirls should be whirl finishers. And the grand finale should be a projectile finisher, or 1-4. And all the buffs should just have double uptime. We dont need even more stress than weaver. Skill ceiling would be the same, but the floor would be down, which is a good thing. The attribute stack should be easier to upkeep or the trait should dou le the effect at any time, not just max stacks.
  4. Now I want them to change signet of earth so much to vita....
  5. I see me using Cata exactly for this, open world content. The issue many of us have is that cata in raid will most likely play far more extreme than weaver with much higher losses if you kitten up the smallest thing. This is what cata in raids will play like in it's current form: (3) Gw2: Condi Hammer Catalyst | 44.2k (46.7 with Elementals) - Huge Hitbox - YouTube You might even agree that that's not what you would want, even though you like the specc overall, which is good to hear some do 🙂
  6. Really? This is your argument? Here we go again... Insane Mushrooming (streamable.com) I used utilities this time (only instantcast ones to keep the skillfloor REALLY low), still only one weaponskill and still faster even with some major hickups.
  7. Hahaha I don't actually play this spec. I just saw ppl posting Hydra and Mushroom challenges and was like "do ppl think that's actually a way of showing that something is viable?" But I guess they more wanted to show how cool it looks (which I agree, it does!). To be honest Cata is the definition of complex is rewarding, at least in raids. The skill floor of that specc for dmg is probably a new level. I just dont think that ele desperately needed higher skill floor for dmg. I dont mind a high skill ceiling, but upping the floor feels wrong. But that's just me.
  8. I agree it looks hard to execute and very flashy and it's probably hard to see anything behind that visual noise it creates. But then this here is core ele just using basically autoattack the most of the time doing it faster Mushroom Challenge (streamable.com) which might show the problem: hard to execute, still not really a lot of dmg.
  9. This is intended. In almost every spec you would prefer a 4th utility skill over any elementalist elite skill. So as the cata utility skills are probably the worst so far, the elite had to step up and be even worse than what we are used to. Perfectly balanced and in line with the overall class concept 🤡
  10. The fire field from tempest overload triggers it though, doesent it?
  11. The fire field from the jade sphere does not trigger persisting flames dmg buff -> hammer is the only weapon that is 100% not able to use any useful fire GM trait....
  12. It all feels like a race against losing stuff. This is negative motivation. You want REWARDING FUN GAMEPLAY, not punishinng. Why not make it differently: The jade spheres burst of energy when you release them, losing energy until only the combo field lasts (and does not vanish) but the buff and dmg are no longer present. When you change elements the new element has full effect and again starts to lose energy, repeat. Using the f5 replaces the field with full energy. Hammer 3: The buff should hold longer and there should be 2 different buffs: 1 gives the rotating sphere, l
  13. The problem with the "class x is just harder to play" is it leaves the "i play this for style and theme" players out of the table. And that is in a game that is all about estetics. I do not like to play necro, i just dont like the death theme. I like mages, elemental ones. That being said, I dont have problems doing all the content with it. I cannot reach 38k benchmarks on golem, but I can easily do >30k so Im fine for every pug. But I still think it would be better to flatten it out a bit while bringing overperforming speccs/classes a bit down. There are perfectly viable builds
  14. I thought about this a lot and I think there is a world where both could exist. Weaver could be changed so the 8s buffs last 12s to 16s. Also, some dmg could be reshuffled from skills that are hard to reach to easier ones. Also make the autoattackchain more forgiving, on condi the first two fire swings do no dmg, the last everything. I agree the last one must be the strongest, but not by 10 times, 20% more would be enough. This way the best player would do the same dmg as now, but the more chill ones would have some easiery non piano playstyle. This is only a example, but stuff like this
  15. We have not seen the first minor trait that gives the weapon. Also we dont know the attunment swap CDs, not sure if they are core or modified.
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