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  1. Energy is a pointless mechanic, no reason for it to exist, per-attunement CD already fulfills the necessity to limit field use. Hammer also a pointless weapon, its only niche is PVE tank/spank fights, and only gets used because quickness. Garbage weapon.
  2. I was so disappointed by hammer I quit the game. It was just *that* bad - i couldn't find the will to play the game anymore.
  3. I enjoy your content a lot but have to hard disagree that hammer is "actually decent". It's a worse version of sword basically, whose only possible niche in WVW is a cele-based roamer, a space that sword already fills really well. For the life of me, I can't understand WHY Anet would choose to give Ele another melee-based bruiser weapon after the last expac added one. Sword and hammer now directly compete for the same design space, it's super dumb. Thing is, if they had actually gone all-in on the concept of a 600 range caster hybrid, it probably could have worked, but
  4. PVE only changes. sorry but i don't much care about PVE. Please fix hammer so it's useable in WVW. It really irritates the kittne out of me that Catalyst was created without any regard for WVW players who've already been playing staff/sceptre/dagger for 9 freaking years.
  5. yes this is the worst expac by far. most of the elite specs have no appeal for me, and my favourite class (Ele) got IMO the worst-designed, least-useful weapon in the game (hammer). I was already getting bored of the game and Ele hammer just has absolutely no value in my preferred game mode (WVW). Outside of hammer, Catalyst is just core Ele with a field. I feel like the expac has very little actual content and is little more than a vehicle for monetising gem store skins for skiffs/fish rods/jade bot/turtle, which irritates me to the max. expac so bad I gave up on
  6. actually D/D catalyst is actually pretty good. hammer was garbage except vs raid golems, and now post-nerf it's garbage everywhere!!!11
  7. That's the thing. Hammer IS the Catalyst's identity, because if you don't use hammer, you're playing core Ele with 1 extra field, it sucks (read: sucks because many of us have been playing Ele since release and have played core Ele to death). Which brings us back to hammer as the core problem of the spec because it's just Sword again in disguise, which is to say, it's only really playable in a tiny fraction of the game - raids/golem benchmarks and AB duels. I would be overjoyed if they could just add a few more ranged skills to hammer such that it didn't totally suck in my favourite
  8. I don't think the meta is too hard, it's more a case of needing a full map of semi-decent players with decent gear... which is hard unless you're part of a mega guild. I would prefer NOT to nerf the difficulty but rather to hjave the boss "soft enrage" instead of a hard time limit to complete. ie, instead of just losing at 00:00 the boss gets harder (and/or the rez WP is removed) and then at 02:30 over the time limit, harder again, and then full wipe at 05:00 over. That way the baddies can die off and get carried by those remaining if the fight is close. Also having zer
  9. This. Earth shield is way better. Even the elite augment is kinda bad in practise cause staff weaver is way better than staff catalyst and that was really the only place where resetting your current attunement CDs was potentially really good. Double ride the lightning is alright ofc but it's not any better than Fiery Greatsword, and FGS has other applications besides. The stunbreak augment and heal augment are potentially usable, but all the other augments are just flat-out bad, or worse versions of existing things we already have.
  10. Why not? What was the point of making hammer at all if it only gets played for raids and benchmark videos and basically just makes Sword obsolete?
  11. I don't want hammer buffs, I want hammer CHANGES, so that it can be viable in WVW. This means adding some more ranged skills and making the AOEs more impactful, cause right now even the ranged skills on hammer SUCK in WVW. Make fire 5, earth 5, water 2 into 600 range cone AOEs. Make water 1 a 600 range projectile. Rework all the 3 skills into something actually useful.
  12. Actually I think dagger catalyst isn't terrible in WVW, though tempest is better. However, after nearly 10 years of playing dagger, THE LAST THING I could possible want is to be forced to play dagger for another 2 years because the design team weren't capable of making a weapon that is at least minimally viable in all 3 major game modes.
  13. I hate hammer, really really hate it. Mainly because it's just another melee weapon that's EXACTLY LIKE SWORD. No amount of number tweaks will make it more appealling, it will just make sword more obsolete. I particularly hate that fire/air have ranged skills but earth/water doesn't. The only possible way you can stop me hating hammer is to make it into the hybrid ranged weapon it should always have been. In practise this means reworking a few currently melee skills into ranged skills. I would like to see earth 5, fire 5, and water 2 made into ranged skills, maybe cone AOE
  14. TBH who cares what the weapon is, it's just a skin. The only thing that matters is having an interesting and unique new weapon that differentites itself from existing weapons. Hammer doesn't do that, it's just sword with a few new animations.
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