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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you. Wish you had nice presents.
  2. I want my "Champion Ritualist" title.(Condi Renegade...)
  3. Ofc we should have : ReindeerCandy caneAnd the most important one => Palawanta Joklaus ! (Joko in a wintersday outfit)
  4. We asked them to finish Revenant... I think they misunderstood the meaning.
  5. It's because :1) They don't know how work our class.2) They uses dices do make changes.3) They want the class to died so they will be able to delete it. It's been 2 nerf to power revenant and one to condi rev (like others condi class) so I expect that the next patch will be a condi rev nerf....Let's say : Changing "Rampant Vex" (torment on crit)... the only way for kalla/sb to apply torment sustainably, because it's working like the regretted "Mutilate Defense".
  6. It's just that Anet want players to stop using Revenant.So each patch they search for "How to disgust players about the Revenant". "Wells skills with health bar and CC-able ?What a great idea, they will hate it !Anet."
  7. How to improve it (functionality, not numbers) :Skill 1 (AA) : Okay for me, no change needed. Skill 2 : Arrows miss moving targets and ground/obstacles prevent from hitting.= Change positioning of the portals from which the arrows come out : All in the back of our foe and slightly upper his head for arrows to not miss (arrows from side often miss their target) and to not be blocked by ground.Skill 3 : Arrows are cancelled if they appear on a wall when we fight in a corridor so only 1 or 2 arrows travels to their target.Arrows follows the ground, so they often go in an obstacle and miss targe
  8. I like the SB (I don't take mace + axe anymore). But, I must admit that it's a bad weapon.AA is ok.Skill 2 : there 1, or sometimes, 2 arrows that miss. Ground is problematic and can nullify the attack.Skill 3 : is the hardest skill to land on this entire game. A single step make you completely waste the skill. And like skill 2, ground and walls are a problem.Skill : 4 is slow, so you need to use #5 just before to knockdown your enemy or you will miss. And you can't use it without line of sight.Skill : 5 is decent, i like it. So, the skills have real problems. We don't have any evade or movemen
  9. Just to say, you can't have all.Only 2 legend not 3.Cleansing Channel is on the Invocation trait line, Eluding Nullification on Redemption.Kalla don't have any cleanse, and the heal can be cc or killed.Jalis heal has a 1s cast time (it is slow).Ventari cleanse has a 25 energy cost, that is a lot.
  10. Well, I'm sure there still things Aurene need to learn.And actually we have never ride her, so we need to train for that. ^^
  11. Yeah, everybody knows that film. But it's great... and this dragon is just too cute.Scenes are amazing and the artwork is such beautiful. I'd like to see a reference in the game... a "How to train your dragon" achievement :3
  12. I solo'd Arah because I disconnected from my group. I figured, "Why not?" I went in with my Mesmer (full exotics) and played really friggin smart. It's completely possible and I consider myself an average player. Yeah, well, I was away for a few years so I was not aware that Arah has been made solo-able during that time. So I've tried it right after the OP's post... done it without dying (renegade sb).A little too easy B)
  13. Really ? That part of the story is no more a dungeon ? :oI was not aware of that.
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