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  1. Boo, a trait that has existed for so long needed change? If anything, give Rock Solid another addition-- Stability Grants Crit Immunity Then Change Stone Heart Completely -- When Critically Hit, grant yourself Barrier
  2. That plus prot on aura would be pretty OP. Add stab to Earth Attunement and you're golden
  3. Lololololol! DH was pretty meme before against newbs. Now it's just a meme to itself
  4. I've thought of this. Balance is inherently a problem, more in MAT rather than ranked. As teapot mentioned in his videos, Ranked has higher carry potential with various builds due to ranging levels of skill amongst the player base. Whereas MAT will always favor a small percentage of builds... because BuildWars2 is a thing. Even still, if the proposed mechanic was introduced, it would clearly reveal the strongest of builds as time progresses. Anet would have even more data to buff/nerf certain builds because Players will start choosing builds that fulfill specific roles. And there w
  5. They should just reward losses off of personal contribution in comparison to the team and enemy team. This would require all teammates to input their build role before the match. Either that would be damage/offense roamer, heals, or tank/defense on nodes. If that's too complicated because you don't know your role, don't play ranked. The matchmaker would then judge your participation points off your stats at the end of the match. If you chose healer but a roamer laughably beat you in heals. No points for you! If you choose damage and you're only third in damage,
  6. Tempest has always countered full range specs, ever since it was created. Asking for that to be nerfed is asking for the specialization to loose its purpose At that point... Why should daredevil have three dodges, or remove pets from the ranger class. What about a guardian class without virtues? Lol. It just doesn't make any sense nerfing auras from Ele
  7. That's why the arcane blast skill is better than the projectile even when it is a longer cool down. Plus, it hits multiple targets rather than one With each Jade sphere you'll get area: Might Healing Swiftness Weakness
  8. Yes, just like many of staff skills, it's underwhelming I wonder if because this skill is a combo water field, it's not buffed. Besides regen, it does have the opportunity to heal. But now that catalyst is out, which can output a water field everytime Ele goes into water, healing rain feels even more underwhelming
  9. It brings back old core builds that weren't viable before EOD though, so I ain't complaining That applies to burn guard and D/D ele. Core ranger however always had strong potential in the right hands. Not sure if untamed actually replaces that build
  10. Condi can deal with this build. It doesn't "clear conditions like no other". Spamming auras is still taxing even for a Fire Catalyst. If a catalyst is using Earth Shield and Earth Augment as you say, then the only utility they have left is a Stun Break, which means all their condi removal is based off their weapon skills. Dagger is the best condi clear for Catalyst given Auras. But even then, condi spamming with cover condi's will exhaust a Catalyst. There are traits and armor picks which could help Passively remove condi but if those are taken, then damage is just decreased even
  11. Idk, I'm having a pretty good time with Cata and Earth trait line. But I wouldn't call it God tier. It can carry battles better than weaver or core can but can't carry idiocy. Lol.
  12. I've seen a thief run to far for decap and leave one tick left on the node before fully decapping it. Then he ran off for a 2v2...which he didn't even win! Lol So yeah... Enjoy the game by not playing. Or, if you have the mobility, decap the node and quickly get the kitten out of there! I can count so many lost games where the team fully dominates first mid fight. Then three go far to contest the node, just to lose the next team fight there and suddenly the whole map over run. TLDR: gold players, learn proper rotations
  13. Scepter can easily trade one of its blinds for an aura/transmutation skill. Or something of the sort. Preferably earth 3 I never understood why one weapon has two skills that does exactly the same thing
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