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  1. When I use it , it's because I feel the poster is the confused one and the post is just a waste of space or just unclear. I would prefer a dunce cap emoji that some posts deservedly should be awarded..
  2. LOL, I guess you need to go back to WoW exclusivly.
  3. Spamming requests would be a major issue. So no thanks.
  4. Just do a search here. You will find all different opinions on this subject. IF you are suggesting dueling in PvE, you will find it has been rejected and rejected and.......... If you are bored, time to take a break.
  5. The error message should state " There is nothing wrong on your end!!! No need to check your firewall, ISP etc. The problem is on our end, sorry for the inconvenience"
  6. I would add that the vendor should always be available after the 1st completion, even if the heart is repeatable.
  7. I would be more interested in MOX having more music added for playback in the home instance.
  8. What?? they must be the only tech company in the world with no one on call. No excuse !
  9. ANet get your 💩 together and fix the TP. Don't really care if it's amazon or not, the buck stops at Anet.
  10. http://dulfy.net/2017/09/24/gw2-griffon-mount-collections-guide/ and
  11. When opening the reactor with key after defeating FE, the steam orge often spawns twice. When it spawns the second time, the portal to leave disappears. On the plus side , you do get the drops 2X's.
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