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  1. I believe a large majority of the posters on these forums did not actually touch the Bladesworn at all during the beta and just believe secondhand info. But how it worked in the last beta is that you can cancel out of the Dragon Trigger stance at any time by simply moving, but any Adrenaline/Flow you consumed to build charges does not get refunded to you. (Being in the stance at all immediately starts consuming Flow to build charges).
  2. Never happening because combined with the GM that lets you chain Dragon Triggers, you would be capable of evade framing for a good minute or so.
  3. I think all the Dragon Slash changes are great and will really improve the gameplay experience of the spec. No notes of being able to go into Dragon Trigger straight from our normal weapon set - weapon swap CD was bugged last Beta Event, so we were locked into Gunsaber anyway, but not being able to access your burst skill from both "weapon sets" is absolutely a feelsbad pain point of the spec. Lush Forest explicitly not affecting Dragon Trigger, and having an ICD, probably also kills it as the DPS option in PVE, which is also good as the gameplay experience it incentiviz
  4. Cost and charging time reduced by half but CD remains the same, and now Lush Forest explicitly doesn't affect the CD of Dragon Trigger. It's a big DPS nerf considering how central Dragon Slash was to the rotation. It really depends on how good Fierce as Fire is, but I doubt it makes up for how degenerate the last iteration was.
  5. Anyone who thinks Warrior is tanky has literally never played any actually tanky class like Rev/Scrapper/Reaper just to name a few. Warrior is definitely in the lower 50% of the tankiness tierlist.
  6. By this exact same logic, On My Mark shouldn't trigger any kind of heal. I believe OP is referring to PVE - I was simply pointing out where "Support" Warrior would be lacking in that respect. Not having trickle healing is utterly crippling - on top of total lack of useful boon access not already covered by other meta builds. Support Warrior in 2021 is nowhere close to being usable.
  7. For the most part, I don't believe there is much point in engaging in this conversation and suggest you parachute out asap.
  8. I truly don't understand the purpose of this thread. It is self-evident that Core Warrior skills got updated for Bladesworn's explosions synergy to work off of Core Warrior skills. It's factually a positive thing that the Core class supports the Elite spec, rather than the entire concept being encapsulated within the Elite itself. It boggles my mind that OP suggests that adding synergy from the core class > to the Elite is "silly" and instead demands that the concept should be expanded into a new thematic identity for core Warrior. It was a change literally made for BSW. This just in,
  9. It is a massive issue, especially for endgame 10-man content. The fact that Warrior has 0 trickle heal, not even REGEN, means that it's insanely difficult to overflow heal the other sub due to how healing prioritization works. You can overflow heal to other people if your own subsquad is topped off - this is how the current meta healer Druid manages to solo heal 10 people in a squad despite all their heals being max 5-man target. And thats with 100% uptime on every defensive boon in the game, and a weapon focused entirely around healing, with a healing Auto. Both of you are misundersta
  10. It sounds like you're referring to the context of PVE. GW2's Classes dont exist in a vacuum. If other classes are able to provide the same boons but better, there is absolutely no reason to run Shout Support. The likes of Tempest, Druid, and Firebrand would need to be absolutely nuked from orbit in terms of nerfs for Shout Support to even attempt to see the light of day. Intrinsically within Warrior as well, the fact that Shouts directly compete with Banners for slots, as well as funnily enough Vigorous Shouts compete directly with Phalanx Strength, mean that Warrior starts fr
  11. Heal Shout Warrior could level up several times and still get absolutely blown out of the Water by the likes of Druid, Tempest, Firebrand, Scrapper, etc etc It absolutely boggles my mind how people think that a Healer build literally without any trickle healing access will ever function in PVE. Warrior doesn't even have access to REGEN. Has ANYONE who talks about Shoutheal Warr even tried it? You can't even outheal the Golem training arena's medium damage tick. Warhorn Tempest literally has 2x the HPS.
  12. This mechanic exists, it's just tuned so badly compared to other specs that exist that it has never seen the light of day. Tactics triggers effects on burst since it's Soldier's Focus rework, but the ICD destroys it's synergy with Berserker. (Not that it's tuned enough to be good regardless) Decapitate (Axe Primal Burst) actually gives you 5 might which you can share out to 5 players with Phalanx Strength with a solid rotation, but as I mentioned previously in this thread there is literally no reason to do so anywhere but open world PVE.
  13. GW2's classes don't exist in a vacuum. Every single build capable of pumping Might and Fury has been completely and utterly obsoleted by the meta support specs. You ALWAYS have one of these in endgame content, and therefore these lesser builds that are technically capable of providing 5 man alac/might/fury might as well not exist in the face of the builds that can provide it to 10. Even in the 5 man content like fractals there's absolutely no point in providing these because your support (which Warrior is completely unable to fill the shoes of) is capable of doing so. There hasn't
  14. They very intentionally and explicitly made Berserker ALSO the power DPS espec when they completely revamped the Axe and GS Primal Bursts. So really, bladesworn is just retreading ground as recent as... April 23rd 2019.
  15. I made a thread assessing the state of the Tactics rework (that added the Soldier's Focus mechanic) before they reduced the ICD (it's total garbage) and after they reduced the ICD (it's still total garbage not worth running). I can't say I understand at all how they made the decision that Warrior might gen should have a 10s ICD for 3 stacks @ 5 targets in the SAME PATCH that implemented Mirage stacking NO ICD 8 stacks @ 10 TARGETS. Please just decouple these traits from the Soldier's Focus ICD so they can be individually strong without being crippled and restricted by the relative streng
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