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  1. Pretty much this, it's literally warrior's only projectile blocking wall - the only reason anyone has complaints about it is because it's locked behind BLADESWORN, being the way it is. Having utility in your utility slots is nothing but an absolute win, the problem is how absolutely screwed Bsw is.
  2. Wow, if only they were implementing a 2 handed ranged weapon thematically based on a GW1 class leaning heavily into support.
  3. There's nothing stopping a weapon from being best in slot for support, and 1k off best in slot for damage in terms of modifiers making it best in slot for pvp/wvw too. See: ranger mace.
  4. Probably because Shout Heal has been taking up that design space since launch. (I do not like Shout Heal)
  5. It would really depend, my gut instinct says it won't be that different because the limiting factor is being stuck on Gunsaber after Dragon Slash which is a really bad weapon for DPS. Regardless, they can literally just buff some coeffs to make up for any DPS loss from removing these awful utilities.
  6. Disclaimer: I LIKE the core gameplay of Bladesworn and how differently it plays from core Warrior. TL;DR: Bladesworn, while being a largely RP spec that already suffers from gameplay issues due to the immobile [Dragon Slash], is somehow also the Warrior spec that requires insane micromanagement of many buffs within a small time window WHILE IMMOBILE and BURNING DEFENSIVE COOLDOWNS with a FULLY LOCKED UTILITY AND ELITE BAR to achieve NO HIGHER DPS than most other classes. For 2 years now Bladesworn has been changed from a spec with a simple, straightforward rotation with utility flexibility to: mandatory weapon - Fierce as Fire as a trait effectively forces you to use Pistol for [Dragon's Roar] (15s) utility #1 - Upkeeping [Overcharged Cartridges] for all key skills (20s), literally just a button you press with a long cast time and aftercast to do 15% more dps utility #2 - Using [Dragonspike Mine] as an insane DPS skill (Forced dodgeroll backwards, mine damage delayed unless used right on top of the boss cutting into your burst) utility #3 - Forced to use [Flow Stabilizer] because of the [Dragon Slash] reset [Dragonspike Mine] gives you consuming way more flow elite skill - Using [Tactical Reload] to upkeep all of these buffs and more while also allowing you breathing room for fitting a second [Dragon Slash] in [Overcharged Cartridges]'s window And to add insult to injury, after SOTO they have added another thing for Bladesworn to juggle: Relic of Thief/Peitha, pick your poison between dropping Thief uptime because you don't cast anything while charging Dragon Slash, or using your core defensive cooldown that allows you breathing room while playing Bladesworn as part of your DPS rotation squeezing yet another buff (twice for two slashes!) to upkeep into that 20s [Overcharged Cartridges] window. I have made this thread before shortly after these changes got through (June 2022) only for it to fall on deaf ears. Since then, the statistics on GW2 Wingman's profession popularity chart should tell you all the story you need - Bladesworn manages to be the only spec in the game where adding an entire new archetype (Alac Bladesworn in June 2023) didn't move the needle on it's pathetic playrate: because the [Daring Dragon] trait change giving Alacrity also made it consume twice as much flow, keeping the rotation exactly the same as the DPS version, which is a hot unplayable mess for 99% of the community. And I mean that literally, Bladesworn has hovered around 1% playrate for the last YEAR. PLEASE revert these ridiculous mandatory utility skills that inflict so many hoops to jump through just to play a grenth-damned DPS class.
  7. I feel like you could make way stronger cases than a primal burst that's a sidegrade to the normal burst (seems normal to me) and a tooltip error.
  8. Actually the last 3 quarterly balance patches were, in order from newest to oldest: Buffs to Ranger's Bows coeffs and functionality to make them competitive DPS in PVE A Wilderness Survival traitline revamp (Bonus Evasive Purity rework in Nature Magic added after the balance patch preview as a treat) The complete Ranger Pet rework you just talked about
  9. Chain Spear would be much more interesting than what we got. Doubt the current Devs are interested in working on warrior at all to deliver a rework like this though.
  10. They could start with baselining the 20% trait cd reduction they removed with no compensation first. You know, before completely reworking a single skill to interact with the class resource in a completely unprecedented unique way.
  11. Of course it's a gold sink. Most cosmetics in the game are a gold sink. All the home instance nodes (which will transfer to homesteads) are a gold sink. The people expecting homesteads to be Minecraft creative mode are delusional, and if the same people don't play the game enough to afford 5g there really is no other response than to play the game. Wizards vault daily/weekly rewards alone dump hundreds of gold on you.
  12. [citation needed] They've shown some wip recipes and they're very cheap. They explicitly split the crafting from guild hall crafting (scribing) too, specifically because those costs don't make sense for a single player.
  13. Is there even anything to dispute about this? Ranger gets an entire weapon rebalance to make sure every weapon is usable in PVE for DPS and Warrior can't even get a simple coeff buff on one of the worst weapons in the game?
  14. Banner of Tactics and Defense have extremely strong on cast effects, and since the last balance patch are near-instant cast. This thread would make sense if we went back in time, back when banners gave stats.
  15. [Wild Throw] (Primal Burst) I would suggest just copying Renegade F3 [Citadel Bombardment]'s animation and functionality when you use it standing still - the character jumps into the air and (in Warrior's case) throws multiple spears at once, keeping both the jump theme from [Harrier's Toss] (Core Burst) and the multi hit theme from [Wild Throw]. Except obviously don't animation lock it.
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