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  1. This is the only thread ive seen where people are talking about a "real" design issue and the reactions tell you all you need to know about the community.
  2. Everything pvp esports came out of the marketing department. The devs have said so themselves in the past. It was either that or more cringe fantasy taxi commercials or crossovers with random fast food chains. Anyone remember that stupid car? Or the 3d printed guitar?
  3. There is so much abandoned or repeatedly reworked content in this game its unreal. Thats a lot of wasted time and resources. I was honestly amazed they rehired the guy who was in charge of that mess.
  4. Nothing can be done about boon spam its a foundational part of the games combat. What they can do is give wider access to the most desirable ones. Removing the unique nonboon buffs also frees up those classes from being required to use them allowing more variety of playstyles. The established roles of are being brought more in line with one another. This patch is very heavily support focused. This is balance.
  5. Ive bought storage, cosmetics, a permanent airship pass which is very convenient especially if you alt alot. It cuts down on load times and back and forth. 1 or 2 shared slots for the pass and the copperfed or silverfed salvage bots. Again wait for a sale but the pass, salvage bot, and storage have been the most useful for me.
  6. I use cele on my catalyst and only play casually. It works perfectly for that purpose. I find the gameplay entertaining as this supports the core design of the class. You can juggle a bit of everything depending on whats happening. This is far from optimal but really who cares what tryhards want.
  7. It does. You just have to dig for it and anet never shows it to you. How people that dont know about it get anything done I have no idea.
  8. Going further back cata and deathwing came about right after anet announced gw2 and elder dragons... Even further back arenas arrived in wow after the success of small scale instanced pvp in gw1.
  9. This isnt the first thing thats been taken from GW2. Scaling and repeatable small scale open world events (world quests) off the top of my head. Blizz has been bleeding players so heavily to other games lately that its become common knowledge that wow is and always has been a frankensteins monster of other games. As said above blizz has never been innovative.
  10. GW1 was built around pvp combat dynamics. GW2 its a poorly balanced and designed sidegame thats only ever been pushed by the marketing dpt. And yes the devs themselves have said that the old "Esports!" meme was all marketing.
  11. I've only ever casually messed with housing myself but I do like visiting other players instances. Not everything has to be for me... While this is one of the few games I've played where its fairly common to come across people RPing in the wild it would be a boon to that community. And in my experience the rp/housing community will stay until the lights go out. Someone above mentioned Wildstar. While the raiders/pvpers (HARDCORE!!!) were making noise and getting all the attention, the rpers and builders were the real heart of that games community. The same with Rift and many other games over t
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