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  1. Why not? I mean it's nice to see things more in order with new categories added. Still the new layout is kind of confusing along with new functions but I'm surprised to new stuff being added like the roleplay one for example. In that case everything has its order and people can find posts belonging to a certain thing more easily now.
  2. It depends. I know someone from the SEA region who plays on NA because the connection is somewhat better but not all too great so he had to use a VPN for a long duration until his account got locked due to VPN usage (as VPN triggers a false alarm in the security program as I heard) unfortunately. However the account is now unlocked again but some connectivity issues are still present of which it's mostly in GW1. However EU players have a hard time with servers on especially PoF maps and slow trading post as it's being reported multiple times. Maybe it's also related where exactly you come f
  3. That would be a good idea! Although I rarely use the forums on a mobile device but I've noticed that a lot of forums seem to have too small letters but on that occasion zooming in on the page with two fingers can still do the trick.
  4. Ah, thank you so much! The block thing would come in handy since I got death threats in the german forums during the original true vanilla forums back then a few years ago and reporting people hasn't solved anything sadly so I don't need to be afraid to post there anymore thanks to the new function. Anyways what abour our previously earned achievements on the old forums which are now the second forums since the OG got archived years ago? I'd like to retain them again as it took me a lot of effort to have these even in the previous ones even though I play since 2012... Yet still the new l
  5. Woah, still need to get used to it. Anyways, what happened to the stars that were usually displayed beside the name? EDIT: Anyone knows how the new "block" function works? It would be very helpful by now.
  6. I've been waiting for this so long as last time it was available I didn't have enough tokens and I was waiting for what felt like 2 years for it to return but I never thought it would come back again and all the ones I had piled up are already spent and I only have like 8 left now and I really don't want to wait years again for it to be available or possibly never available anymore. I doubt I can catch up now because every week I can earn like 1 of them (with luck even more but I don't have any luck with these black lion chests that drop them) and next week will be new items offered for sure.A
  7. Not really QoL but a suggestion. How about a mini Retro Rytlock Brimstome for next Super Adventure Festival :D
  8. Not just the last week but this has been going on for me on PoF maps since last year already and I heard that a lot of other EU players had the same issue on PoF maps back then. I remember it happening mainly in Desert Highlands at that time. Hope it gets fixed like ESO fixed their lag although it's not much but it's better now compared to earlier. Why are EU servers in every MMO so bad :(
  9. Is there a way to do this solo on a glass canon dps raid build? Don't have any active friends since my friendlist died years ago and also no guild that is active as I've been searching for taht already without luck and lfg only puts too much pressure onto me and my mental state so I just have to do everything solo. So far I've done all of the challenges solo without problem but keeping all the squishy NPCs alive can only be done with a healer and to kill stuff would take too much time as you're not in dps gear as a healer and therefore deal less damage. It's pretty tiresome doing this achievem
  10. It's irritating, distracting, unnecessary screen clutter (of which there is already too much) and I don't care who the fuck has won!It's a good thing that we can already disable the event announcement stuff but please include this as well because it's getting on my nerves.
  11. I looked at the link and from what I've read I'm not very sure. Don't take it the wrong way. I'm just very insecure when it comes to looking for guilds and reaching out/messaging people at first. I'm not good at making the first move. Also thanks Anyways, if someone here has one to offer please feel free to tell me as I'm currently very desperate with my search and I don't seem to have much luck here or on reddit. If you don't think it fits you, that is perfectly fine :) I reached out first, so you wouldn't make the first move and I would be the one you would be talking to. You have gotten a
  12. I've looked at your guild recruitment post and I don't think it's a fit since it's aimed towards an older generation which I don't fall into unfortunately.Although thanks for the heads up PS: you don't have to use my account name and can safely call me by my name Hunter ^^
  13. Hey, thanks for reaching out and sorry for being so inactive and answering pretty late. I had to take a break from the forums for personal reasons. Could you give some more information perhaps like a link to your recruitment post or anything. I'd like to know about such things beforehand to avoid awkward conversations as I'm normally not the one to reach out first due to me being too shy. I looked at the link and from what I've read I'm not very sure. Don't take it the wrong way. I'm just very insecure when it comes to looking for guilds and reaching out/messaging people at first. I'm not
  14. There's even a warning for that before you enter the box. Unfortunately there's no warning when going in with the invitation item.
  15. Same for World 2 Zone 3However I managed to fix world 1 zone 3 by restarting the entire thing as the game disconnected me anyways
  16. Or you just do it like this. the game has an optional subscription system Tomes of Knowledge don't exist but EXP scrolls do (which you can buy from the gemstore but you'll get them as well from daily login rewards that are different every month) and character leveling is very long and tedious and people usually level together at a certain map and you'll see +dolmen in chat all the time to be invited into a squad because being in a party gives a bit of EXP increase and credit to everyone in itno gold to gem conversion because you get gems by subscribing with which you can buy the usual stuff y
  17. I'd really love to see a choya raid actually but sadly there's no achievement tied to it and also the tonic isn't available in raids please make it permanent because it would be so funny seeing a bunch of choyas kill bosses like Dhuum, Quadim or Gorseval
  18. It sounds very interesting! Sad thing it isn't real. Thanks for the explanation
  19. I understand that its currently usable in WvW and that there is an achievement tied to it, what I was saying is that I'm all for the tonic being a permanent part of the game as long as it isn't permanent in WvW. There's an achievement? Is it the one you immediatly get when talking to the NPC in Lion's Arch or a different one?
  20. Looks preem! Although it's not real :(Does it play more like Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone or Gwent?
  21. Haven't tried that yet but since there's always like a week or two between each merchant I think you should be fine.
  22. I think this is by far my favorite glitch. It was related to a specific armor skin and it can still happen and be visible to other players when you pick up this one orb at the end of one of the Arah paths while having just one piece skinned. Here's a loading screen version of it
  23. It's not like the daily stuff in ESO ehere you have to wait 24h exact hours, thankfully. They reset each day along with the daily reset. So you can buy them quick a few minutes before reset and then after reset buy them again. However you'll need to relog to update the vendor before buying after reset.
  24. Not really very endgame actually but housing like in ESO would be a very nice feature.
  25. ....because of my anxiety and paranoia issues and panic attacks induced by the fear that other judge me and make assumptions so I always have to justify myself to everyone just because I'm not a huge showoff cluttering characters in prestigious stuff just for the sake to show off that I'm the greatest and everyone else is a noob like other fellow veterans do these days. I actually care about stuff like lore and building stories around my characters (also using fitting skins for each) and also pick always lore friendly names. That's something you can't say about those that constantly judge my e
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