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  1. i hope they fix this asap. it also reverts back to blue when in downstate or trapped in something like BUBBLES or doing personal story it reverts to blue always
  2. my only headache was trying to get the meta done for over a week. got the egg and in 2 hours 35 mins i got my turtle due to one failed jade maw being over scaled by a zerg.
  3. having the entire event fail YET AGAIN because of random ppl i have no control over. just let us get the turtle already so i can complete my mount collection and max out my mastery ranks. S T O P H O L D I N G I T H O S T A G E !!!!!
  4. you can say NO to the swap map option and your map stays open for 1 hour
  5. i never really cared about the story in any mmo. all i care about is the combat and raids / fractals / strikes.
  6. and not be forced to do a highly failable meta for a major expansion feature thats locked behind a meta that requires a full map of experienced players. its not fun or exciting to fail the meta every single time due to other people in which i have no control over what so ever. remove the mount from the meta. i dont care just let me get my turtle with out having to do another god dam dragons end meta. i already hate it.
  7. hey i play a condi tempest (scepter warhorn, very solid dps with lots of might and fury buffing passively too) , i did a few raids years ago as thief. was wondering if you would like a condi ele (just want to do some raids b4 expansion hits etc) i got maxed out raid mastery with full asc gear with correct stats.
  8. already have maxed out bag slots with 32 slot bags. Dont care about the cost i have a principle when playing rpg / mmo ALWAYS max out inv slots and ammo pouches if applicable. so with 32 slots already in game a legendary would need to up its game. make it unique equiped and be 50 slot.
  9. so i fully understand when moving with a staff it uses the hammer animation for movement, my question is could it be possible to swap it with the walking animation. you hold it over your shoulder and hold it in a much more apealing way. the asura already do this, yes i know its hammer run animation for asura. at the very least when i am standing still just sling it over my shoulder to have atleast a more iconic pose. failing that just give is the normal caster staff run / idle with a staff.
  10. the skyscale is an endgame goal. just like legendaries are totally optional but very grindy to get. you can get a skyscale much faster then a legendary soooooo whats the issue. while you are grinding skyscale you still have the gryphin that is just as good untill you get skyscale. i myself did when it came out and did not have the luxury of the return meta throwing out 250 map currency for free.
  11. deadeye dagger dagger is not underwhelming in pve :D. also this is why u have multiple gear sets / builds so you can change as needed for the content you are doing. the 2 you get for free is more then enough as a thief.
  12. Hello, was wondering if you would have a spot for a dead eye D/D thief (i also have set for Daredevil Staff) full ascended gear inc ascended weapons for all gear setups for a thief of any spec. played the game since launch but always used to raid in wow, fractal lvl 100 with maxed out mastery and 150 AR baseline. have all HoT / PoF mastery outside of raids so not an issue there. if you have a spot please contact me krixis.9538
  13. you must also remember alot of the player base are VERY bad at mmos in general as gw2 is not sub based. so naturaly it attracts alot of the really bad players with no skill at all. and so its easier to just cry on forums then it is to get good. hell if those guys went to WoW and fought a sub rogue they would give up and quit :D
  14. hey kiporion would you be after a staff daredevil for your raid team, can discuss in detail if you do. add me and send me an ingame mail
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