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  1. Well if you haven't decided yet, you are right that sometimes most go by the most obvious when they are selecting the ele class usually you see Female in no mater race and to be honest it looks kind of cool , but given the idea you have for the tribal/shamanistic, I would personally go by Charr even though most would make a warrior a Guardian or or a Revenant with a male Charr. The main reason why I would choose it is because of the pvp or wvw gear you can get a gear matching the exact description you need. Now if you have HoT you can find the Bladed or even the Leystone gear again matchi
  2. Hey everyone I hope you are having a great day so far. I was taking a break from the game for a month or two and I jumped back in the game today, I remember most of my years playing the game, Silverwastes was my number 1 go to farm map even though they were a few that quickly got nerfed or whatever. Right now I am on a goal to get some gold up to buy some quality of life items since we probably going to have an expansion coming up. I was wondering if there is any map that is currently the most preferred for the effort/time/reward! Now, except of the events you might h
  3. Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day so far. I recently did a reset on my laptop and I had to re-install the game and scanned it in Nvidia, now once I did that the settings were optimized based on the preference in Nvidia so it was hard for me to remember what I had before. After that I got in to the game and changed a few things that make a great impact on the FPS such as player model shadows shaders and other few things. Now I think I am with the settings that I had before which is mostly high-Med settings with most of the above set to low-medium but, I remember doing
  4. To be honest I love this type of questions it goes to show that the MMO genre keeps on building up even though we had some rocky years. Base from your title I would definitely recommend the game even if you are an WOW vet or a newcomer in this type of games GW2 for me was something that I've always recommended to anyone who was looking for an MMO RPG game. Now to answer some of your questions. 1) As I said above GW2 is a game that a lot of people can get into and get used to it in a short time. Especially if you already played a few MMO games you will see that you can get us
  5. So after the latest patch `19/11/2019 i started the client everything downloaded and it was 100% but there was 1 file remaining . I sat down and wait for it but it took 30 min so i turned off the client and started it up again and the 1 file was still there ! Any ideas to fix that ?
  6. Been playing the game since 2012 and it's the first time am feeling that Anet is trying to steal money out our pockets ! First of all I know that you can turn gems to gold and personally I haven't spend any money on gems but what worries me the most is that I've seen more content being added in the gem store rather than the actual game it's self. The game features a lot of game modes from PVE/PVP/WVW and then you can find your self in dungeons (dead feature) Fractals Raids WB's Metas and so on. The main reason why am mentioning all this game modes it's to realize that there are a lot of ways
  7. We want more choices as a game has multiple type of characters some love the WvW PvP or Raid and Fractals others love the story lines and free roaming ! But if you think about it both are equal ! Of course an mmo need to have PvP or WvW or Dungeon content (which right now dungeons are dead !) but they could do something that is more rewarding at least to make them feel alive again ! On the other hand Free roamers prefer farming instead of competing so you have to give them some content to have them in the game other wise you will lose people !
  8. If am not mistaken they told as months ago that for now we will keep on going to living story from living story ! Some people don't like that but I think its cool the fact that they give you "free" content and it build up the excitement ! Many said that the next season will be a fail before even playing it but I feel like it will be a build up for a new expansion ! Obviously a LS season takes up to a year from start to finish so for the next year 2019-2020 we will have LS episodes but not to promise anything if there's going to be an expansion there is going to be a teaser/trailer for the exp
  9. So I opened up my game today and I saw the mail from Anet and they gave me this things ! At the beginning I didn't knew why and since I lost today's live stream I wasn't able to understand some told me is for HoT and PoF veterans others asked me where did i got those ! But after searching in gw2 pages I was wondering what is the point for those things !Some also told me that i had to wait but I didn't knew why ! So does anybody knows what these are and why did anet gave it any explanation !!!??? OR is it just another gift ??
  10. So I've been tried to gather up some mats mainly for lege and get some extra karma for my skyscale ! I remember the last time I did a legendary was back when Domain of istan was actually alive but after that I am struggling to find a good farming map like Domain of istan used to be. The fact is that there are not a lot of groups there anymore so I tried to join some SW Riba farms and also went back to HoT for some Tarrir farm, but still I haven't felt the rewards to be the same. One thing that makes me sad about farming in event maps is that most of the event maps that the devs created are
  11. So I am a bit late on doing the skyscale saddle and am all out of karma so it's much harder for me to actually get all the items needed for the achievement. I downloaded the "Taco" overlay to see if it works but I haven't had the luck i wished for ! I wasn't able to track down map items for living story season 4 maps ! So here I am searching for any clue if there is any way that I can make this grind easier by having an addon that at least show me where the items are on the map and not having me wondering around hoping to find some . If anybody knows any information I would be thankful to kno
  12. Hope u guys like these ! Any tips for better looking pics :P ??
  13. Been trying for hours now to get my deadeye as a daredevil I went to PoF and I almost completed every Hero Point there because i first reached deadeye and there are no more hero points left there and I went to Auric Basin to do more and there is no chance for a thief to solo the hero points there I mean in PoF hero points can be reach with either no fighting or just a veteran in HoT u need to kill a champion every time ! Why doe sit have to be that way ? Can;t the devs make it easier to at least be able to solo some of them ?? Also the hardest part is to gather people to help u At the
  14. Hello everyoneSo first of all I will like to mention that I crafted some legendaries before but I have never tried to craft them using the method that was introduced back in the HoT where you could buy the Vol.1 do the collection craft somethings and then do the Vol.2 . Now personally am more of a fan of the old way of doing it such as getting all the mats together then crafting the needed recipes and then get the precursor or buy it and then craft it. Now sadly with the HoT way you can't buy the precursors so you will have to craft them by following the Vol. 1,2,3 etc but because I've ne
  15. So it's been almost a month or two since the last time I went to the Domain of Istan . The main reason it's because I heard a lot of people saying that the farm was nerfed badly and it's not worth to check it out anymore , and to be honest whenever I tried to go there I searched in the LFG for groups and I was only able to see only 1 group with 10/50 people doing bounties or only gh and then leave .It's sad because I was able to make up to 50g in 2.5 hours there and it was my personal favorite source of making gold or good amount of mats and at the same time enjoying the game. Is no secret ho
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