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  1. My others alts are only there for raids or fractal, my main Guardian can do everything from raids, fractals, dungeon or open world and story, have all templates unlocked as well.
  2. Other race and gender other than female human, that voice is awful and annoying. Especially the Warrior berserk mode one where she says shes gonna destroy them all, seems like a little girl or early teenagers throwing tantrum. For the best im going for the male norn, because it's the first race I created for my toon and the voice acting sticks with me.
  3. There is this one person in my static raid who always got an ascended or unique drop at least once in each of the raid wings every week. So yeah I believe there's a supposedly luck account existing because it is only him that always got a lucky drop. First dhuum kill? Got the bench of final judgment
  4. Lmao once again they alienated players from other than US and some EU countries, why don't they just have a sale in their own gemstore or website that way everybody wins? I was hoping to get 2 of those, but boy I was in for a rude awakening.
  5. I'm one that have no interest in buying mount skin ever, but I think I'll bite the bullet and get this.
  6. Pof enemies are really annoying they go out of their way to chase you but when you fought back they realize they strayed too far then go invuln and went back to their spawn point. I appreciate the HoT map more, because they don't do that invuln thingy, I never step foot on pof map unless I needed legendary bounty for incense.
  7. i do prefer the equality in term of modesty , but if they much prefer to create a more revealing armor/outfit then male should have the same treatment. for example the phalanx armor set was really good for male and I want my female to have the same aesthetic, only for the armor to have revealing thigh.
  8. I cant seem to promote 2x charged core, elonian wine, crystalline dust and mystic crystal, when i double clicked charged core only elonian and mystic crystal lit up but not crystalline dust, any other core works fine, i also promoted glacial lodestone last week for the frostfang, it seems the recipe just bugged only for the charged lodestone promotion https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/786995737493241868/911248232477261824/gw226.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/786995737493241868/911248741019824158/gw225.jpg
  9. for company such as anet who loves diversity, arent male not allowed to have the same revealing clothing piece? for example almost every light armor looks normal on male but the female one almost looks naked, when I play female character im struggling to dress her the way i think the scholarly mage should look like i dont want to play as swamp witch most of the time who only cover their private part. also the raven legging comes to mind And I hope that they will released new armor/outfit with the same aesthetic as astral scholar outfit and queendale academy because those looks good
  10. Human male, asura female, sylvary female, asura male, charr male. I dislike human female voice, especially the Warrior berserk mode lines, it sounds like a little girl throwing tantrum
  11. They don't have to bring back ls1, they just have to rebuilt like ls2 and above format, make every open world ls1 content be an instanced content
  12. lackluster reward is what turn them off, same with raid, how come you attempt killing a raid boss yet you only get 2 gold for the effort and 1 exotic 1 yellow 2 blues 3 greens.
  13. Armor skin, but i wish for every gemstore skin we bought it doesnt use any transmutation charges since we already paid for them with gems. so outfit still preferable in some cases
  14. I always curious with area north of divinity reach and any areas around it ever since the first time I play guild wars 2, as well as the janthir bay, area around tangled depth and eye of the North.
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