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  1. Im glad that ppl who wrote code for gw2 decided to pursue Gaming Industry career instead of other, like architect or physician. Otherwise with that lazyass life- and work-style of theirs there would surely be victims. Script counting population? Nah, just set one server as full and compare it with others. Teleport skills on stairs? Nah, just make them invalid path, who cares. Alliances? Nah, lets just pretend that we work on it and instead focus on adding more stupid outfits to gemstore. And the list goes on and on, this company is a joke and the most hillarious thing for me is that you re
  2. Cata isnt the worst, hammer cata IS the worst and if you think otherwise simply you havent fought a decent player yet. However dd cata for example is playable just like any other spec, core ele included. I still havent bought EoD because it has no fun specs in it, and cata is a good example - its just another version of core ele, no good utilities so all you have are traits, traits that do only one thing - boost your all stats. Wow, what a cool mechanic, thank you ANet. So no, cata isnt bad, but its just as boring and mediocre as it could possibly be
  3. I could bet my liver, lung, kindey, house and car everytime there's relink, that Gankdara is not gonna get a link. 9/10 cases Im gonna be right, with money that I won I will simply buy new organs for that 1 time
  4. Masochists want to have fun playing games too
  5. Lets say we have an Olympiad, racing sport. During race they encounter fork, left road or right road. Left road is 2x faster than right road. 95% of racers pick left road. And now you ask 'why almost all of you pick left road?' Dont blame players, meta-slaving is common in all types of games. Blame developers that they left both WvW and sPvP modes, either with balance or updates.
  6. Lol, what did you expect, its 5v5 mode in terms of gw2, of course its gonna be toxic. Look at all MOBAs, like LoL is called king of toxicity for a reason. WoW is not so far behind, if you play rbgs or arenas with your friends, its fine. But have you tried playing lfg with total randoms? Usually mid players are gucci, but lowbies think theyre gods at 1.2k rat and like to flame, and so do high ends, because they think they already won WC after getting 2.4k two times in a row. I love toxicity and its one of the main things im looking in PvP modes, so I enjoyed it both in WoW and in GW2. GW2 is
  7. Sometimes just looking at PvP subforum titles is meme itself https://imgur.com/a/D44W9Ey What more can I say... https://imgur.com/a/Ikfrww2
  8. Theres nothing wrong with running from fights, either if you engage or if enemy engages. But if you keep engaging 1v1, then losing, going ooc and repeat - Id honestly start being toxic as well, and siege your right after. Quick reminder - if you disengage and engage again during roaming, its okayish cuz you might want to switch builds (some matchups are just a joke, hardcountering). If you go ooc during proper 1v1 - you lost. Thats probably the 'hidden rule' youre looking for.
  9. February 2020 patch was okay if they continued updating and fixing meta/balance constantly (as they promised to). But it didnt happen, and because of that this patch was really, reeeally bad. Gave more canc*rous builds than there were before, promotes bunker gameplay, destroyed some classes completly (or at least 3/4 of their builds), and just straight up made game even more boring than it used to be. Like for real, after patch meta was not about what is good, but what was least nerfed or forgotten to be nerfed. Great balance system, focused on lack of skilled dev team xD. For many people
  10. 1 - no Im not. Been there done that, read chat during ESL streams (prime of pvp age), heard streamers from outside of gw2 mentioning it, it IS a thing. Of course its possible to tell whats going on, but thats for people that play the game, and even then during bigger teamfights you dont see all the stuff you should see. And game is not even close to being complex, quick example - look at how many bots que ranked and what divisions they reach. Watch WoW arenas, I can show it to my gf and Im more than sure she'll notice what button/skill is being used. In gw2 its clunky, for outsiders its just a
  11. Im tried of repeating myself about whats wrong with gw2 pvp, so Ill just shorten it to some things why watching gw2 is way less popular than WoW: 1 - type of combat gw2 presents. Its just a clownfiest of smashing skills, sitting on top of each other, and using flashy animations. Sometimes even players cant say whats going on, now imagine what it must be to just sit and watch it, and now imagine what it must be to sit, watch it and have no idea about the game as outsider. Some people might enjoy playing gw2 combat, but watching it is one of the most painful things on eg. twitch (check old
  12. First of all - good cele weaver shouldnt have much problems in >90% of matchups Second - there are almost no good weavers, so dont worry I shouldnt reveal secrets as ele, but I dont think most people reading this will know how to utilize what Im about to say, so w/e. To begin with, spend some time learning whats the guy rotation. Most weavers nowadays are just smashing keyboard, following same pattern they are used to play, they dont adapt and change their playstyle, just keep doing same mistakes. Especially water rotation, learn how to cancel it. Chill, biggest enemy of all ele spec
  13. Welcome to conquest 'PvP' mode. Why do we even got it in first place? Because ANet wanted to be a special snowflake as usual, during that time WoW was still in its prime(ish), especially in terms of PvP, everyone loved arenas, but not ANet. ANet wanted to make a different game, without holy trinity, without arenas, without mounts. And how it ended? First expansion we started getting specs that we can call support/healer/tank. Second expansion we get mounts. Somewhere meanwhile we get seasonal 2v2 and 3v3 modes. Why? Answer is simple, BECAUSE ANET IDEAS DONT WORK. Now its too late, but if
  14. Dont start 🙂 And about getting lots of new players, its really pink glasses point of view. Especially with current advertisement of ANet. Atm most MMO PvP players that are looking out for new games to try out are keeping an eye on Lost Ark, thats the most promising one. If EoD is gonna bring some new players, its gonna be PvE ones.
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