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  1. xD l2p issue, for real learn how to play your class then start whining. You wont oneshot anyone anymore (or at least shouldnt if a person is playing decent build), you wont permastealth anymore (actually you will, but at least you have any consequences now, like nerfed on-dodge stealth time). DE dumb mechanics are countering so many classes, especially meele, once again - learn what your class does, abuse and utilize that. And dont even try responding to me unless youre plat in sPvP because as you noticed "I probably can't give detailed analysis on each skill". I can give you milion reason
  2. It got removed because posts like this wont go through censorship. GW2 is an ideal game without any problems, community is family friendly, company is family friendly, balance is on top level, content is flawless and population is growing each day
  3. Tbh I dont get it why so many ppl jerk off to gw2 combat system. Its good, but like cmon, playing neglected game just because of that. Imo despite being twice as old, gw1 has much better combat, its tactical and at the same time requires you to have fast hands to interrupt stuff, you have instant skills and channel ones, decent meele and ranged. And also amount of weapon/profession/skills combinations is just amazing (btw imagine balancing such collosus, current devs would cut themselves XD). So yeah, the further we go, the younger Guild Wars brother is going to be more and more obnoxious, b
  4. Imagine defending a spec that is only viable cuz of 1 trait xD Yeah, everything is working correctly, druid players are certainly happy
  5. Yeah, so make it also 1s immobilize max. And 1s cc max too (including fear). In general its not fun when you cant move your character or your actions miss, so any kind of this shouldnt last more than blink of an eye so you cannot actually see it
  6. This is entirerly agreeable if you also: -Remove: Apostate's https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/5/54/Condition_Damage.png Condition Damage — https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/1/12/Toughness.png Toughness https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/8/81/Healing_Power.png Healing Power https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/96/Cross_white.png https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/5/52/Tick_green.png https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/96/Cross_white.png https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/96/Cross_white.png
  7. Well, ranger in general is kinda bs. Pewpew sic'em dealing massive damage on massive range also countering teefs. Druid with immobilize spam, one of the most annoying specs in the game. Power soulbeast, big damage and big sustain, good dueler. Condi soulbeast, hybrid soulbeast also big damage and big sustain. You have good ranged weapons, good meele weapons, good mid-range weapons, good mobility, and good sustain. Not saying whether its really OP, but by playing one class you have access to pretty much everything, except teleports. And each of those builds is good. And yeah, they aint press
  8. Afterall thats what this game is about. ANet cut competetive part, but instead we have great toxicity oppurtunities. Thank you for the thread, I appreciate that I dont have to log into game and jump/siege ppl, instead can grab popcorn and read forums. Lets do this more often. PS: Oh and also would like to state one thing. Not taking any side in the argument, but: https://clips.twitch.tv/TardyGentleHornetANELE-s6hgP_ovcpK5FpHK This is not arena. This is not conquest. This is not...whatever. You said it, its a duel, in every world (idk, WoW, BDO, BnS etc.) there are simple rules - no help f
  9. If you play on EU you can add me to friends and catch in-game, needs a little bit more explanation to make it working. Well hated Gankdaran core ele connoisseur here
  10. Point of ele is that youre playing underdog and yet showing ppl theyre sh*t at the game by getting outplayed by it. Also to see with each patch how intelligent game devs are. Free comedy content
  11. Fun part is that some ppl are actually willing to pay monthly fee in hope that its gonna motivate devs to actually do anything. Two things, first its not about money, its about what kind of ppl works there, and second - pretty much the biggest advantage of gw2 is lack of monthly fee. I can only imagine what would happen if WoW had no fee, oh boi. Imo the state of the game wont get anywhere better, it can only be stagnant or worse. For example "upcoming" EoD, balance will do parkour, if you think now things are chaotic and unbalanced, its gonna get on another level. So Id suggest to have min
  12. Im really sad that I cannot post images on forum anymore, my usual Cato the elder quote is waiting... Lets go back to s/d meta so ppl instead of crying about stealth can start crying about teleports
  13. Its a PvP mode, what did you expect lol. Its like touching boiling water and being surprised that its actually hot. GW2 is not so toxic like lets say LoL (there you can receive death threats even if you play ARAM) because ppl know its far from being competetive but theres one thing gw2 has and what provides more toxicity than any other mechanic in lets say MMOs. Its downed state. Youre put in a position where you cant do anything, lying on the ground and enemy can jump on you, teabag, on wvw even throw like sieges and things. And you can just watch. Im still impressed that ANet allowed this
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