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  1. Yep really enjoyed the Derelict Delve that was some great game design and the jumping puzzles are a great GW2 pioneered feature to would love more of those. The main draw is the open world give us more open world things to do. This game is not and never will be a lobby raiding dungeon game, there is no progression to chase. Love the game its probably my most played game of all time since ive played pretty steady since release. Art team and world design is world class. They need to just embrace what this game does well in the open world and its not more hp sponge bosses and grinding map curre
  2. Yea I got the same feeling. I actually was kind of hoping the elites would be Asian themed. There isnt a single one that really excites me if I'm being 100% honest. I was hoping Kaenining would have some sprawl to it and be maze like, like the first one and require unlocks and exploration to get around. I love HOT maps now that I have a mount. I guess I really wanted more GW1 Cantha. Game play loop is pretty stale for me to. Im tired of a map, some currency to grind and some skins. I feel like the turtle and skiff were added more by them asking in the boardroom how do we sell skins rathe
  3. I think they should just make this game more sandboxy. They tried raids and doing more theme park type things like fractals and its only managed to pull a small following. They also tried going after the esports crowd and instanced competitive gaming, it didnt work either. New World and most survival pvp type games are pretty half assed in content (New World questing is God aweful) but people really like those type of games (toggleable pvp, hunting animals in the open world) it wouldnt be bad to take some ideas from it, BDO and Arche Age (minus the P2W). Have some houses right i
  4. They have this in WoW. It just follows the rotation from Simulation Craft thats been simmed for each class. Not sure why you would think it would be bannable in this game? https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/hekili https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/maxdps-rotation-helper
  5. For me in hindsight HoT was one of the greatest and most creative expacs in MMO gaming. At the time I didnt like it because you basically needed your elite spec on some classes just to survive and so half the game was pain just getting it unlocked until HP trains started up and it was a bit hard to get around. In todays game with everyone rolling with powercreeped specs already the difficulty is fine and with the mounts the layered maps are a blast. I hope the new expac is more like HoT but with out the initial power creeped difficulty spike.
  6. Yep. He seemed to be under the idea Rangers and Thief Deadeye are ranged only like WoW and refused for most of the time to come off Warrior even though its one of the crappiest classes in pvp ranged or not. He camped rifle most of the time even though its a garbage weapon and he probably would have been better off with another class. I actually pointed out he might as well give a real ranged class a shot and was told people that play those classes are bitches... even though hes camping warrior rifle . Alot of his problems came from a lack of game knowledge and an insistence that no one try to
  7. They know all this they just dont have money to do anything about it. What ever funding they did have NCsoft pulled out from under them and laid that other team off. They have enough money to keep the status quo and put an expac out here and there and thats it. They arent getting money to re-write the engine as at that point they might as well make GW3. they aren't getting money to get better servers either so they are stuck on AWS like everyone else. There isnt really much they can do if you look at it objectively as NCsoft by the looks of it isnt willing to invest anymore than they have to
  8. I have to agree on some parts. I hope we are fighting through the streets of Cantha as well as through the sewers and inside Asian style castles with multiple layered maps that have large indoor and outdoor areas. You can still have large areas that are technically inside a building. Kaening has some real potential to be a sprawling multi layered metropolis. They have gone gun shy on that type of map design though after people cried in Hot. The main issue was difficulty before you unlocked your elite and people had issues getting around due to the layers... now with power creep and mounts neit
  9. Housing, and furniture patterns along with a carpentry skill added to the game so we can build houses in our home instances and furniture. Allow the linking of home instances into housing blocks so you can be part of an actual community if you want or have your house in the same area as your guild.
  10. I like all of it. I thought it was a lot of fun rather than the usual map with currency to grind. Ive actually liked everything in LS5. Cant say there has been anything I didn't like. The Strikes are fun it feels like the 8 man raids in FFXIV which are basically a single boss encounter just like this. If I wanted to solo shit I could go play Witcher 3 or Skyrim or something. I honestly think most people enjoy the grouping content, instanced and open world. Like why even play an MMO? Plus you can solo it anyway so stop trying to ruin it for everyone else. This forum just tends to attract the v
  11. I had a debate on this very point on the actual Raid/ Strike sub forum. This is what ive been saying for years. The fact you have to make your own group is a pain in the ass. Im up for more content on the same difficulty level as the old explore dungeons were but I dont necessarily want to be making my own group every time I feel the need.
  12. This game needs Steam. Just being on the top played list like BDO, FFXIV and ESO each day provides exposure for other people to try it.
  13. Guys I honestly dont even care anymore to debate with you so this is my last word on this. Have your raids then I can play other games. I still disagree but i'm not arguing the same point in circles. Yes rewards were changed, no they do not provide a good time vs reward investment I already said that myself. Can this mix be changed yes. Is there group content in this game that average joes can do yes, look at low lvl fractals. Call it a fractal with re-used assests if you want I dont really care. There is groupable content and there is room inbeween the amnoon choyka and Dhuum to play with on
  14. Id rather the Commander gets disbarred some how and everyone becomes your enemy and you have to make new friends with outlaws our something. Do a total 180 it would be interesting to be the anti-hero for a spell.
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