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  1. Check the post from Roul [SC] himself too. He is super pro in guard as well, and balance team should at least read this. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/nvs3qr/i_feel_the_need_to_talk_about_the_most_recent_ele/
  2. Playable, but not in the right place. Condi rev still 42.7k after today's nerf. Did you see that video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAH4wH4J6cA There is no reason to play this class atm. Have you really seen any ele in raid or fractal recently? Also the condition burning of weaver is not as high as firebrand due to Ashes of the just. It needs more time to roll out since how bleeding of weaver works.. But they not nerfing cFB, and instead nerf weaver. Which part of my statement is wrong or hard to understand for you? Yes, you are saying Anet is trying to
  3. I am just sad. A lot of my friend has left the game and joined other games, including a god of WvW. Basically because what you said, changes are so slow even when every player see what is dominating and what needs urgent revamp. Look at power chrono. It dominated for that long, yet Anet haven't change it until a year later.
  4. Still you are talking about WvW or PvP. I am talking about PVE. Your digression makes you look being degen. Also, I play all classes in raid/fractal. If you play them too, you would know in PVE this nerf should not happen. It is the least played class in PVE atm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAH4wH4J6cA Even after today's nerf, condi rev is still 42.7k with allies. Stronger than weaver even when it was not nerfed. If you disagree, you need to give data and NUMBERS. Instead you keep digressing from the topic, and talk about WvW and PvP.
  5. So? Split the change then. And the thread is talking about PVE. Why are you talking about WvW here? Also ele don't have many cover conditions like necro or herald; so burning would be easily cleansed in WvW situation. For zerg, you should not play condi. For roam, every roamer should have condi cleanse. If you disagree with any point I made in the beginning of the thread, pointing them out. Claiming the community "being degenerate" and digress from the thread topic only shows your ignorance. I used this in WvW/PvP before. It is strong in roam against newbie
  6. Yeah in the past it is true. But now with the change to exposed, I can only do better than my cFB with my power soulbeast except at 100CM and Ensolyss. All other professions lose to cFB atm. And for pugs -.- cFB just strictly better now. For all reasons listed in beginning. My soulbeast very likely won't get stab reliably.
  7. I just wish if they have to nerf, nerf some other skills on dagger instead of signet of fire, which affects other condi ele spec as well.
  8. Also due to radiance, f1 can get reset really often in many situations. It just inflates the damage. Also, permeating wrath. It is insane when you have some mobs stacked at boss, like in Siren. It again inflates the damage. So cFB is much stronger than its benchmark looks like, in addition to all other utilities to the group.
  9. Yes you are right about math. Sorry about that. But still, when I use condi FB, it easily defeat condi weaver in fractal with ez 100k phase 1 at 99cm phase 1. It is still super strong.
  10. It is 20% reduction. Also it affects condi tempest, and sword variant of weaver too. It is not all about dagger. Also dagger has been there for 2 years at least. Why nerf now. I have no issue of nerfing elementalist if they nerf Ashes of the just too. Also if you think some of my statements are not correct, you can point out. But you just being sarcastic about the complaint, without pointing which statement is not correct.
  11. Yeah but LN also never listed dagger benchmark until recently. It was first listed at youtube by Crone, then Ryan from dP more recently. LN/SC only listed it after May 11th update. Oh you talking about firebrand 8pages one. Yeah LN is indeed listing it.
  12. https://youtu.be/5-BiK7uyKrA "Super good????????????" Teapot never says so. Did you make this whole thing up? He said even if condi weaver goes up to "50k" benchmark, it still is valid and not overpowered, since it is dps only spec, no range, no support, all about damage, most squishy class. And 42k Dagger has been there FOR TWO YEARS. Have people said anything?? Stop making up things that is non-existent.
  13. At least I have faith that Anet knows I am talking about condi renegade..... Or maybe I should not? Because it is Anet
  14. They did do balance based on SC. 42k dagger weaver had been there for almost 2 years already on youtube. But it was not on SC, so it had never been nerfed. Condi FB 8 pages benchmark not listed on SC. So Anet doesn't know. That dagger benchmark is listed on SC now, so Anet knows now and decide to nerf.
  15. They did do balance based on SC. 42k dagger weaver had been there for almost 2 years already on youtube. But it was not on SC, so it did not get nerfed.
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