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  1. I've been looking all over for a full list of traits and skills, but I guess I'll ask here. I didn't toy around in the beta much, but with my EoD purchase, I got a free lvl80 booster. I'm an alt-aholic and I have plenty of characters, but I figure I might as well use this new character slot and bump on whatever would benefit the most for celestial gear. Do any of the NEW specs look like they might benefit the most from cele gear?
  2. Sounds promising. I am trying to find a fun guild to play with while I attempt to make a return to the game. Any chance I can score an invite?
  3. Reed, I'll take an invite if you're still looking for lazy adults that love to just play casually and goof off. I'm a returning player that is looking for people to go through new content with.
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