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  1. Not sure if this has been suggested before, but a container/menu for the MANY teleport items; between living story tomes, lounge passes, invite to party and fractal scroll, it takes a lot of space!
  2. Two things: 1) A statswap ALL legendaries button rather than by type 2) A reiteration of being able to equip MOX or other entity with some gathering tools to harvest my home instance for me.
  3. Happened about a minute ago. Still happenign :(
  4. I really just want a "change stats of all legendaries" option rather than split into categories as I believe someone suggested earlier!
  5. Had a particularly horrific experience tonight with a small skirmish group in wvw (6 of us) roaming. Worst I've ever experienced. Coming from different sides of the Atlantic (mix of UK/US) on NA server, both experiencing issues with rubberbanding, skill lag and a few dcs.
  6. Today had the worst WvW lag I've seen - and running in a skirmish group vs mostly other small groups. Mix of rubberbanding, dcs and skill lag between us :(
  7. A few suggestions: "Harvest my home instance" in some fashion - whether arming MOX (or similar) with some tools, a consumable with a permanent version you have to use when entering the area, or a.n.other route! Would be an instant gemstore buy!Shared harvesting tools slots - I think this has been mentioned in numerous incarnationsCan we please get permanent aoe harvesting (reaping) picks and logging axes, I am not buying 3 sickles just for the glyph! (And fixed to work in others Home Instances would mean I'd buy them on 2 accounts rather than one :))
  8. Getting extreme lag spikes then DCs over the last few days at peak time only, usually in strikes and WvWError message when eventually DCd is 7:11:3:191:101 Any suggestions?
  9. I seem to be experiencing a similar thing with WvW and Strikes.Did you get anywhere?
  10. I'd pay a small fortune in gems for MOX/other entity to harvest my home instance. Maybe need to equip them with gathering tools as well?
  11. I'd pay a small fortune in gems to be able to equip MOX/other Home Instance Golem/Minion to harvest my Home instance for me :)
  12. I received a response from support earlier today saying: "The matter at hand is sadly more complex than we'd have hoped, so it will take us a while longer to find out how to best get you your lost devices back."
  13. As this looks unlikely to be fixed imminently, can we get some guidance on if to re-purchase devices to continue with the collection, or if they'll be refunded?
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