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  1. Was just thinking, A lot of these horn skins and things are cool, but sometimes a little more wear and tear adds something a tad more to a character's looks and their sense of personality you want to present. So like cracked/shattered portions of horn skins (like one horn broken), or an armor set worn and tired, swords chipped and dulled, tattered and torn capes once in one piece, and the looks that we've seen some real action.
  2. A couple more ideas I'd like to see: A full head covering veil sheet (Sort of like a remorse, shame, or executioner sort of head covering veil skin) A mask skin that's eyeless in design
  3. Ideas I've had I'd like to see: Cloak skin for cape that hides the shoulder armor and has an optional hood skin to go with it Hood skin for headwear that has a helmet armor underneath it. (like a mysterious knight or something) Dragonscale armor or garbs Pelt based skins/clothes
  4. A collar skin as a headpiece or shoulder skin, so Bangar can't keep styling on us with fashion we can't get. A Flame Legion inspired outfit. An Exalted inspired outfit. Djinn inspired attire. Reading glasses variants with the cat ears, bunny ears, and devil horns.
  5. So this was an idea that dawned on me because of all the Super Adventure Box weapon color variants.Emotes that use weapons in hand like a /weaponraise or a /weaponpoint and could do more silly stuff like when people raise their weapons together to unite.A /crush emote to raise one arm up from a more sideway direction and crush their hand into a fist as like a self projection of strength or vigor in the moment.
  6. So I had this idea by chance onto a topic of making use of a stat type of gear and it not seeing as much desired use on one character, and wanting to go into a different character. The idea was, a Mystic Forge recipe to convert ascended armor of say heavy to a generic medium armor in the same stats. Could cost something made by the other profession to make like say Armor Enchanting Stone to convert to heavy. Leather Enchanting Stone to convert to medium, etc in the recipe.
  7. Something I kind of want is the ability for a squad to have options for hiding members on the map or visible name designation to members through surfaces, so say perhaps people could form squads for doing hide and seek and the hider can hide multiple characters around a map while be within the squad, and nobody will just cheat and find them and they can keep the correct instance easier. Almost like having a Closet commander or nonspecified as squad members, squad members. Could situate in the P menu as a dropdown box or something.
  8. suggestions in mind: Ritualist themed mount skins (something almost more nomadic and has beads and things.)chimera mount skinsplush griffon as a chair novelty (soft and snuggly)golem themed mount skins (something an asura doesn't need to feed)mount skins that are just cowscow inspired fashion please (ears with horns, similar to the furrocious cat ears; cow bell collar; a rodeo vest sort with cow print; a tiny plush cow backpiece; a skirt or shorts fit for a country girl)Realistically I'll take anything with cows on it. I have a norn who follows Cow for crying out loud. Only the finest farmers,
  9. Was thinking maybe some more stone themed fashion/armors would be neat. ATM we only really have the ley stone armor from Dragon Stand that really fits the stone stone category. Otherwise we've seen plenty of pushes toward crystals in outfits. One idea I had regarding this as a theme was the backpieces from Draconis Mons, those Henge/Druid Stone things. Could have a with or without lively leafs to the design. Another idea to this theme is like the Elementals such as the Earth elementals, but being worn. Like the kind of thing you'd expect if some person got stuck in a cave full of them, fighti
  10. I just had a fun idea that seamed half reasonable.Suggestion: A kitty room in Eternal Battle Ground (WvW).How?: To keep people from just going there to AFK off the bat, would need a more difficult sort of standard to access it.Solution: To access they'd need something like either all weekly buffs of assisting capturing all big objectives such as keeps and Stone Mist Castle, or be holding all of them at the same time (like when only one world is silly active and flipping the entire map). Would also be reasonable for fancying up a catmander mini accessible there or other things themed after catm
  11. I should have thought of this sooner, but more Ribbons and Bows for skins. Shoulders, headpieces, backpieces, gloves, etc.Just a little smaller details/for flavor fashion addition suggestion and/or go from there.
  12. So you must be wondering why I pinged you here today in this forum. Well, it has come to my attention with concern that you've unleashed the majestic mount skin that is a plush griffon and no chair of it where I can snuggle a giant plush of a griffon. Also I'd really like an attire of the new Shimmering Aurora stuff to wear besides the weapons and cape/glider. Those are just STUNNING.
  13. Would like to suggest would be like the Spirit Wolf skill or like a perm version of the minion summon items, instead of single use, but still with cooldowns. Honestly, a lot of those go for okay in price in game, but it's annoying to go back to get more fire elemental powder or sunspear paragons. Otherwise for most common builds they'll help you half decently in say open world or story.
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