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  1. I had a random fun thought, we have the toggle walk we can keybind. How about a toggle crawl? The nearly unnecessary means of going virtually walk pace or even slower, but you're in a crawling animation, and can even be that way with your weapons out. I think it could be neat, and personally I have a character I made partially themed after a sort of crawling knight type character consumed into a beast-like state of mind from another game I like. I think there could be other fun applications for something of this sort for the community to mess around with such as more RP in character reaction o
  2. Some skin ideas I'd like to see added. Veil skins More to go with the Immortal skins we've been getting More curved sword skin options could be neat. Perhaps more of a reverse blade/inverted curve style could be neat I've noticed we lack weapon skins in a style of a shotel
  3. A friend of mine had a fun suggestion, Reward Tracks for PvE for after Masteries are done. Personally, I really like this suggestion because I always have to motivate myself to go back to various places after I've done most the general stuff, even if it's for say getting things for my legendaries which I know I need fulgurite or amalgamated gemstones for. I think if it could go into Amalgamated Gemstones or like an extra set or two by region at a slower pace, that would be fine. I just like in general having that little extra incentive to work toward. Otherwise at max Masteries and being done
  4. A bit of a fun idea a friend suggested and a few details of my own suggestions. A "Mini Games" where players go through a course or something as their equipped Mini with or against other Minis for a chance of prizes or slowly going up to earning prizes. And I think a Mini Me and more rare Mini You could be fun things to get and work toward. The Mini Me would be the player using it, and the Mini You would be the for whoever is looking at it and it being themselves.
  5. People not knowing what an Open Beta is. Any use of the word Beta in games means nothing is remotely close to being final and is in fact being tested. Anet's LAN party isn't going to be sufficient enough to compare different make computers of different networking setups for something like this, so they needed testers and made it "Open Beta" available to participle, bringing us all one step closer to goals, fixes, understandings, and for the options to consider and try. I imagine the full on process to sort out and rig up would be janky and time consuming due to the nature of what is being aime
  6. So I think the concept of an endurance based attack is neat, especially the high jump attack for Vindicator, but I kinda would like it more optional than that so it feels more traveling savvy. Like if it was its own button to use up my whole endurance bar for an attack/dodge, instead of all my dodge options when I want to avoid taking a hit so I can just bolt away and get on my mount or something to avoid combat. Otherwise there's little to no dodging without trying to do damage to something as an option, and it moves much slower than a regular dodge. I've also played around with the dodge-jum
  7. I think it would be really cool to have a few more relic type backpiece themes to sneak their way in. Stone tablet with vines/chains/rope/wraps around it. Sculptures/statue pieces based on worldly cultures in the Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 universe. There's probably other examples I'm not thinking of, but the point of this idea is that closest we get to this theme is weapons that go on the back (mainly shields), and not every class can use every set of weapon options especially with their elite specs.
  8. I don't know if this was ever suggested and disputed as not doable or heftier on the game, but it seems to me like something half implemented as a concept. This idea of mine stems from how people always have that bit of "I wish these outfits were skins and we could mix and match". Most people know it's a feature where if you hide your headpiece, it'll hide it on the outfit also. However I have an idea to expand on this concept with having hidden headpieces function separate from hidden headpiece of outfits. Just to help visualize the effect it would offer to the fashion crowd, you could hide t
  9. Was just thinking, A lot of these horn skins and things are cool, but sometimes a little more wear and tear adds something a tad more to a character's looks and their sense of personality you want to present. So like cracked/shattered portions of horn skins (like one horn broken), or an armor set worn and tired, swords chipped and dulled, tattered and torn capes once in one piece, and the looks that we've seen some real action.
  10. A couple more ideas I'd like to see: A full head covering veil sheet (Sort of like a remorse, shame, or executioner sort of head covering veil skin) A mask skin that's eyeless in design
  11. Ideas I've had I'd like to see: Cloak skin for cape that hides the shoulder armor and has an optional hood skin to go with it Hood skin for headwear that has a helmet armor underneath it. (like a mysterious knight or something) Dragonscale armor or garbs Pelt based skins/clothes
  12. A collar skin as a headpiece or shoulder skin, so Bangar can't keep styling on us with fashion we can't get. A Flame Legion inspired outfit. An Exalted inspired outfit. Djinn inspired attire. Reading glasses variants with the cat ears, bunny ears, and devil horns.
  13. So this was an idea that dawned on me because of all the Super Adventure Box weapon color variants.Emotes that use weapons in hand like a /weaponraise or a /weaponpoint and could do more silly stuff like when people raise their weapons together to unite.A /crush emote to raise one arm up from a more sideway direction and crush their hand into a fist as like a self projection of strength or vigor in the moment.
  14. So I had this idea by chance onto a topic of making use of a stat type of gear and it not seeing as much desired use on one character, and wanting to go into a different character. The idea was, a Mystic Forge recipe to convert ascended armor of say heavy to a generic medium armor in the same stats. Could cost something made by the other profession to make like say Armor Enchanting Stone to convert to heavy. Leather Enchanting Stone to convert to medium, etc in the recipe.
  15. Something I kind of want is the ability for a squad to have options for hiding members on the map or visible name designation to members through surfaces, so say perhaps people could form squads for doing hide and seek and the hider can hide multiple characters around a map while be within the squad, and nobody will just cheat and find them and they can keep the correct instance easier. Almost like having a Closet commander or nonspecified as squad members, squad members. Could situate in the P menu as a dropdown box or something.
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