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  1. if people wanna put a lot of pictures go to the #horrorween2020 channel in our discord of [GOTD] @ https://discord.gg/de4j6eZ ty so much every1 attended and realy enjoyd the evening! have fun and meaby soon you soon again!
  2. @Daniel Frozenwind.2946 and @"Mad Queen Malafide.7512" I, your loyal servant, have a message regarding the sweepstakes! We reached over 10k worth of prizes this year! https://i.imgur.com/QNy9lN7.png
  3. There is a special gift for the overal winner on our costume contest! come and join us!
  4. ![](Since the rise of Joko, me and my stalwart guild members have fought many battles and earned many acheivements and trophies. By working hard together we are proud of what we accomplish.However...the whims of the Djiin prove to be fickle.I have attempted to bottle an endless Djiin in a tonic, and after over 100 attempts the lady of the Elon Luck has failed me once more.I am broken and hopeless, and now my guild mocks me endlessly.I hope that out there you are listening Zommoros... Arena-net Commando's... anyone... I am in need of your assistance.Sincerely yours forever,Mystrious Poetjuh [GO
  5. [GOTD] will be organising a Dragon Slayer event! This Saterday 29th of June!. Slay some Dragons with us and join on TS | ts.gotd.nl !!! Dragon Slayer channel 18:55 CEST To celebrate the Dragon bash event! Also you can win giveaway from live raffles every hour athttps://www.twitch.tv/mystriouspoetjuh Event list: Death-Branded Shatterer 18:55-19:30 CESTMouth of Mordremoth: 19:30 - 21:00 CESTThe Shatterer: 21:00 - 21:30 CESTTequatl the Sunless (Guild Spawn): 21:30 - 21:45 CESTMatriarch + Patriarch (Verdant Brink): 21:45 - 22:30 CESTClaw of Jormag: 22:30 - 23:00 CEST Hope to see you there!~
  6. Next week from Tuesday the 4th of June till the 11th of June [GOTD] will host all kind of meta events during the whole week on the EU-SERVERS! Join us in the LFG or check on TS.GOTD.NL for fun and chit chat or watch the Twitch live streams in the evenings @ twitch.tv/mystriouspoetjuh Events list: Tyria:Temples of Dwayna, Lyssa, Grenth, Melandru, Balthazar, fire shaman HoT:Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths PoF:Junundu Rising, Forged with Fire, The Path to Ascension, Maws of Torment, Serpents' Ire, Casino Blitz Timed Events: PoF: Forged with Fire:19:00-19:15 CESTJundu rising:19:30-20
  7. Join us in the Spring Beetle Races in Guild Wars 2! On Saturday the 13th of April the guilds [GOTD] and [RACE] will host 3 beetle races on the EU servers. The gathering starts at 16:40 CEST / 15:40 BST.You can join us on TeamSpeak (ts.gotd.nl) or on the Guild’s discord servers for the announcements:[RACE] = https://discord.gg/PTPvfyv[GOTD] = https://discord.gg/H3eWhaBFrom this time you can also find us on Looking for Group in the Central Tyria–Squads. The race will start at 17:00 CEST / 16:00 BST Which maps we will do, will be a surprise for everyone! Each race will have 3 winners: 1st, 2nd a
  8. Tonight [GOTD] wil host a new run Tonight @ 19:50 CET! The Walking Dead Run! We are going to kill all kind of risen and awakened enemies! Starting with tequatl! Are you gonna help us to get rid of the walking undead? They dwell around Tyria and Elona. Join us on 19:50 CET for some fun and some spooky Saturday night Goosebumps! event list: Death-Branded Shatterer @ [&BHwLAAA=] ★ Rare loot: Crystal Infusion (Condi: +10000g, Boons: +6000.02g, Power: +1665.03g) [bounty] Legendary Zehlon Ossa @ [&BGcKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&AgGDRQEA] (1683g) The Deadhouse @ [&BCgKAAA=] ★ Rare loot: [&
  9. Join GOTD - the friendliest international EU guild! Whether your interest is PvE, PvP or WvW - we do it all! Level 69 Guild established since Guild Wars 1 with FULL guildhall and active members! Regular Fractals and raids, HP Runs, Story Content and so much more! Don't have a free guild slot? Just join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/H3eWhaB or Teamspeak: ts.gotd.nl and in-game for events like our HoT Meta-Train, PoF Mini Hunt, Serpents' Ire runs, RIBA, as well as starter content for newer players and SO much more! Check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuardiansOfTheDutch/
  10. on the eu servers now on 19:40CET [gotd] wil host every thuesday a serpent´s ire and after that a PoF mini hunt if you see a lfg just join there! and nice run i normaly now only run a hot meta train and before that a teq,good job!
  11. Wintersday arrives, bringing warmth, family and gifts.These things should never be taken for granted. Tyria has never been more in peril - the Dragons stir, awoken by the inbalance of magic in Tyria.The Great Winter Moot has become more poignant for both the Norn and Tyrians. They grasp destiny and assure peace reigns in Tyria and the shadows cower during Wintersday.The Great Winter Moot calls you, hero. Will you answer? Join us on ts.gotd.nl on the 14th December at 18:15 CET (17:15 UTC) for this amazing event: the dragons must die! Make sure to catch us on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/mystriousp
  12. Live stream!: https://www.twitch.tv/mystriouspoetjuh start @ 17:45 CEST so if you wanna se it live because you cant be there you can check it ou!
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