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  1. By the numbers from the API bot its around 130 people from Kodash. Not 300
  2. I get why Piken has no Link, but Kodash? Hard stuck in the last tier since weeks, no queueduring the whole week and only one map queue on reset. Feels like there is something still wrong with your numbers as well as the "Full" status.
  3. They move sometimes when porting into the garrison using the waypoint. They even have a sound effect, some chain rattling.
  4. Before you start looking for a non-existent crash. When you said 'very long' how long does it really take ?Depends on your internet connection. For me with a download speed of around 1mb/s it took about 3 minutes. You can use the task manager to see if it is still downloading stuff.
  5. Before you start looking for a non-existent crash.
  6. Same here, crash on final (4) skill usage, just before the glowing ball hits his wings.Tried updating the graphics driver and set all graphic options to low, as it seems to be a problem with the particle effect of the impact. Still crashing. At least there are checkpoints in the instance and you do not have to do everything again. Also deleted local.dat, did not help EDIT: No crash, just the cut scene loading very long when you did not download the full patch. The cut scene should be downloaded when loading the map instead, as it feels like a long freeze/crash. Or at least add a loading bar fo
  7. Yep, but the API always takes a while to update (up to 2 hours after reset)
  8. Yes, but is has gotten worse since the mount update. It now even lags with only slightly larger groups (40vs40). Before, the lags were only this bad when all three parties were involved.
  9. Tier 1: Gandara + FoWPiken + BlacktideBaruch BayTier 2: Desolation + Ring of FireAbaddons Mouth + DzagonurSeafarers Rest+Gunnars HoldTier 3: WSR + Aurora GladeDrakkar Lake + Millers SoundAugury Rock + Arborstone + Fort Ranik Tier 4: RoS + Vabbi Elona ReachJade Sea + Vizunah SquareTier 5: KodashRiversideUnderworld + FSP
  10. -> Title. Since the last patch, skill lags got a lot worse. We now even had lags that made the game unplayable while we were doing PPT in the red garri. Delays of up to 10 seconds while casting any skills. EU T3, Kodash, Red Map, 19.00 UTC I do not know what you did Anet, but you certainly broke something on the server side and WvW is pretty much unplayable in prime time right now as soon as you have more than 50 people on both teams or a third party is involved. It's really horrible right now and needs to be fixed. As there were no major skill mechanic changes, the problems seems to be the
  11. I bump this up as the API seems to be getting updates again. Even if its not completely implemented yet, would be a nice feature (and seems to have worked in the past: http://wvw-community.com/week)
  12. There is a lot of server side skill lags since the Warclaw got introduced. Before, there were lags when all 3 servers fought each other with 50+. Now there is a lot of lag even with only 2 servers and less than 100 people involved in the fight.Please fix.
  13. At this Point, most guilds would probably do anything for some sort of properly working, server-independent GvG arena.EOTM is kitten because of the cannons and the new arena that is a bit to small still. (and has that waterfall-bridge-thingy), GH is bugged as hell, OS has only space for 2 guilds and only allows guilds from your own MU, same for Borderlands. Well that arena is not worth 1000 gems, it's just too small. It's ment for duels i guess and even made smaller just so that people don't think it's ment for gvg.Yeah, that's why I made the suggestion in this thread to increase its size.And
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