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  1. Does the other team see the ground target? If so, that seems more like a detriment than anything. "Hey guys, I'm gonna land in this spot, and you should be able to time my landing with some CC."
  2. Yeah. Dives didn't work well in FF14 for a long time, and are still not great. It they made that one of the elite skills, and gave it a stun aspect, I would love it. The ability is cool, but I don't like that its tied to our defense. That said, I have gotten the CD on dodge pretty low with this random build I made, but I feel like damage is low for the build.
  3. That one was directed at the person insinuating they have OCD, while using horrible writing skills. I always enjoy people keeping it light, but you might want to be more transparent with the joking, lol. People totally have real complaints such as this during testing phases.
  4. It became so much easier to manage with shiro/jalis, lol. Not what the devs would like to hear, I'm sure, but like you, I was constantly trying to figure out what I had available, and constantly just strafing, and looking to see what was off of CD. Also, not a fan of the heals on alliance. That entire legend needs some love. It's just not going to be competitive as is. I imagine it will end up getting the firebrand mantra rework, where they stopped trying to be so gimmicky.
  5. I'm fairly certain the ever-changing order does more for OCD than the 3 temporary extra slots.
  6. This really seems like scraping the bottom of the barrel for complaints.
  7. Let's go for the overhead position he learns in kingdom of heaven.
  8. They retroactively made skins for the skyscale, they could do the same for new weapons. The format is there, just gotta make a bioluminescent great axe, or a set of time keepers nunchucks (c'mon ANet). Add a legacy achievement, and add in the new skin/s to the current achievements. New weapons should totally be able to make their way into the game.
  9. That's not even the problem here. PoF masteries are super easy. It just doesn't seem like the OP wants to hunt them, or even use a guide. I've gotten more than enough points for everything I wanted in the PoF masteries and more, and I'm almost exclusively a solo player.
  10. The thing is, there are lots of people with lots of disposable income that buy the things as is. Look at Path of Exile. Their cheapest costume is about $35, some $55. And they keep making more, and making them more expensive, and people keep buying them. Or the $100-200 bundles. The setup GW2 has for acquiring mount skins is far better than most games I've seen. That said, I am also all for them making a few skin sets that are obtainable ingame. It seems outrageous that there isn't SOMETHING you can do ingame to change the basic skin to anything else, without a currency attached.
  11. This is an overly-extreme reaction to buying currency for cosmetic items in a game.
  12. I just started looking into the war claw mount. I haven't done much PvP before a few weeks ago, and I'm looking to get into WvW now, but I didn't want to be without a war claw for too long. Good to know it's fairly easy. Also much closer to the scyscale than I thought, lol.
  13. If you have trinkets/amulet/rings ascended, which I super easy to do, as long as you log on, that covers a huge chunk of stats. You'll still be behind, but it won't be that noticeable unless you start doing top end content.
  14. The only arguements against this I could imagine would be identifying spells, abilities in PvP/WvW, and some classes would get more of this than other, while some might have none at all. Necro has a lot of options with minions, multiple shrouds, and lich form, engi has a ton of kits, but I can't think of anything for thief or ranger (admittedly my seldom played classes).
  15. Lol, you got a confused face on a very clear, and well articulated post, so you upset someone, lol.
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