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  1. What happens when a server has both the highest score and kdr? What happens when the kdr is the same for multiple servers in the same match? Sever/VP/KDR AR/139/0.8 - TC/123/0.7 - BG/159/1.6 || JQ/145/0.7 - FA/124/0.9 - DH/151/1.3 || SoS/138/0.7 - CD/158/1.0 - DR/124/1.2 || IoJ/149/0.8 - EB/148/1.4 - NSP/123/0.7 Going by the current match numbers above, how would you sort next weeks match?
  2. Bruhs, guilds need the boon ball crutch, so they don't get destroyed by the mag pug clouds, and their baddies can be good at something and not get one pushed like a pug and be safe from being benched. You need an equal boon ball to challenge them now... bring more Untamed to your pug raids next month, you rangers better appreciate the effort anet is doing to get you in zergs now. 🤭 Also I agree, nerf necro... corruption builds... and replace their corruption with strips, so they stop feeding conditions for purity of purpose. 🤔
  3. Oh right, I forget they also wanted to give boon blobs more rewards for their exceptional performances in running over lesser numbered and lesser organized groups than them.
  4. About as meaningful as "cornerstone" at the moment, just talk. Only things they did was the 2 pips change and mention increasing rewards for support specs. After that no one but anet knows, as usual.
  5. There's only one counter to a boon blob, bring your own equal boon blob, this is the safe gameplay the guilds want. The people who don't agree are sitting in their own boon blob laughing at everyone else. Now buckle up, because anet is not changing this meta, the new classes obviously show this, one bloody boon strip spec and it's on the ranger and it's pet of all things, and more alacrity out the backpants coming.
  6. An effect opposite of it called Overwhelming to mark the side with the most players instead? It activates at every 5 min ticks like outnumbered, it detects whichever side has the most players on the map, so it will always be on, but it will switch sides depending on how many on the map. Or can make trigger only when they have a queue instead, if multiple sides have a queue on that map then it doesn't trigger. The effect marks those players to be worth 2x-10x more ppk and wxp to their enemies. Maybe even capture points too. The amount goes up every 5 players over, if a side
  7. We're fighting skill lag inducing BG who is linked with another "full" server... fun times 🙄 And people think they can just rework transfers or links and everything will be fine, like that ever worked in nine years 🙄
  8. Kind of the point of having tiers for matches, eventually those servers that match up well with each other will meet in the appropriate tier. The old glicko system use to randomly throw servers like 8-12 ranks higher than they should be and it wasn't "fun" for those servers, then they made adjustments and servers would get stuck in tiers, part of the reason why people clamored for a 1u1d type system instead. In the current system a T2 server having 50vp is definitely not the same as a T4 server having the same 50vp, population and coverage make a vast difference on how those server
  9. It's boring because we've been playing the same points game for 9 years, skirmish system since 2017, where winning is meaningless, you win only to position your server in a better match the next week, that means avoiding servers like mag who clog up and overwhelm ebg 24/7(they're still doing it in alliance beta btw lmao), avoid bg that ppt's and blobs. Points play is stale and useless, rewards are lacking behind the other game modes, that players turned to farming keeps for bags instead as their easy way to get something rewarding for their play time. It's boring because we've been playin
  10. I heard you can get covid in pve zones, so I stayed at home in wvw. Even their pre order banner is the bladesworn... something fishy going on here...
  11. Minor correction, but desert borderland was added on the day of the expansion, same with stronghold map/mode for pvp... https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/info/updates/Game-Update-Notes-October-23-2015
  12. Shows my most played class for the class betas was the bladesworn.... which I'm pretty sure was my second least played one ahead of maybe catalyst(lol), and harbinger and specter and even virtuoso(the classes I was actually more interested in) got more play time from me. Unless I went afk on it for a long while on it, which I don't remember... So now I'm left wondering how well they are tracking play times, especially for wvw... 🤔 Class Beta stats
  13. Sliding caps have been discussed previously. You don't even mention the minimum required to trigger this effect, but it really help that much with a 10-15 player gap per side. If you're sitting in ebg with 10 people, the other two sides could still have 25 each, more than enough to take anything and everything from the side with 10. We already have a semi invincible ally in seigerazor, although I feel like him and his event needs to be tweaked, but I honestly don't even remember the last time I've seem him used. As for objectives giving non combat buffs to even pve players.. I mean w
  14. You mean tournaments? where people burned themselves out of the mode? and most people knew before the tournaments even started, which stacked servers were going to be 1st 2nd 3rd? No, it wasn't exactly "awesome" for everyone. Alliances won't change the gameplay or combat to actually shake up the stale ppt and stale boonball meta content, but it's a foundational change needed to potentially run stuff like tournaments again. Obviously changes are still needed in order to make points and winning worthwhile again, and not have boon blobs be the end all to run over maps. We don't have a
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