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  1. Hello Devs. As someone who has played GW2 everyday for 9 years and has not missed a single daily, I would like to provide some feedback. (I speak as an experienced player with 42.6k AP, all CMs cleared, G3/P1 PvP, 3k WvW) I propose some alterations to the Harbinger to fit the theme better and also provide more interesting gameplay. Main Condition: Harbinger's main condition should be Poison, not Torment. We've had enough of Torment already with Scourge, and Bleeding is covered by condi Reaper(even though nobody plays it in high-end content, it is still
  2. Thanks for that, I just noticed that myself a few minutes ago. Will update first post with this.
  3. Found this picture on reddit: https://ibb.co/Wkc1jKH I think they should change the new 9th Birthday title instead, as people who already obtained the MO CM title long ago should not be impacted.
  4. Yes, as explained above, the biggest problem is the Birthday Blaster overrides this one, effectively reducing the duration of your buff to 10mins instead. Anyone can troll you and shoot Birthday Blaster at you to reduce the duration of your buff.
  5. This item gives you a 30mins buff. Birthday Blaster(10mins) and New Cake(30mins) have the same effect. This item cannot override existing food buffs on you. This item cannot override Malnourished debuff, the main purpose it is supposed to fulfill (say you have 5mins left in a fractal, you probably dont want to consume a 30mins food and would rather just eat free cake instead to get through that last part with a little bonus). This item cannot override/renew its own buff (meaning you have to wait 30minutes for it to expire, then you can renew it). If someone else uses t
  6. They just updated the Black Lion Weapons Voucher with some extra gemstore weapons, so some people might find skins they were waiting for in there. And before anyone asks: No, the Queensdale Wand Set is not in there, so if you were thinking of shelling out a whole 2400 gems for the 9th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition just to get the wands, you are still out of luck, so save your gems and save your money. We are just 3 weeks away from being 1 year since this item was introduced and never seen again(it was introduced on the 15September2020) and we know it is not comin
  7. Plaguelands mistakenly has the new dark purple border that is associated with Dark fields, but it is not a combo field. This is only a visual bug as finishers do not cause combos in Plaguelands.
  8. Still no Queensdale Wand Set, even for Queen's Jubilee? Boo. Based on the newest patch datamine, it will be 11 Months and counting(in 3 weeks time) and those skin will still not have made a return to the gemstore. Meanwhile, the Queensdale Academy Outfit came back 3 times.
  9. Not at all. I was the first to propose that having 2 different armor sets of the same weight should still get compensated(see other thread). But then, I saw what compensation other people actually got and I've made my peace with it. Two things: 1) It is still bad that almost everyone who made more Legendary Armors than they can wear got screwed over. 2) The compensation just made it so that most people got screwed over more equally rather than compensating anything. Your case is very unique(as in you made 2 Heavy Armors from different game modes) before you m
  10. It does not matter whether people are rich or poor, as long as they get the same results for the same/similar situation. To be honest, I cared more about being treated fairly/equally in this situation than whatever amount of gold lost. I guess after seeing what others got as compensation, this is mostly the case except for those who had 2 copies of Conflux.
  11. I am the one who started the other thread. The biggest issue at hand was not really compensation. Although it seemed unfair at first, the compensation other players got was not much either(they got to pick a second set of Legendary Armor). Even among the 0.008%, it was unlikely that someone went out of their way to craft 2 sets of Legendary Raid Heavy Armor without owning a set for the other 2 armor weights as well. Therefore, most people who did get compensation got to choose a Legendary Armor from a different game mode instead. You have 1 Legendary Raid Heavy Arm
  12. 1) 0.008% of players own more than 1 duplicate of a Legendary, it does not mean they are good or bad players. There are often plenty of good players who have just 1 copy of their Legendaries or with just Ascended gear, who are far better. But they just didnt invest in Legendaries because it is time/money consuming. The 0.008% tells us nothing on the amount of good players in GW2, it is actually closer to showing the amount of very rich players in GW2. 2) The Twisted Marionette is a new event(or rather a revamped old deleted event) that many did not get the opportunity to play in th
  13. Rune of Tormenting is working, my combat log says so and I see green numbers.
  14. That statement is correct. You equip Legendary Sword Bolt in Mainhand of Weaponset1 and nothing else in Offhand, so here's the 1st copy. You equip Legendary Sword Bolt in Offhand of Weaponset2 and nothing else in Mainhand, so here's the 2nd copy. You end up with Bolt/Bolt, and when you weapon swap you end up with Bolt/Bolt again. Your sigils activate based on "when you press weapon swap", not when the weapon you are wearing actually goes into/out of your character's hands as per say, so they will indeed still activate when you go from Bolt/Bolt to Bolt/Bolt.
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