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  1. I was using those locations, but there were VERY few sharks. However, today after killing just two sharks, the bloodstone crazed one appeared. No idea why it hadn't worked the last time where I had killed 4 or 5. I thought I need to kill many more.
  2. Whenever I go to Bloodtide Coast, it's already dead according to Levvi's Device. And in Frostgorge Sound and Mount Maelstrom, it doesn't want to spawn. I've read that you have to kill regular sharks to make it spawn, but I can barely find any regular sharks in the areas. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I was one of those hoping for playable Tengu too but no point complaining about it now, it's not like they'll be like "oh mkay let's add them in the next patch then" 😄 Just gotta enjoy the things we did get with the xpac.
  4. Thanks for the tips, apparently it was Firefox's built-in "Enhanced Tracking Protection" which you can disable by clicking on the shield on the left end of the address bar. EDIT: To clarify, neither Private mode nor Ad Block Plus were related. (Opening it in a normal tab with ABP disabled doesn't solve the issue.)
  5. I had assumed this to be a temporary issue but after weeks it still looks like this. Otherwise I would have long pre-ordered End of Dragons already. https://i.imgur.com/UTno93l.png https://i.imgur.com/JtqMMTy.png EDIT: The purchase seems to work well in-game, which is probably why nobody here seems to complain LOL. Still, you're probably missing out on some purchases from first-time players who become interested due to the new expansion.
  6. Ugh, you're right. I could have sworn I've looked everywhere. Thanks!
  7. I haven't played for two months or so. Now there doesn't seem to be a way to buy the DMC 2. As such, I can't progress the mastery track. Unless I'm missing something, this is a major bug. EDIT: Solved:
  8. Oh man, I thought this was related to the new episode or something, didn't realize it was an old video. xDThere were Tengu in the trailer... Gotta play it soon and check out if there's any Tengu-related news.
  9. If you were playing on a MacBook of some kind, you could possibly buy a second-hand ThinkPad T530 or so for a couple hundred bucks. Even second-hand ThinkPads usually last many years. Won't give you the greatest graphics but if you were already playing on a type of laptop then you can probably endure that. If you bought an expensive Mac of some sort and aren't so rich that you can just buy a good PC, then that's a pretty sad situation. I guess you could try to dual-boot Windows but not sure if GW2 works well (or at all) on MS Windows running on Apple hardware? This is typical Apple though: "we
  10. Easy solution: player must have been on that server for a while, or recently transferred together with their guild.
  11. To respond to OP: yes there are good guilds. Well, at least one. The one I'm in, obviously. Jokes aside, while I have no idea about our skill level (I'm guessing average), the people are super nice. The guy who leads most often is extremely chill, average age of members is probably about 25, and membership is about half-half female/male including commanders, which IMO is a sign of a very healthy community. The only obligations you have to the guild is to represent it and to use a zerg-useful build during raids, and the rules on that aren't super strict i.e. no one's gonna say "no you have to u
  12. showed up in her town and did what to her? lol I'm asking myself the same. WHAT DID HE DO??? Maybe we shouldn't ask.
  13. Well an expansion has to bring... expansion-level new content. HoT brought us a whole new class, elites, and gliding, PoF brought us several mounts and more elites, what big thing will EoD bring? A new race might certainly be that big new thing, though hopefully not the only.
  14. The last two episodes will get their VA when this "chapter" goes live on the 17th Oh WTF, I didn't even notice there was another episode I haven't played yet. xD Great to hear they're getting their voice acting finally.
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